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On August 21, 2017 - @Sarmad said:
Great work Steve!
Cheers Sarmad!
On August 21, 2017 - @MikeV said:
Thanks MikeV!
Thanks for sharing Tim. "peanut brittle for the ears!" Sounds sweet to me.
On August 11, 2017 - @Dan said:

You're missing a 9 there, it's $2999.95. Still a third of a price of this thing, though, and better yet it actually already exists.

Thanks for the correction. Maybe a wishful thinking typo but I certainly did not intend to mis-lead. I agree 100% with your comment.
As John Oliver liks to say "COOL".

Note: The Seaboard GRAND Limited First Edition Next generation synthesizer of which Role says that that only 88 will be made is $8888.88 $USD

The Seaboard GRAND Stage (61 key) is $299.95 $USD.

Just saying....
On August 11, 2017 - @Toz Bourne said:
Damn fine track!
Thanks Taz! Appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment.
On August 11, 2017 - @MikeV said:
Love this track! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Mike V!
@tim I strongly recommend that you go. They have a saying on "The Rock". There are two kinds of people. Newfoundlanders and those that wish they were Newfoundlanders. It was awesome! Saw Humpback & Minke whales and thousands of Puffins on our boat tour. There were incredible scenic views wherever we went. I admit I was enchanted by the place and the people.

It helped that the weather was great while we were there. Mostly blue skies and sun except for a couple of days which is not always the case.

Depending on the year, May-June is the time to go and see icebergs. Whales depending on when the Capelin (billions of little fish) arrive which is usually early to mid summer.
Thanks for sharing Tim. Favourite track of mine! Glad the track touched you in the way the beauty of Cape Spear did me. Btw, track was composed during the almost 4 hour flight from St. John's Newfoundland to Toronto, which was only 2/3 of the way home. 😎 It's great to travel, but it's great to be home too!
@That guy - Thanks for listening and taking time to leave a kind comment. Much appreciated!
If you're interested to hear more from "Rugged Strings" (the album the track is from), all of my discography is currently free to download or pay something if you like.
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