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For over six years Discchord has been one of the most well known names in the mobile musician community.

In that time Discchord has grown into a massive community. I'm so proud of this community that I'll let you see the raw numbers. Below is a chart of monthly views, updated hourly.

Advertising on Discchord lets you reach the audience that will appreciate your products and services.

All ad slots are in rotations that guarantee a minimum of 100,000 views, which are weighted generously to often offer many more than that. You'll be able to watch this with built-in metrics! Each ad has its own unique metrics page, allowing you to track views and clicks. Here is an example from a current advertiser.

The following list shows current ad slots and their availability. Any questions? Use the form below!



728x90 - $99 $74/mo

6 slots available

Leaderboards appear in-line in all articles on the site, including the Music App Guide.
On single article pages, and in the forums, Leaderboards appear above the comments section. If there are 5 or more comments on the post there will be an additional Leaderboard below the comments.

Top Bar Billboard

300x250 - $199 $99/mo

1 slots available

The Top 3 Billboards are featured prominently on all pages.


Menu Badge

200x140 - $99 $49/mo

6 slots available

This Badge is visible on the sidebar of all pages, below the search bar and above the Recent Comments.

Get your message through!

Your ads will be loaded directly from this site, without file-names like "ad" or "sponsor", so they will not be blocked by plugins like AdBlock! Rates will likely increase as the site grows, so consider reserving the prices as you see them now. You may change your ad at any time; if you wish to emphasize new products or features. Please ask if you'd like assistance in designing your banner. See complete Terms and Conditions.


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