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Lurssen Mastering Console
Thursday, August 10, 2017 by person dysamoria
I thought demos were not allowed on the App Store?
PPG Infinite Preview
Tuesday, August 01, 2017 by person dysamoria
Is the GUI designer different from the prior apps?
Thanks for pointing out that app. I've never noticed it. Though, the GUI is what gives non-flat design a bad rap, ha ha ha...
This takes me back to when I was collecting SynthEdit freeware. Not necessarily in a great way. Then again, there were some fantastic karplus-strong string model synths made with SynthEdit that were entirely free. Things that put this little three-parameter plugin to shame by far. StringTheory, StringZ, etc...
Regarding the image pop up on the article: Trying to view images on an iPhone when the webpage demands to be in charge of the image placement is infuriating. I guess you only use your site on an iPad?
App Sales!
Thursday, June 29, 2017 by person dysamoria
Sony seems to do that to bands. They destroyed Stabbing Westward too.

While I'm bugged by it being leather, i would still ask why it needs leather if it were to turn out to be faux leather. Flavor? I've never been a fan of shallow flair (including leather, long before i was vegan).
Summer Solstice App Sales!
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 by person dysamoria
Some great posts here, both serious and silly.

My appreciation for Nine Inch Nails grew 10-fold by the time I finished listening to all of the "Industrial" music that came out of the 70's.

From everything I've come to understand about "industrial", Nine Inch Nails isn't. i can see why people make the association, though. NIN is also my absolute favorite "band" of all time. Trent Reznor's influences are in my own work. The things that influenced him are totally different from my own personal tastes, but it formed his tastes and his productions are to my liking. Therefore, the stuff he likes that i don't like was still very important in forming the stuff i do like.

If that made any sense at all. I've spent way too much time blabbing on the internet today. I need a real human being to interact with, sheesh.
As for this song... yeah... the tattoos... and the first line put me right off. Oh well.
What an unfortunate genre/fad. It was apparently named for SunnyDay Real Estate (fantastic band and music, even with the sudden change in style between breaks). I'm not sure why sincere and deeply emotional lyrics and expression needs to have a genre and a specific sound, but that (not narcissism and tattoos) seems to be the strongest delineation between this and other official genres. Frankly, i hate genres. I get the need to classify things, and i surely participate, but music genres have gotten to the point where they've defeated the purpose.
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