Preset Upload

Only Patrons, Developers, and long-standing active members are allowed to upload!

Everyone is allowed to download, but for security reasons I can't let everyone upload to the site. I know that sucks, but this is a hard requirement. By limiting uploaders I don't have to worry about people uploading porn or some shit I don't want on my site. Patronage also helps me pay for server and bandwidth costs. Win-win!

If you have a preset pack you're dieing to share and you've been here a while you can email me and I'll check your activity on the site. Otherwise, please consider becoming a Patron on Patreon!

Monthly Patronage:

Per Video Patronage:

Patreon Patrons for either of these campaigns receive all of the same benefits.

In addition to being able to upload presets, Patronage has other advantages too! Patrons get an ad free experience on this site, access to Patron-only posts, and get a warm fuzzy feeling for supporting my endeavours!

Patrons are also thanked in the credits of every Let's Play video!