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Poly 2 Tips and Jam: Beat Skip and MIDI IN

YouTuber Edward Spiegel doesn't produce a lot of videos, but when he does they are all excellent. I've been impressed in the past. This latest one has some very detailed tips for getting the most out of Poly 2's features.

Video Description:

Poly 2 is a great generative music app for iOS. I take a look at two overlooked features Beat Skip and MIDI IN (for note selection)

Rooms! Update

Rooms!, from Markus Sigg, was updated with a new convolution mode. I had to read the description twice to figure out what the fuck it was actually doing. The Mono LR mode takes your stereo input, averages the two signals to mono, and then treats them as stereo against a stereo Impulse Response file. The output is stereo.

What's new in Rooms! v6.7:

- New convolution mode "Mono LR" for averaging a stereo input signal to a mono two-channel signal before convolving this with the left and with the right channel of the impulse response to a stereo output signal. You find explanations in the corresponding section of the app's support page.
- Audiobus library updated to version 3.0.11.
- AUv3 view adopts the appearance of the host app instead of insisting on its own color scheme.

YouTuber Edward Spiegel decided to try using non-IR files as IR files in Rooms! with some interesting results. Rooms! is only affecting Neo-Soul Keys 2 in this example. It is a little hard to follow, because he's also got Kronecker in here to smooth it out.

AUM Loop Session & Tutorial

YouTuber Edward Spiegel did a highly detailed tutorial on setting up a mega looping station with Loopy, Audiobus, and AUM. The video description includes links to more tutorials from Edward.

Video Description:

This video demonstrates using Loopy as a multitrack looper recorder/player from inside AUM. You can do everything you need from AUM's main interface. No need to switch apps or go menu diving to record and play your loops.

This video shows a typical session. Other videos teach you how to set up your session and the AUM mixer and how to use the Audiobus palette to control in more depth than is covered here.

Loopy, AUM, Audiobus 3 Setup Walkthrough

AUM/Loopy Mixer Tour

Controlling Loopy from AUM

AUM Loopy QuickJam


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