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Love Novation hardware and I think Blocs Wave is pretty cool. Downloaded, played a bit and deleted it. Most likely cause app store was taking forever to load when I went to an IAP page. CDN$ adds at least 25% to the price. Based on $15 USD for the three IAPs, I would prefer to purchase a new gadget in Gadget as I find it the ultimate in groove boxes, easy to use, great features and sounds awesome to my ears.
Thanks Tim for sharing. Excited to spread my wings to Aural Films who have also released some other iOS musicians including Martin Neuhold & Wolfgang Gsell.
I've been testing Mood and really like it. Deep with infinite sound possibilities especially when you start importing samples. As with most apeSoft apps, high degree of automation available.
I mostly use AUM and have held off on buying AB3. Not because I don't want to contribute, just trying to simplify my work flow. Maybe AB3 is the answer?
Code has now been taken. Cheers Steve
Very cool Tim. I won a code but have Audulus already. PM me on my Facebook page if you'd like my code.
Site looks good and I like the new commenting functions. If I should be so lucky to win an Audulus code, I'll happily pass it on to someone who hasn't bought it yet. Now if only I could buckle down and use it instead of just intending to. :)
I really like the Red Sky Lullaby presets. Great job especially on the patches that evolve over time.
On March 24, 2017 - @Charlie said:
Yes, Rosario records.

Great update but do we need another drum machine? Or am I missing the point.
Thanks @Charlie
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