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Beatwave 2.5 Demo

Longtime reader Toz Bourne has done his first app demo video! BeatWave just got a nice update adding 10 new free instruments, and a new sequencing screen for groups of instruments. Toz's voice over is good, and I also appreciate that the app audio is direct instead of from a camera mic! Embeded below is Part 1, and here is Part 2.

Buy Beatwave on iTunes: Freemium

Toz Bourne - Caravan

Longtime reader Toz Bourne has released an album produced on his iPad 4 and iPad Mini! This has a lot of fun sonic textures combined to create some epic soundscapes. Wizards of the Winds is my favorite and you should check it out!

Buy Toz Bourne - Caravan on Bandcamp: Name Your Price

iSymphonic Orchestra - Sounds Demo

Reader Toz Bourne has helpfully provided the sound demo iSymphonic Orchestra so desperately needed! Here are all 10 of the sounds included in the app. Thank you so much, Toz! He hints that a second video will be forthcoming to offer his opinions on the functionality of the app.

Buy iSymphonic Orchestra on iTunes: $54.99

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