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In Memoriam: Toz Bourne

I learned from Doug Woods that long-time Patron and supporter of the site Toz Bourne passed away, after a protracted illness. From his profile page here on discchord you can see his participation in the community has been lengthy and profound. His first comment on the site was in the April Fools post for 2014. Toz's music has been featured here many times in the past, and he was among the people who helped me with the original beta testing for the site.

We've exchanged a lot of emails over the years, and I'm stunned to learn of his passing. Toz will be missed by many in the community. He never brought any drama, just good vibes to all.

His last album, produced entirely on iOS, was a fun one I dubbed Jazz Punk.

Mindless: Name Your Price

Toz Bourne - Going Viral

Reader Toz Bourne brings us a 100% iPad-made music video. The visuals were created using an app called Uzu, which he fiddled in while he was listening to the song.

Video Description:

Going Viral by Toz Bourne

Created on iPads.

Audio apps: Launchpad, GarageBand, iSem, Mastering

Visual Apps: Uzu (A generative design playground). I "played" the visual app as I listened to the song, and used the screen recording function in iOS11 to capture that fun. Luma Fusion was used to put the audio and video together.

Check out my albums:

And my blog:

Toz Bourne - Mindless

Reader Toz Bourne has released his 5th album! Toz had some difficulty nailing down a genre to describe this one, but I'll call it Jazz Punk. Far from Mindless rambling, though there are discordant elements, the album remains musical throughout.

Mindless: Name Your Price

UVI BeatHawk 2.0

Reader Toz Bourne pointed out that BeatHawk's sale today coincides with a major update! The app is now Universal and includes AudioUnit v3 support. There are a lot of other goodies in store as well!

What's new in BeatHawk v2.0.0:

What’s new in version 2?
- NEW! Now available for iPhone (5 and newer)
- NEW! Interface optimized for each iPhone device
- NEW! Now available as an AudioUnit V3 plugin
- NEW! Piano Roll Editor for writing and editing Note and MIDI CC
- NEW! Support for Ableton Link
- NEW! Export as Ableton Live project
- NEW! Automate parameters with MIDI Learn
- NEW! Paste audio directly to pads with AudioCopy
- NEW! Copy/Paste pads with clipboard
- NEW! Scale selection in Pitch Mode
- NEW! Loops Markers in Song Mode
- NEW! Accelerometer Velocity and 3D Touch support
- UPDATE! Improved readability in UI
- UPDATE! Improved help section
- UPDATE! MIDI channel support added to preferences
- UPDATE! Improved In-App purchase experience
- UPDATE! AudioCopy updated to v3.2
- UPDATE! Support for multiple touches on a single pad
- UPDATE! Pattern change during playback now snaps to bar
- UPDATE! Mutes now record in Song mode
- FIX! Added hard fixes per IAA / AUv3 host (Auria, Cubasis)

The update arrives with a whole bunch of new videos, and starts off with a showcase by Andrew Huang.

Welcome to Discchord v3.0!

Holy shit, that was way more work than I expected. I knew I was in for a ride when I set out to create my own custom CMS, but I had no idea it would be this arduous. But it's done! It's all here and working now!

What's new in discchord v3.0:

Here are some of the features you'll find added to the site.

User Accounts

There have been surprisingly few attempts to abuse the anonymous commenting system, but you can now reserve your username by registering it. Anonymous posters are still welcomed to participate, but site will prevent them from using a name that someone has registered here.

There are a couple of other benefits for registering. The biggest is the ability to participate in app voting on the new Music App Guide. Additionally you will not receive a notice if someone @mentions: you in a comment or forum post.


That's right, forums! After resisting the suggestion for 5 years, the site now has forums! Both registered and unregistered users may post in there. There will be no moderator team, but there are some rules.

  1. No spam.
  2. Don't be an asshole.
  3. Don't embarrass me by posting hate-speech on my site.

Breaking these rules leads into another new feature on the site: a new ban system! Previously if I banned someone they were shut out of the whole site, but now I can just ban people from commenting.

There are no moderators here, so I'll be relying on you guys to let me know if someone is getting out of hand. Registered users will see a report icon on every comment, where you will be able to flag a comment if it is breaking any of these rules.

Fortunately spam should be minimal. A series of bot nets have already come by trying to spam the hell out of everything. None of them got past my anti-spam measures! Me: 1, Internet: 0.

Music App Buyer's Guide

There are a hell of a lot of music apps out there. I've reported on 1,676 apps in the last 5 years. That's a lot less than the total number of apps on iTunes, but still way too many to list in a useful manner. Trying to help people find the apps they're looking for is a serious challenge. Readers here know their shit and know their apps. You can be a great help for newcomers!

Register for an account and head over the Music App Guide. There you can give your favorite apps a thumbs up, or apps that you hate a thumbs down. You can also leave comments about the individual apps. When enough people vote on an app it gets assigned a Discchord Reader Rating (DRR), similar to the way Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic work.

To make things even easier for newcomers, all apps in the Music App Guide are being categorized. If someone shows up looking for a synth, they can search for Synths and it will automatically sort by Discchord Reader Rating. Now someone can find the top 5 apps, as voted on by you, in every category. Easy!


Thank you very much to everyone who helped beta test the new site last week. Dookone, el-bo, policarpo, moddogi, Toz Bourne, ceharris77, and TBIRD all helped me find critical bugs; that should be fixed thanks to them. I now feel confident in finally releasing my baby out into the world!

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