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Yup...looks like Elastic has a drone thing too.
On August 17, 2017 - @Nonny Moose said:
Maybe trying to steal back some thunder from Elastic (whose above-and-beyond feature set should make all devs try harder!)

I can't believe you're Droning on about elastic....

Does elastic do ambient drone? Surely any well-respected Drum synth should?

So this also leads me to wonder if any drone synths have a switch that turns them into drum machines?
Is this an early or late April Fool?
It mostly all sounds the same upbeat pish. Utter pish. Pish pish pish.
Dev today announced the app will no longer be supported. "Juce4" license too expensive and he dun like apple.

IPad for me is the greatest mobile music creation platform but i'm an end user not a developer.
I'm very cautious about buying apps these days. Always check to see if developer is still supporting.
Hexaglyphics i have to sort it out as i have no desire to be an apple developer anymore, but i'd also like you people to continue having the opportunity of using hexaglyphics
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Developer asking users on facebook if they can access hexaglyphics on the app store.
Not available in UK app store. Another abandoned app.
Purchased. Seems to be a very capable synth.
On July 19, 2017 - @frank zappa said:
what is the latency on the bluetooth connex?

Yup, as the guy above said. use this app with a vacuum cleaner.
I think I'm new here.
Saturday, October 29, 2016 by person grammatonfeather
Hello. I've been following Discchord for some time.

I'm a Korg gadget user.