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Dhalang MG Update
Thursday, June 22, 2017 by person skiphunt
On June 21, 2017 - @Andy said:
I've been using this app pretty much daily for about 2 months, on the ipad. The full version is well worth the money. Takes some getting used to, the interface could imo do with some work, but for sheer power in doing something completely different with microtonal music, it's fantastic. The particle engine is great too. I really like using custom microtonal scales; normally around 17 equal tones or sometimes very uneven intervals for some serious discord. It's amazing how "coloured" the sound can be even just using plain sine waves, with chords of three or four notes with strange intervals. Very foreign and it feels like learning a new musical language. Looking forward to more from this developer.

Agreed. What this dev has achieved with this app is mind boggling once it hits you just how deep the functionality can go.

I like the interface, but I think it could be refined so that it's more approachable and doesn't look as intimidating at first.
mood by apeSoft
Saturday, June 10, 2017 by person skiphunt
It's sweet to watch the birth of a truly unique synth with a character I've yet to hear in any other thus far. Takes a little scratching, but just below the surface is brand new beast.
David Graham - 19th Bedroom
Thursday, June 08, 2017 by person skiphunt
Spectacular stellar work once again David! :)
+1 for the glorious F-Bombs :)
Just read the dev's reasoning behind the price increase, ie. he doesn't really like IAPs and wanted those who already bought the app to get the update for free.

That seems like a fair and preferred approach to me. Reward the early adopters with free updated features and don't pollute the app with IAPs, but a marginal increase to cover the extra development.

Looks fun. Seems well-priced. Might have to bite on this one. Universal too. Nice
Oh, that does look fun. But the dev just doubled the price today?
Audiobus 3 Giveaway!
Friday, May 19, 2017 by person skiphunt
Sweet! Don't have yet, but intrigued. thx :)
AUM is the first app I open while doing anything with audio. I picked it up right at launch based on just a couple demos. It has never disappointed and is worth every penny. It's stature if every bit as fundamental as his Audioshare app has become.
On May 17, 2017 - @Bob said:

If you commented when logged out you're not entered.

If you were logged in you'd see a checkbox above the comment box to exclude yourself from entering the competition.

Well damn. That means if I wasn't actually logged in for the Ribbons contest, I wasn't really entered in that one either? All it said was to comment below... wasn't aware you previously had to login as well. Oh well.. no matter. :(

Back to my question about AUM... how exactly would this "sending MIDI to IAA Output ports as Instruments" work? Can someone describe the basic scenario of how this would be used?
Yes please! :)

Heh! Was just researching this one at length, and also wondering how I missed your first contest with the new system. Looks fairly sophisticated in functionality. Nice :)

Maybe you could rent/sub that out to other blogs?
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