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Notice for Press Releases

Under no circumstance should a third-party PR company contact me. All such emails will be ignored and probably laughed at. Just email me directly, I'm a friendly guy when I'm not dealing with PR people. PR companies usually just end up insulting me and embarrassing you.

I try to keep current and relevant to the interests of musicians that utilize music apps. I appreciate all submissions that help me to achieve this goal. I receive several Press Releases every day, but most of them fail in both their relevancy to my readers and their timeliness. Please review the site before submitting any Press Release, to make sure that your product or service is the sort of thing I'm going to cover. News about your app's update from a month ago is not timely enough for me to write about!

Style Guide

• Be Concise

I have ADHD, if your press release is 4 pages long I won't even try.

• Avoid Hyperbole

I know my shit. If you are making wild claims, I will just laugh at you.

• Submit Press Releases in the Form of a Limerick

Haiku's and the more standard Iambic Pentameter are also acceptable, but I really like limericks.
This is not optional. If you make an effort to write to me, I will make an effort to read from you.

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