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On June 26, 2017 - @Tim Webb said:
In that sort of arrangement I would try to power the iPad through the USB + Lightning adapter:

The interface you could just power via a powered USB hub.

Ah, yes. A £39 piece of wire that Apple finds a way of peddling (UK price = US price :( ). That should solve that problem.

I'll look at some reviews of the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4.

Any opinions on the Roland Rubix22?
Also, the Arturia AudioFuse looks very nice, although probably over-spec-ed and over-priced for what I need.
On June 26, 2017 - @Tim Webb said:
I'm a big fan of Focusrite's interfaces. With those Genelec's it would be easy to justify a hefty investment in a high quality interface to enjoy them. And Focusrite have never given me any money, so I can make that recommendation without disclaimers!
Thanks, Tim. Looking at their range, I'd need a Scarlett 2i4.

Presumably I'd attach this with a Lightning to USB adapter. I'm curious how people deal with power in this sort of setup. If the audio interface draws power from the iPad, that doesn't meet my desire of keeping the iPad powered.
On June 26, 2017 - @Speeder said:
Behringer iSTUDIO iS202
This goes for $100.00
It will power your iPad.
This is the 30 pin
2 xlr mic combo jacks
1 rca input

Thanks, but I was going to upgrade to the latest 12.9" iPad, so this isn't an option.
Audiobus 3 Giveaway!
Saturday, May 20, 2017 by person tristan
I look forward to a less painful MIDI experience :)
I've been a long time lurker here but I'm happy to register for a chance to win things :)

I'm looking forward to the preset sharing too. Keep up the good work.
I am looking to upgrade my iPad-based set up. I currently have an aging iPad 3, an Edirol UA-25 and Genelec 8020 monitors. The Edirol doesn't play nicely with the iPad and randomly gives static when I attach a guitar, and the iPad itself is so old, it struggles with many of my audio apps.

Now that the iPad refresh has happened, I'll upgrade that part, but I need to replace the Edirol UA-25.

Ideally, I need MIDI I/O (maybe two of these), line in for a guitar, balanced output for the monitors and a headphone ouput. A bonus would be the ability to charge the iPad through the USB when the audio interface is plugged in.

Does anyone have a similar setup? What are you using? I'm not looking to spend a fortune. This is just a hobby for me.

Many thanks for any suggestions.