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The Floor is Lava ambient jam!

Rheyne posted another great ambient jam video. The music is sounding really nice, but I love his light show!

Details from the video:
NodeBeat's generators are sending MIDI notes to a DSI MoPho, two separate instances of NI's Massive (one polyphonic and one monophonic) and NI's Kontakt. Filters, delays, and reverb in Ableton Live are controlled by Lemur on a 2nd iPad, and Moog's Animoog is running on a third iPad. iKaossilator is running on an iPhone 4, providing some chord stabs. NodeBeat's tempo is set to 60bpm, and iKaossilator is set to 120bpm. Ableton's tempo is also set to 120bpm to keep the delays in sync. Nothing was pre-sequenced or pre-recorded for this jam.

Epic Jam from the Future!

YouTuber Rheyne posted an epic ensemble jam with 3 iPads, 1 iPhone, 1 iPod, and a computer running Ableton Live. I expect we'll be seeing more of this in the near future, as people upgrade their iDevices and try to find uses for the old ones.

Clearly, Rheyne has found a worthwhile use for them all, as this sounds great!

Details from the video:
A 100% live improvised jam using only iOS devices and Ableton Live. Lemur is running on two iPads, AniMoog is on a third iPad, Geo Synthesizer is on an iPhone and Griid is running on an iPod Touch. This is a combination of live audio input, wireless MIDI, and wired MIDI through an iConnectMIDI on the lower right iPad. All effects and filters are from Ableton Live, remotely controlled by the custom Lemur templates.
via iOS Musician

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