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Nicki Minaj ft. Swae Lee - Chun Swae (A Capella Cover)

Rebecca Loops is back with another A Capella cover using Everyday Looper. This one starts off slow, but I was quite impressed by her performance in the rap break at the end.

Video Description:

Take music lessons with me online-

Actor website:
Looping app:

DigiEnsemble Berlin - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

DigiEnsemble Berlin did an amazing cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps on iPads, a LinnStrument, and of course... a guitar! They put a lot of effort into making this video fun too. This is an excellent performance!

Video Description:

This version of the famous song by the Beatles (1968 written by George Harrison) premiered at the international symposium MOBILE MUSIC IN THE MAKING 2017. On the final evening, experienced appmusicians presented their approaches to mobile music making in a joint concert. The “MOBILE MUSIC in concert” took place on the 11th of March in the Appmusik Studio at the Berlin University of the Arts. More:

In preparation for a concert, we asked friends to help us to make a video of our performance. For this, we made 6 takes and Finn Dorian made this wonderful video clip out of it.
More info:
More videos:

camera: Finn Dorian (
cutter: Finn Dorian
live recording: Tim Altrichter
mix: Rocco Weise (
helping hands: Micheau da Silva & Josi Loch
production: Matthias Krebs

Vocals: Marc Godau and Matthias Krebs (pre-recorded)
Guitars: Marc Godau
Drums: Puya Shoary
LinnStrument: Matthias Krebs
Chords: Stefan Meinking
Bass: Tammin Lee

used mobile apps:
Patterning (Drums), Model 15 (MPE Weeps), ChordPolyPad, BeatMaker2 (Backtrack), Sunrizer (Bass), Audiobus 3, Thor (Synthpad), MidiFlow (Motion), AmpliTube (Git. Effects)

SynthMaster One by KV331 Audio

KV331 Audio released SynthMaster One! Their SynthMaster Player was an instant hit, but was a bit of a tease for people who want to build their own synth patches. Now they've ported the full-blown SynthMaster to iOS! For those that want presets this arrives with 500 from a long list of professional sound designers.

SynthMaster uses a wavetable synthesis engine, with 16 voice polyphony and oversampling to avoid aliasing. It arrives with AUv3, Audiobus, Ableton Link, and supports AirDrop to share your presets across multiple devices. SynthMaster One can even be used with MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) controllers!

SynthMaster One iTunes Description:

SynthMaster One iOS is the mobile version of KV331 Audio's SynthMaster One software synthesizer, which was recently voted "The Best New Synth of 2017" by MusicRadar readers.

SynthMaster One iOS is feature wise identical to the desktop version except the following:

* 16 voice polyphony (32 for the desktop version)
*. Up to 2x oversampling (4x for the desktop version)
* Comes with 500 presets (800 for the desktop version)

SynthMaster One iOS is KV331 Audio's first full blown synth app for the iPad. It's a powerful wavetable synth with an intuitive workflow. With its simple layout, rich wavetable/waveform content and inspiring factory presets library, designing new sounds with SynthMaster One iOS is a joy.


* 500 Factory Presets: SynthMaster One iOS comes with inspiring factory presets from a world class team of sound designers: Arksun, Aiyn Zahev, BigTone Studios, Bluffmunkey, Bulent Biyikoglu, Gercek Dorman, Dejavu Sound, Nori Ubukata, Rob Lee, Ufuk Kevser, Selcuk Ergen, The Machine, Vandalism Sound, Vorpalsound and Xenos Soundworks

* AUv3: SynthMaster One iOS supports AudioUnits V3, allowing multiple instances to run under supporting DAW apps like GarageBand, Cubasis or Beat Maker. It also supports parameter automation and full screen when running inside GarageBand.

* AirDrop: Easily share your presets over AirDrop, Mail or other iOS Applications. SynthMaster One iOS presets are interchangeable with the desktop version.

* Semi-Modular Architecture: For each SynthMaster One instance, there are 2 oscillators with 2 sub oscillators, 2 Filters, 4 ADSR Envelopes, 3 LFOs, a powerful 16 step arpeggiator/sequencer and also 11 different effects that can be inserted on to 6 FX insert slots. The sub oscillators can be connected to the oscillators in 5 different modes which let you use it as a regular sub oscillator or do complex modulations such as ring modulation, amplitude modulation, phase modulation or frequency modulation.

* 16 Step Arpeggiator/Sequencer: The arpeggiator in SynthMaster One features classic arpeggiator modes such as Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, UpDown2, DownUp2, AsPlayed as well as Sequence, Chord and Arpeggiate modes. Each of the 16 steps of the arpeggiator has its own Velocity, Note Number, Note Length, Slide and Hold parameters.

* Wavetable Synthesis: SynthMaster One implements true wavetable synthesis which opens up new possibilities for sound design. SynthMaster One comes with a rich wavetable library and you can extend that by dragging and dropping wavetable files using the Files App (requires iOS 11+)

* Stereo Oscillators with up to 16 voices Unison: Each of the 2 oscillators in SynthMaster One have stereo output, and can have up to 16 voices "unison". Using the "voices", "voices mix", "detune curve", "detune spread", "pan stread", "tone spread" and "phase spread" parameters, each oscillator can generate a rich "supersaw" type sound.

* Zero Delay Feedback Filters: All of the 4 filter categories in SynthMaster One are developed using the zero delay feedback filter technology. With advanced filter parameters like input gain, drive and acid, you can get that "analog" sound from the filters!

* Rich Set of Effects: SynthMaster One features 11 different effect types: Distortion, LoFi, Ensemble, Phaser, 6 Band EQ, Compressor, Vocoder, Delay, Chorus, Tremolo, Reverb.

* Microtuning: SynthMaster One supports Scala tuning, so tuning can be set either for each preset or globally by loading from a Scala tuning file.

* Preset Browser: SynthMaster One features a comprehensive preset browser with separate search criterias for instrument type, preset attributes, music style or preset author.


* All 64-bit iPad devices
* AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions
* Note-per-channel MIDI controllers (MPE)
* Ableton Link
* Interapp Audio and AudioBus
* Bluetooth LE MIDI Controllers
* Share presets over AirDrop, Mail or other iOS applications

Reader Red Sky Lullaby posted preset demo. Embedded here is a comprehensive playlist from KV331.

Chauvet BTAir App Tech Talk

British retailer DJkit got a demo of Chauvet's BTAir app. This offers a Bluetooth method of controlling some of Chauvet's stage lights, instead of fucking around with DMX and expensive DMX controllers. The Bluetooth enabled lights are still pricey, but no more so than their USB-based lights.

Video Description:

Product specialist Lee Garrett talks us through the Chauvet BTAir™ App!

More info on the lights here:

COLORband T3 BT -

SlimPAR T12 BT -

SlimPAR Q12 BT -

Follow us for more equipment reviews:

Twitter - @DJKitUK
Instagram - @djkituk

App Sales: Black Thursday

Auria Pro, AUM, and BeatMaker 3 lead the list today as even more apps go on sale!

If you missed them here are the sales for Black Monday, and Black Tuesday, and Black Wednesday!

Indie Music Spotlight:

Unless you live in Canada you've probably never heard Dear Rouge, but you should! These guys are so indie their debut album isn't on iTunes in the US. I love their combination of modern synthesis and Alt. Rock, with luscious vocals dripping all over. The tone varies by track. Wanna Wanna feels whimsical, while You are a Ghost is much more somber. My favorite from the album is the title track Black to Gold, which comes to us with a fun cyberpunk-synthwave video!

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