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Axon 2 by Audio Damage, Inc.
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 by person jimhanks
Pleneration of sine waves in an FM-based synth engine could lead to really nasty noise spikes and other Very Bad Things similar to effects caused by neuron connection loops. It's a good thing AD has covered both of these hazards.

Oh wait, I have that backward. You totally want the sine waves from the oscillators to be fully plenerated. It's depleneration that's bad. It's one of those asymptotic effects you can't completely eliminate but reducing it as much as possible gives the cleanest signal path. Thank goodness they thought of it.
MidiFire by Audeonic Apps
Saturday, September 23, 2017 by person jimhanks
I'm in for the iOS version. Honestly not sure what I'd do with it, but i have used MIDIBridge and FreEWI for a number of useful things.
LumaFusion Updated with AUv3
Saturday, September 16, 2017 by person jimhanks
Best video editor on iOS hands down. Audio tools are appreciated. I might not have to pull out to Cubasis quite as often. Still wish it had some form of chromakey or lumakey though.
Cassette? Seriously? I'm of a certain age that I "get" the appeal of vinyl as a format. But cassette? I can't think of a single advantage of cassette over even a low end mp3 player. And recording? I'll take Multitrack DAW on my iPhone 4s any day.
BTW, I was offended by your previous comment. I tried to report it but... oh wait, I see what you did there. Bwahahaha
I think the hybrid system sounds reasonable. Sensible precautions like throwing out obviously bad file types (exe, bat, cmd) and maybe a size filter are about all you can do. I'm trying to think how an "Open in app" link could possibly brick an iOS device. Never say never, but it doesn't seem like a likely attack vector.
Kittens & SebtiSynth
Saturday, July 15, 2017 by person jimhanks
I kept waiting (hoping?) for a Monty Python-esque monster to explode out of the synth and gobble up a kitten or two. Just me? :-D
Let's Play with Mood
Friday, June 16, 2017 by person jimhanks
In under the wire
Ok, the selfie is hilarious. And thanks for the news (think I'll be sticking with my iPad Air 2 for the foreseeable future). And I know it's your site and all and you can say what you want of course, but I have to say all the F bombs didn't really add to the article. Just sayin.
If anybody cares the answer to my question according to iceworks is "yes". Here's what they said via email:
It is possible to assign one MIDI CC to multiple parameters. However,
multiple MIDI CCs can not be assigned to a single parameter.
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