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Angel 7 - God With Us (Official Lyric Video)

Angel 7 is definitely filling someone's Bingo card. Who had Christian Death Metal made in Gadget?

Video Description:

Angel 7 - God With Us (Official Lyric Video)
The new album Angel 7 "White Metal" will be released on December 14 on digital platforms and CD. More details later :). Now official lyric video for the song from this album. If you like it, don't forget to subscribe and like it. Blessings!

FHTH - Mind Revolution (EBM/Industrial/Aggrotech)

FHTH brings us some rare Industrial out of Gadget!

Video Description:

FHTH - Mind Revolution (EBM/Industrial/Aggrotech)
Song from new FHTH album Star Wormwood

FHTH - Untouchable

YouTuber FHTH takes advantage of the pandemic to go play in traffic. If you do this at night in the rain it increases the difficulty of playing in traffic, but gives you cool synthwave vibes. #YOLO

Video Description:

FHTH - Untouchable (synthpop, synthwave), Korg Gadget (IOS), Logic Pro X
FHTH is electronic project from Ukraine.
FHTH - 2019 - Devastated:
FHTH - 2017 - Digital Holocaust:

Shine City - Electromagnetic

YouTuber Angel 7 has been featured here before for his Power Metal in BeatMaker 3, but here he takes us into some beautiful Dark Synthwave territory with Gadget and GR-16.

Video Description:

From the album "Light"

FHTH - Stop!

FHTH continues to impress me with his versatility. When he's not doing Thrash Metal in BeatMaker 3, he's making some bouncy fun EBM in Gadget!

Video Description:

FHTH - Stop! , EBM/Futurepop session, Korg Gadget.

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