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MidiFire by Audeonic Apps
Saturday, September 23, 2017 by person Osidenick
Interested in macOS version for improved MIDI guitar tracking as well as all the other goodies. Thanks for the chance.
Let's Play with Mood
Friday, June 16, 2017 by person Osidenick
Looks like another great iOS synth.
Audiobus 3 Giveaway!
Friday, May 19, 2017 by person Osidenick
Free AB3 would lead to buying some MIDI apps.
This app would kickstart the idea of playing live.
One idea that might be interesting would be a "Track Testing" part of the forum. (Probably needs a better name) I would especially be interested in comparing Effects apps. There could be a short, dry track of something (like guitar), and then there could be examples of what different apps can do to it. My main reason for wanting this is because many guitar effects reviews are done by really good guitarists, so never know what effect that app is having.

It might also be cool with short MIDI tracks, to then mess around with in different synth apps.

Thanks for the site, it's a daily visit for me.
App Sales: Holy Shit Edition
Sunday, April 05, 2015 by person_outline Osidenick

@Bubba, The nice thing about deciding on whether Gumdrops is worth full price, is that it's easy to see exactly what it does (if you watch some videos on it). I tried setting up some kind of similar situation in Ableton, which took a lot of time, and I couldn't even see what MIDI I had set up for each loop. That's when I realized how great Gumdrops is. Easy to use, easy to set up patterns, and a lot of fun to play. If you get it and put in a lot of time customizing each pattern with exactly what you want, it will be more than worth it. If you ever wanted to be a good finger drummer, but don't have the time or skill, then Gumdrops is possibly the best drumming app out there.

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