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Patterning Update
Monday, October 16, 2017 by favorite_border stub
I wish that DIVIDE mode had an adjustable cycle length. Right now it is locked at a 4-beat cycle-- so you can divide 4 beats anyway you'd like, but it has to be 4 beats.

At one point the developer told me it would be "trivial" to implement it, but finding a place in the UI would be hard. I said, just put "cycle duration" in the same place that "step duration" is on the UI. He agreed that would work.

I'd love to see a version of Patterning where you had a few melodic tracks-- and could toggle between adjusting pitches and adjusting velocity. That would be kind of fun.
This is the third such app I've seen. One thing that makes these apps problematic, is that they have a hard time interpreting rhythms that you are intentionally playing-- like mixing 8ths & triplets, or 16ths and triplets. Or just funky rhythms- generally. One thing that would be helpful is if you can tell the app the high and low range, and if it thinks you are playing past that range, it should try to re-interpret based on some other way of reading the rhythm you play. (I.e., that was x ticks, must have been a dotted 8th, that was y ticks, I bet that was a quarter-note triplet).

I wish they could be smarter, but they aren't.
Thanks, Tim.

FWIW, I don't think I've ever taken issue with any of your writing before (or maybe once?).
Besides, Escher would do more than just flip something upside down.

I'd recommend you reword your first sentence, so that it is clear that this is YOUR impression and not the intent of the artists.
I get the Escher reference. And you are perfectly free to have things "occur" to you.

The way you word it, you make it sound like it wasn't your impression, but rather that Kalkartronic was "exploring" this idea-- and using that term to describe a non-erotic dance might be offensive to both the dancer and Kalkartronic.
Would Kalkartronic and that talented dancer have a problem with your referring to their work as "pornography"? I have no idea what you meant.
Pianoteq has a microphone placement "environment" choose the microphone model, move it in three dimensions in the space, (even open & close the piano lid).

It's pretty impressive how things like putting the mic on the floor, or up against the lid, do what you might expect.

This replaces moving microphones around a piano to moving a head around a couple of speakers. I suspect you would want to be careful about phase relationships. Pianoteq has an automatic delay/phase compensation to reduce cancellation due to different mic distances.

In this case it would be trickier if they are modeling a human head.
CyberTuner Update
Tuesday, October 03, 2017 by favorite_border stub
Thanks, DavidF.

I tune pianos from time to time. I use PitchLab because it does a better job with the lowest notes (where I have a difficult time getting those right). But even then it doesn't always work.

If I ended up tuning pianos more often than I do, I'd spend $100 very easily.

For $300, that feature set LOOKS good, and I'd find it useful, but I can't justify it when I only tune once or twice a year.
Tom Petty Dead at 66
Tuesday, October 03, 2017 by favorite_border stub
Beautiful track.

Tom Petty was one-of-a-kind. He wrote timeless songs that were neither self-important nor trivial. Impossibly beautiful.

I'm ashamed to say I don't know much about him. But he has steadfastly remained in my short list of musical heroes.
Zeeon v1.2 Update
Tuesday, October 03, 2017 by favorite_border stub
That's pretty intense, since the modulation scan rates are up there, having self audio as a mod source brings in a very interesting dimension. Could get intense!!
Missing the anticipation of a feature-packed update
Thursday, August 17, 2017 by person_outline stub
I remember with fondness clicking on my AppStore icon when it had a large red number in my dock.

I'd go in and there'd occasionally be an update that added major new features! Now it seems that most updates are bringing some kind of inter-app enhancement or bug fixes.

And some apps don't even provide updates when they need it, and/or are broken. It seems like the heyday of iOS super-value development is over. That's not to say there aren't great apps, but now that it is cram packed saturated, the renaissance is over.
Reverse Gear Acquisition Syndrome
Friday, August 04, 2017 by person_outline stub
About 8 months ago, I bought a 64 GB iPod Touch (6th Gen). I used it a few times, but mostly felt like it was this intensely expensive little thing that I was worried about losing or breaking.

I wanted to use it as a metronome, tuner and media player in music lessons, but it's single side-firing speaker still isn't very useable.

So, I'm selling my iPod Touch 6 and getting an android phone which which is loud, good-sounding, and has two front-facing speakers.

I'll keep using my iPad 4, and at some point will update that to a 64-bit version.
iOS 10 Is it ok to install ..question-mark
Monday, January 30, 2017 by person_outline stub
I'm still on OS 9, and have hesitated to update to iOS 10. I've become OS-update-averse since I've lost functionality of apps and Apple has in asshole fashion prevented reverting to a previous OS version.

Tim: not being able to use a question mark in the subject line really imposes a limit on the meanings.
iOS MUSIC APP WISH LIST apps that don't exist but should
Saturday, January 28, 2017 by person_outline stub
Please feel free to list all the apps you've wanted but that don't yet exist (or exist only in a half-assed way). Since I'm starting this thread, I'll list the ones that are obvious to me. But please add your wish list here. If you don't mind, let's preserve the numbering (advance the numbers from post to post)-- so others can comment on particular numbers from previous posts.

Here we go!

#1 A goddamn sampler. We need a standalone/AU sampler that let's you map user & 3rd party samples to key-ranges AND velocity ranges-- have some redundant parameter adjustments per sample, per zone, per instrument (channel), and per multi-timbral (all-chans, i.e., global).

BeatMaker requires you to use the whole DAW to get a sampler and doesn't have velocity. Thumbjam is too tedious to edit, and is feature-limited, soundfonts don't have zero attack-times, so don't work for percussion samples.

#2 A goddamn vocoder with modulator AND carrier inputs, and 20+ bands.

#3 A multiband dynamics processor (standalone & AU). Though I list it separately, if this was done with enough bands, and a "side-chain" input, it would work for a vocoder (#2)

I'll stop there.
Flextuplets and Luiz Matinez Apps (Funk, Brazilian, Afro-Latin, Soft)
Friday, January 06, 2017 by person_outline stub
I had been carrying a bit of a grudge about this developer when one of their apps broke on my Android device and there was literally no way to get support (except through social media). And I grumbled about this every opportunity that I got.

I've also been on something of an OCD crusade about drum machines providing different beat divisions. And was singing the praises of Molten and DrumPerfect for that functionality.

But I just realized that their drum machine apps (not the Super Metronome) if you tap and hold, it will highlight that beat on that part and you can drag up and down to increase or decrease the beat divisions.

That's awesome.

Best Music Apps for iPod Touch (iPhone)
Wednesday, December 28, 2016 by person_outline stub
After years of using an iPad 4, I've got a pretty nice selection of tools there.

After years with my iPad 4, I just bought my first smaller device, an iPod Touch 6. I got the 64GB version so I have decent room for apps. And I was pleased to see that some of my favorites are already available either as Universal, or as separate versions.

My favorite kinds of apps are effects, synths, drum machines, sequencers, and metronomes. I also enjoy those hard to categorize ones.

So far, I have Different Drummer, which is pretty wild. Metronomics works well. I also got DM1 for iPhone, which works pretty well. Would love to see Patterning in some form for iPhone.

Are there any other great ones for iPhone or universal that work well on that tiny screen? I'd appreciate any suggestions.