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Red Sky Lullaby: Patterning 2 Drum Machine - AppJam

Reader Red Sky Lullaby jammed out on the new Patterning 2 with AudioKit Synth One and ARP ODYSSEi!

Video Description:
AppJam featuring Patterning 2 by Olympia Noise Co
also Arp Odyssei by Korg and AudioKit Synth One

Red Sky Lullaby: AppJam - iBassist SynthOne Quanta

Reaeder Red Sky Lullaby jammed with the new iBassist! This is a live looping performance, so it is a slow burn while he builds up the layers, but it is great once he gets going!

Video Description:
App Jam made with iBassist, Quanta, Synth One, Korg MonoPoly, Ravenscroft 275 Piano, GeoShred Pro, Auria and the Fab Filter Plug ins including ProQ, Staurn, Timeless and ProC

Red Sky Lullaby - Neo-Soul AppJam

ReaderRed Sky Lullaby is feeling the funk in this track with Neo-Soul Keys, BASSalicious, and Sensual Sax.

Video Description:
App Jam featuring Neo Soul Keys and Bassalicious by MIDIculous / Gospel Musicians. Also Funk Drummer by Luis Martinez, Sensual Sax by Embertone and Auria Pro by WaveMachine Labs.
Keyboard is the CME XKey Air37.

Red Sky Lullaby - Synth One Demo

In addition to contributing 99 presets to Synth One, Red Sky Lullaby did a demo with captions of the new app!

Video Description:

Synth One is a free synth for iPad by AudioKit.
It is a fully featured synth with dual oscillators, FM, 2 LFOs with routeable modulations, sub osc, noise osc, 3 filter options, arpeggiator, alternate tuning scales and pro level effects.
The code the synth is built with is also Free and Open Source so others are free to use the code in their apps or to offer to help support the project with further options, additions and updates in the future.

Red Sky Lullaby: AudioKit Synth One AppJam

Reader Red Sky Lullaby shows off some of his presets that will be featured in the upcoming Synth One! This immensely powerful new synth app will be arriving for free this week! When it launches, Synth One will include presets from a lot of the names you've read here on discchord!

Video Description:

AppJam made with sounds from Red Sky Lullaby presets in AudioKit Synth One
Recorded and mixed using Auria Pro.

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