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The Sound Test Room: Another Free Preset Pack for NS2

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a live stream to show off a collection of 19 free presets for NanoStudio 2's Obsidian synth. These were produced by LeeB, and shared on the Audiobus forum.

Video Description:

You can find the free Lee B sound pack for Obsidian synth here at the Audiobus Forum with full download and install instructions

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Music Hands: iPad Dub Reggae Performance with 4 iPads

Mr. O from Music Hands creates some authentic sounding Dub Raggae with 4 iPads running GarageBand!

Video Description:

Can the iPad make Dub Reggae music inspired by Lee Scratch Perry, Mad Professor and King Tubby.
Watch this iPad music performance using GarageBand iOs and learn how to 'dub out' your music

iOs apps are great for music creation especially GarageBand which turns your iPad, and iPhone into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — you can make music anywhere you go. Music Hanss specialise in iPad music resources for classroom teachers, educators and workshop facilitators visit and browse our latest ipad music resources.

Lee B - Melody of Life

YouTuber 014london70 produced this nicely grooving track in NanoStudio 2!

Video Description:

New improved kick on this version courtesy of Dendy 😀

Britney Spears - Toxic (DigiEnsemble Berlin Cover)

DigiEnsemble Berlin are back with a new performance of Toxic on their many iPads!

Video Description:

Whatever you think of Britney and the pop genre in general, “Toxic” is a great song with a sexy melody over a darkly seductive minor chord progression.

** Credits
camera: Stephan Noe & Liesa Rademacher | feinfilm
cutter & color grading: Naemi Jeunette | feinfilm
recording & mix: Jens Güttes
helping hands: Patrick Mehlich & Sophia Albath | feinfilm
production: Matthias Krebs

**DigiEnsemble Berlin
vocals & bass: Yule Post
keys: Tammin Julian Lee
drums: Puya Shoary
sounds, bass & solo: Stefan Meinking
organ & choir: Matthias Krebs

**Apps used
What do you guess?
Patterning, ThumbJam, AUM, Geo Shred, BS-16i, iSymphonic, Borderland Granular, ChordPolyPad, ComboOrgan, Jubal Flute and more

live recorded may 13th 2019
berlin, udk

Let's Play with ANILOG

ANILOG's colorful interface grabbed my attention this week, and pulled me into it's fun 80's sounds! Once again we have a new iOS synth that continues to innovate, offering a unique sound design method.

Video Description:

Amy Lee's second app is a truly unique synth tailored towards making lively 80's sounds.

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