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App Store Description:

Important notice!
Launch app before load into IAA host.
Use IAA, Audiobus or phones to avoid feedbacks, this is audio-effect, so it needs some source to work with.

Qooqooq is very simple reverberation effect for IAA and Audiobus.
You can create live and vibrant spatialisation with potentially endless fade-out tales.

You can change the "room size" and damp the plume with certain frequencies. Every parameter can be randomised with 5 ranges, enable any or all at once with buttons above knobs.

Look at the manual and video instruction on

App compatible with iOS 9 and above.



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App Store Description:

This not a easy to setup app, it would be hard to understand.
If you looking for “make it great” one-button app - it's not.
I wish you think twice before buying this app, read manual and explore examples at

Warning 2!
Launch this app before insertion into IAA host.

Self-a-Fuzz its a distortion audio effect and pretends on the name of the dirtiest distortion ever. It uses noise-shaping and couple overdrives to bring unusual deformations to your sounds.
As source of noise you can use noise generators, input source and drone synth with 5 oscillators and pitch detection. You can filter your noise with bandpass, VCF and 9-line equaliser.
Shaping-modulation unit have 11 methods to mix up signals.
After this you also can drive your mess with 4 overdrives and it have randomisers!

Feature list:
+ Audiobus and IAA
+ White/pink noise generators
+ Input as modulator for self
+ Drone with sinus, saw, square, triangle and table oscillators
+ Pitch detection for drone
+ Bandpass, VCF and 9-line equaliser
+ 11 types of signal mixing to combine source with noise
+ 4 overdrives
+ Lowpass and limiter on output
+ Internal keyboard for setup drone chord or play
+ MIDI-in to controll drone and filters frequencies
+ 4-voice polyphony for received notes
+ Save your setups to presets
+ In app recording
+ Audioshare export and copy to clipboard
+ Randomisers to mess up knobs and buttons
+ 8 monitors to look inside sound chain

If you ignore manual, i promise, you’ll feel yourself like Vincent Vega in famous gifs.


JAF Model One

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App Store Description:

The MODEL ONE is a selected, fine-tuned general purpose (transistor ladder model) filter with the ability of strong self oscillation. The cutoff slope is approximately 24dB. It can be switched to low pass or high pass processing mode.

This audio unit is released for free, as a showcase for the quality and features of our unique filter collection of over 30 different filter models. The main app for the JAF Collection allows to switch between different classic filter models, including a fairly complete set of well known legendary synthesizer filters of the golden synthesizer age.

The Model One, like all our filter models, is a true stereo processing effect, which includes a special audio-rate (high frequency) modulation oscillator, that can modulate the main parameters of the filter to its extremes. The modulation oscillator is not related to the inbuilt unison oscillators, which is a complete separate, different unit.

All our models have also an inbuilt additional saturation unit for the extra bit of analog drive. This saturation unit and the oscillator section can be used without the filter module, because the filter unit can be switched to pass the incoming audio signals thru.

The available vintage warmer tube/tape saturation type for instance is an excellent choice for breathing life into any obvious digital audio material. It can be applied to entire mixes as to individual tracks and voices.

The IAA hosting app for the Model One has special MIDI connectivity, thus parameters can be automated with realtime MIDI Controllers (See MIDI implementation chart). 

The MIDI features on the audio unit depends on the fact, whether the host application will send MIDI messages to the plugin in any way with the audio processing block or not.

The audio unit can be loaded into all supporting audio unit hosts, but there are many different ones. At current state we cannot guarantee the seamless operation with all of these host applications. Please try the free MODEL ONE, before you eventually decide to purchase the commercial version "JAF Collection".

If successfully loaded into a host, all parameter automation and preset handling will be handled by these host applications.

Wotja Box 19

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App Store Description:

Generate beautiful relaxing music with Wotja Box 19, an easy to use maker and player of generative music albums. It has the mid-range 'Box’ Feature Set.

• Generate beautiful ambient music for relaxation, reflection, meditation, sleep & mindfulness
• Quickly and easily make & play automatic albums of generative music mixes
• Play mix-after-mix of live relaxing music in 'Flow' mode; to change what is played simply select from a number of included Randomization Schemes
• Relax with the built-in generative albums 'Calm' and 'Relax'
• Play any installed 3rd party Wotjabox album

"Masterpiece", "the best generative software that I have ever used", "Brilliant", "Extremely musical", "Love Wotja!"

• 'Flow' for mix-after-mix of live relaxing music & melodies
• 'Add New' > Album (Automatic) for an album of mixes

• 'Box’ Feature Set includes: Music Play Time Timeout ('MPTT’) of 2 hours, press play to restart; more (see our website for full details on Feature Sets)
• Create automatic albums of mixes (mixes are made automatically) and edit/save albums (except in-built)
• 'Flow' mode for a succession of freshly generated mixes
• 'Randomization Schemes' to change the feel of automatic mixes (Flow, Albums etc.) & randomly select Sounds & FX
• 100s of gorgeous generative music templates & Sound/FX presets
• Built-in 'Calm' and 'Relax’ Albums of specially constructed relaxing music mixes
• Can play any 3rd party .wotjabox albums you have installed
• Generates music when backgrounded
• Support for Dark/Light UI, iCloud
• Integral content engines e.g. Intermorphic Music Engine (IME), Sound Engine (ISE), and Text Engine (ITE) which generate and play the mixes in 'Flow' mode and .wotjabox albums
• Will get all relevant Wotja V19 updates during the course of 2019

Try the FREE Subscription version and then purchase a Subscription to a 'Box' or 'Pro' Feature Set tier. The Subscription version does not include a TV app but it does include optional 'Long Play' Subscriptions for those that need to play their own mixes in e.g. a long play music installation.

From a double BAFTA award-winning dev team, Wotja is the continued evolution of the legendary 'SSEYO Koan', Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl & Tiklbox. It uses a combination of AI Techniques & heuristics we’ve been crafting for nearly 30 years.

• Privacy:
• Terms:

Something not working right? Please do get in touch via our Help Page 'Contact Us' options. Thank you!

Chord Keeper

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App Store Description:

Comprehensive musician's organization tool. All your chords, lyrics, sheet music, backing tracks and recorded clips in one app.

Must have app for all performing musicians! Chord Keeper lets you manage and organize song packages with artifacts such as lyrics, chords, sheet music, recorded clips and backing tracks all in one application. Solo performers can select a song, pick a backing track, with a single tap display sheet music, lyrics or chords and perform their part! Music teachers, jazz players and cover bands can organize large repertoire of music, with all needed artifacts in one easy to manage performance library. There is no need to jump between applications, it is all one app!

In edit mode, create new song packages and manage all your lyrics, sheet music, chords and tab in a single application; no personal computer required! Chord Keeper lets you scan in your beloved sheet music to keep with you at all times, adding directly to your song library using your device's camera. Also within edit mode, quickly record rehearsal clips which are added automatically to your song package within your Chord Keeper music library. You can easily add your backing tracks or scanned in sheet music directly to Chord Keeper's intuitive song library file structure, and make them available within the application. Alter chords and lyrics quickly to keep all information about the songs you perform in one place on your phone or tablet.


* Organize song packages by collections
* View song package, select lyrics with chords, sheet music, chords or recording clips
* Edit collections and songs in library
* Import sheet music pages using device camera
* Bluetooth page turners are supported to flip score pages
* Record clips with device mic
* Edit lyrics with chords, or chords only
* Add items directly to file system, refresh to make score pages and recording clips available in song package
* Zoom in and out in lyrics and chords views
* Transpose chords in lyrics and chords views
* Auto-scroll lyrics if page is long
* Easy backup of performance library
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