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Breaking news: Gadget just got an update with a "Korg iMono/Poly" gadget (seems to be 64-bit only as it's not showing on my iPad 4).

So I guess we'll also see a standalone iMono/Poly app soon.
Sonicstate had a demonstration of the Arturia AudioFuse yesterday. Like this it's class-compliant and has a powered 3-port USB hub which would be handy for a mobile setup.

Feature-wise it has more going on, but it's also @ $600 so not cheap.
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Sunday, August 20, 2017 by person Bob
Have a good one Tim. Thanks for all the work you do trawling through the you tubes to bring us cool stuff. And I'm totally up for a monthly reefer update.
I only have an iPad 4 but I checked the .ipa file and it looks to have 64-bit support (cpu16777228).
Great sounds and visuals. Well done!
I just don't like the look of the AIRA range. Black with green leds is so 2005 video gamer. But the TR-8 is more flexible.

They got the look right with the TR-09 and TR-08 but blew it by not having seperate outputs which is a must for a drum machine. Even with the USB connection you can only break out 4 sounds and you need a Mac/PC as the connection isn't class compliant.
If the USB had been class-compliant I would have been all over this.
And now I'm hungry...
The demos I've heard of Phosphor 2 until this sounded like crap to me. Awful presets I guess.

Props to ADJM for dialing in something that sounded nice.
Awesome! I was hoping they'd port this one over.
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