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NanoStudio 2 Lee B - Angular

YouTuber 014london70 posted another excellent Deep House track from NanoStudio 2!

Video Description:

Something new!

NanoStudio 2 Lee B - Muzik

YouTuber 014london70 did a nice Deep House track using the new NanoStudio 2!

Video Description:

Deep Minimal House

New iPad Pro Review: Can it replace your laptop?

Nilay Patel from The Verge did a scathing review of the new iPad Pros that concisely confirmed all of my misgivings. If the "Pro" in iPad Pro is meant to mean "Professional" then they missed the mark. To get the fully featured 6GB model you need to pop for the 1TB SKU. With all of the accessories that is about $2,200. How can this price even begin to make sense when NAND flash storage prices have been falling all year. It's more than twice as expensive as my i7 desktop with 32GB of RAM, and I can get a hell of lot more done on my desktop! The quintessential thing that made the iPad great was the low price of the hardware and apps, but Apple is hamstringing the "regular" iPads' memory to sell these absurdly overpriced models.

I was all set to finally upgrade my iPad Air 1 this year, but not at this price. I'll wait to see which tech makes it from the Pro to the Regular models in March. If worse comes to worse I'll just buy a refurb of this year's model because the "New 2018 iPad" is fairly beefy for just $330.

Video Description:

Apple’s new iPad Pro is a beast of a tablet, and Nilay Patel reviews it -- everything from its new design and screen to plugging in several devices to the new USB-C port. Dami Lee and William Joel, professional creatives at The Verge, also give their insight into the new iPad and Apple Pencil.


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MIDISynth Control by Lee Huddleston

Lee Huddleston, developer of MIDISynth Circuit, has released MIDISynth Control. While MIDISynth Circuit is intended for Novation Circuits, the new app can work with both the Novation Circuit and Novation Circuit Mono Station. To do that though you'll need to pay-up via IAPs. It is $15 to unlock Novation Circuit, and $9 to unlock Novation Circuit Mono Station. There is an additional $10 IAP for patch randomization, patch morphing, and X/Y performance controllers. Owners of the original MIDISynth Circuit can email their receipts to unlock the Novation Circuit functionality in the new app.

MIDISynth Control iTunes Description:

MIDISynth Control provides synth editing and librarian functionality for a number of popular synths.

Supported synths: Novation Circuit, Novation Circuit Mono Station

As well as being able to store and retrieve patch and synth data to/from your mobile device each editor also provides bi-directional communication, patch randomisation features, patch morphing, XY controls, mixer view (if appropriate), and a performance mode (separate In-App Purchase).

Each module offers a 3-day trial version with some restrictions in order for testing before purchase.

exnihilo415 - Dried Rambutan

YouTuber exnihilo415 did a fun Ravey House jam with a bunch of apps sequenced by Genome. Now I wonder what Dried Rambutan tastes like, because according to exnihilo415 it must be delicious.

Video Description:

What happens when you blend early 90's rave, late 90's trance and early 80's house? Hmmm. Sounds like dried rambutan tastes.

Patterning - Digital 04 mostly
Synthmaster Player - SEQ T-BEE Destroyer Rob Lee
Poison-202 - A18 Narayanan
Phasemaker - Big Fun
Moog Animoog - MINIMOOG Drew Neuman MN-DN FilterShades

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