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MIDI Designer 1.6 Videos

MIDI Designer's Dan Rosenstark has put together a bunch of new videos for the latest version of the custom control surface app. You can find them all on the official YouTube channel. Embedded below is a video featuring the new Design Locks functionality, and some nice clean background keying on Dan's portrait. He needs to work on the white balance though, because us bald white guys can all too easily go Gollum.

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KMI QuNexus Quality Assurance Test

I know a lot of you guys are interested in using a Keith McMillen QuNexus as a mobile keyboard with your iPad, so you'll be no doubt interested to see how the miniature controller fares under punishing "real world" conditions. Even if you have no interest in taking a QuNexus out in the world, this is still worth checking out for some impressive white guy dreads.