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ANI - Dark Groove (iPad Live Looping)

Amy Lee has a new iPad live looping jam in NanoStudio and Tabletop, this time with a murky but moving feel.

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ANI - iPad Live Looping

Amy Lee, aka ANI, did a series of iPad live looping jams over the weekend with NanoStudio and Tabletop. Here is a particularly fun and funky one, but check out her YouTube channel for more.

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Quasi Real-time Vocal Manipulation with SampleWiz

Reader Graham Spice shared this video from the Washington & Lee University Electronic Music Ensemble (EME), talking about how they perform Radiohead's Everything In Its Right Place on SampleWiz. This is an interesting combination of live input and sample manipulation. You can see the performance itself at 50:35 in the EME Fall 2012 Concert, directed by Graham.

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ANI - iPad Live Looping

YouTuber Amy Lee had a nice Sunday morning jam with NanoStudio and a Korg KaossPad 3.

Video Description:

Trying out an idea I had this morning. Basic bassline is in Cm. But there's a bridge bassline Ab, F, Cm, Ab, F, G. By selecting the bass instrument on Eden 3 and muting its MIDI commands it doesn't stop the instrument from receiving and playing back sound.

The audio is available on SoundCloud:

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iMoov - Free for the first 5,000 downloads!

Lee over at TangibleFX wrote in to tell me about their new iMoov app, for iPhone, which is free for the first 5,000 users. This customizable MIDI app can send multiple effects parameters to your computer wirelessly. It is making use of the gyroscopes to send motion data as MIDI, and making me want an iPhone.

I'd seen it a few days ago strapped to a guitar and was unimpressed. This video of it in Traktor is really inspiring though!

Buy iMoov on iTunes: Free (for the first 5,000 downloads!)

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