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In Memoriam: Toz Bourne

I learned from Doug Woods that long-time Patron and supporter of the site Toz Bourne passed away, after a protracted illness. From his profile page here on discchord you can see his participation in the community has been lengthy and profound. His first comment on the site was in the April Fools post for 2014. Toz's music has been featured here many times in the past, and he was among the people who helped me with the original beta testing for the site.

We've exchanged a lot of emails over the years, and I'm stunned to learn of his passing. Toz will be missed by many in the community. He never brought any drama, just good vibes to all.

His last album, produced entirely on iOS, was a fun one I dubbed Jazz Punk.

Mindless: Name Your Price

Toz Bourne - Going Viral

Reader Toz Bourne brings us a 100% iPad-made music video. The visuals were created using an app called Uzu, which he fiddled in while he was listening to the song.

Video Description:

Going Viral by Toz Bourne

Created on iPads.

Audio apps: Launchpad, GarageBand, iSem, Mastering

Visual Apps: Uzu (A generative design playground). I "played" the visual app as I listened to the song, and used the screen recording function in iOS11 to capture that fun. Luma Fusion was used to put the audio and video together.

Check out my albums:

And my blog:

Toz Bourne - Mindless

Reader Toz Bourne has released his 5th album! Toz had some difficulty nailing down a genre to describe this one, but I'll call it Jazz Punk. Far from Mindless rambling, though there are discordant elements, the album remains musical throughout.

Mindless: Name Your Price

Toz Bourne - Dreams

Reader Toz Bourne released a new album that spans many genres and moods. Occasionally you're in a happy-bouncy Eastern-feeling parade, and then you'll find yourself upon a mountaintop contemplating the majesty of existence!

Buy Dreams on Bandcamp: Name Your Price

Here is a video for the Transparent Muse track.

Toz Bourne - Puerto

Reader Toz Bourne shared this fun video for his track Puerto, off the album Future Tense. The song was done on BeatHawk, while the video used Yamaha VisPerformer and iMovie.

Buy BeatHawk on iTunes: $9.99

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