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CyberTuner Update
Tuesday, October 03, 2017 by person grammatonfeather
excellent value. Been waiting for this app. Instabuy. Just need some out of tune pianos now. Tried 3 bleddy pianos so far and all three have been in perfect tune :(
App Sales: 🔥🔥🔥
Thursday, September 21, 2017 by person grammatonfeather
I fully intend to buy an app that hasn't been updated since 2013 - sometime around mid 2030.
Farewell to Alchemy
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 by person grammatonfeather
Apple DisneyBand seems to have a big fan following. I feel the app needs more in the way of cute cartoon graphics though. Perhaps characters dancing across the virtual keys when you play?
On September 15, 2017 - @psysword said:
Well obviously you have never heard of Luma FX and I suggest you download the Luma suite ASAP> I love the FX not that I have made anything amazing yet with it but i'm gathering footage.

Hey Tim, my pleasure.

So there's Luma FX and it can be upgraded to Luma Fusion. Luma Fusion incorporates Luma FX.
Must study the FX. Or just buy Luma Fusion..
I'm more interested in video FX rather than a whole bunch of audio features. I'd be bringing in my completed music tracks and adding vid. Video FX are what I'm interested in together with the editing.
On August 24, 2017 - @Heretik7 said:
From my experience (and keep in mind everyone's creativity differs),

I found PPG Infinite to be very underwhelming...its very metallic, thin, and harsh for my use. As with other PPG apps, its also not the most straight forward gui, and easy to program app. I also have all the PPG apps...of which I use Wavemapper the most by far....and perhaps phonem here and there. If you are into digital noise efx, cold metallic sounds ala absynth, infinite may be great for you.

In my OPINION, I have already used Korg iMono/Poly on 8 tracks versus 0 for infinite, Infinite for me was a waste of money.

of course this is all opinion based on my use, and other folks may absolutely have an opposite opinion.

Interesting perspective. I do lean more towards analog warmth and I've done a lot with the other gadget synths. I guess I will have to buy monopoly too before the price goes up.
So what makes this synth different to the other Gadget synths?

I have every previous Gadget synth but I knew nothing about the original hardware mono/poly...

I love Gadget and normally don't hesitate to buy new Gadget synths... but this costs 20 and I would like PPG Infinite which brings something new.
On August 17, 2017 - @Simon said:
Brilliant Mr Developer - make a video using a MIDI controller and cover the picture with a wash of colour so you can't even see what is going on.

How about a video with just an iPad (a set up most people would be using) and no color filters obliterating the details of the picture...?

So you don't think the Jacob HaQ videos would be good in purple or red?

Yup...looks like Elastic has a drone thing too.
On August 17, 2017 - @Nonny Moose said:
Maybe trying to steal back some thunder from Elastic (whose above-and-beyond feature set should make all devs try harder!)

I can't believe you're Droning on about elastic....

Does elastic do ambient drone? Surely any well-respected Drum synth should?

So this also leads me to wonder if any drone synths have a switch that turns them into drum machines?
I think I'm new here.
Saturday, October 29, 2016 by person grammatonfeather
Hello. I've been following Discchord for some time.

I'm a Korg gadget user.