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Audiobus 3 Giveaway!
Saturday, May 20, 2017 by stars daveknapik
Sweet! I've been holding out on AB3 but I'd love to try it out. Thanks!
Thanks for working so hard to get us freebies! :D
Thanks for running this site! Without discchord, I really doubt I would have come to learn a fraction of what I have learned about iOS synths. Cheers!
Yeah, I'm not buying it for that price. iOS users deserve a steep discount, otherwise it is like being encouraged to buy everything you owned on LP again on CD then again on mp3. ;) Nope nope nope.
On January 21, 2017 - @Mr Chip said:
And the best part is that Korg will be giving this out free on Mac for all those of us that have spent hundreds of dollars already to purchase the iOS app and every module within. Just as a little "thank you" for our loyalty.

And then I woke up.....

Yeah, I really hope there is a way for them to at least give the iOS users a discount.
Let's Play with Troublemaker
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 by person daveknapik
On January 14, 2017 - @bruderkong said:
"if youre sick of acid - you think its played out - you might be right, but, er, i enjoy it, so fuck you!"

I want this on the back of a t-shirt with a picture of a 303 on the front.
Is it naïve to hope for a discount on the desktop product for those of us that own the iOS version? I certainly don't feel like buying all the same gadgets again. Will it feel weird not being able to touch everything in the interface?

I definitely want to give this a go. I love Gadget, though it is rare I finish a whole track in it, so if it is prohibitively expensive and makes me feel like I'm buying something I already own, I'll probably hold back.
I would love a good iOS 303. I bought Bassline and I don't like it -- the interface doesn't feel intuitive nor inspiring and it doesn't feel fluid enough. I have Rebirth, yeah, but I didn't like that UI under Mac OS 9 and it just feels anachronistic to use it now -- not oldskool, just plain old. So, yes, if they can make an iOS 303, shut up and take my money! :)
I love you, Tim. Hahaha. The headline is priceless and made me smile, which I needed.
On November 02, 2016 - @Rick Emerson said:
So does this synth have Audiobus and IAA capabilities? I hoping they just left out IAA and Audiobus in the description .. and not in the app.

Check out http://www.korg.com/us/products/software/arpodyssei/specifications.php -- it supports both, they just forgot to mention it. :)
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