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Better Than Epic - (Bring Back My) SynthMaster Love

Readers Lostboy85, Eustressor, Toz Bourne, and Jill Rae combined forces to form Better Than Epic! Here they've collaborated to create the most impressive music app video to date... and I'm not just saying that because discchord got a shoutout in the lyrics, along with The Sound Test Room and many developers. Seriously this is so much awesome!

Video Description:

Homage to iOS music app developers and the community that supports them.

This is an international-internet-iOS based collaboration that stretched across the web from Texas and Indiana in the USA to London, England.

Toz info:

blog --
Music --

Eustressor info:

Music --

Lostboy85 info:

Music --

Buy SynthMaster Player on iTunes: Freemium ($4.99 Unlock IAP On Sale)

Toz Bourne - The Legacy of Doctor Vibes

Reader Toz Bourne did a modern sounding take on a Halloween tune. I don't often like to feature videos that include just stock video/clip art, but it's obvious he put a lot of effort and thought into this one; using iMovie on his iPhone 6+.

Video Description:

A Halloween music tale. The evil mad scientist returns in -- The Legacy of Dr. Vibes. What horrors did he leave behind?

Music CC 2015 created on iPad using Korg's app, Garget (with Module and iM1)
Video edited on iPhone6+

Buy Korg Gardget on iTunes: $39.99


Buy iMovie on iTunes: $4.99

Oriental Strings Updated with Audiobus

Following CMP Grand and iSymphonic Orchestra, Crudebyte has now brought their Oriental Strings app into Audiobus! This comes just after reader Toz Bourne commented that he'd like to see it make the jump next. I feel this definitively proves that discchord readers wield tremendous and terrible power.

What's new in Oriental Strings v1.2.2:

  • Added Audiobus support.
  • Native 64 bit support added.

Buy Oriental Strings on iTunes: $9.99

New Horizons: Journey to Pluto

Reader Toz Bourne has released a very synthy EP contemplating the 9.5 year journey of NASA's New Horizon spacecraft; due to finally flyby Pluto next Tuesday. It's kind of amazing to think that it left to go visit the most distant planet in our solar system, but after traveling 3 billion miles it will arrive at a measly dwarf planet. Sucker!

Toz included this note on the apps he used:
"For my EP, New Horizons: Journey to Pluto, I mostly used Synthmaster Player with some Animoog, and a bit of Thor. Percussion sounds, recording and mixing were provided via Cubasis; all done on iPad-mini 2."

Buy New Horizons: Journey to Pluto on Bandcamp: Name Your Price

iSymphonic Orchestra Update

Crude Byte's iSymphonic Orchestra was updated with a new Arpa sound set. This $12 IAP provides 15 new instruments, but will require 1GB of additional storage on your iPad! The app itself was originally $55, but price has been reduced.

What's new in iSymphonic Orchestra v1.3.3

  • 15 new sounds available as optional in-app purchase "Arpa Sound Set", providing harps, harpsichords and further string and horn sounds (requires 1 GB additional SSD space).
  • Metronome volume is now configurable.
  • Fixed issue with CoreMIDI port names.
  • Fixed some minor issues with the graphical user interface.

Buy iSymphonic Orchestra on iTunes: $29.99

There is no official demo for the new IAP, but reader Toz Bourne did an an excellent sounding one!

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