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Esoteric Synth

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App Store Description:

Esoteric Synth is a unusual generator of synthetic sound events.
The synthesis is based on 5 oscillators which are intersected through an multiple amplitude modulation and multiple frequency modulation making an high sound variability
The sound events can be controlled in two ways:
EventMode (High Duration and Low Density)
GrainMode (Low Duration and High Density)
This App is suitable to generate complex sound textures, glitches,noises, sound clouds, sound drones, point sounds and more.

- AUv3 Audio Units Generator
- Audiobus 3 Generator
- Inter-App Audio Generator
- 5 oscillators
- Multiple Amplitude Modulation
- Multiple Frequency Modulation
- Amplitude Modulation Inverse
- Frequency Modulation Inverse
- Duration and Density control
- Amplitude and Frequency General Control
- Frequency Rescaling
- Geometric and Harmonic Control
- Geometric and Harmonic Control in Frequency Modulation
- Randomic control on Amplitude and Frequency


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App Store Description:

Dystopia is an experimental distortion for sound transfiguration, it is composed of 7 AUv3 plugins Effect:

1 - DyStort is composed of an input low pass filter, distortion type selector, Dist which acts as a quantity of distortion and a
output lowpass filter.

2 -DySine consists of a sine wave oscillator as driver, controlled by a LowPass filter of the input signal to be transfigured, Gain IN which acts as driver activator, Frequency controls the oscillator frequency, Gain OUT controls the level of distortion and a lowpass filter at the output resulting signal.

3 -DyFM is composed of a driver formed by a frequency modulated sinosuidal oscillator controlled by a lowpass filter applied to the input signal to be transfigured, GainIN acting as driver activator, FreqDev / FreqMod / Frequency are the parameters of the frequency modulation, GainOUT which controls the level of distortion and a lowpass filter at the output of the resulting signal.

4 -DySelf is a distortion that uses the same input signal as driver, it is controlled by an input lowpass filter, driver mix between SELF and INVERSE, GainOut that controls the amount of distortion and a output lowpass filter.

5 - DyGauss has as driver a Gaussian noise generator controlled by a lowpass filter at the input of the signal to be transfigured, a lowpass filter applied to the generator, a potentiometer for selecting the operation of the driver (Gauss / Inverse), a GainOut that controls the amount of distortion and a output lowpass filter.

6 - DyNoise is composed of a driver formed by a sine wave oscillator in which the frequency is randomly controlled between a min and a max value, a GainOut that controls the amount of distortion and a output lowpass filter.

All plugins have input and output controls with relative meter in RMS or dBFS mode and a second stage with a BandPass filter.

7 - DyStopia is an AudioUnit plugin that contains all the other plugins with the addition of a waterfall matrix in which we can divert the signals of the different distortions.

Rhythm Pad Pro

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App Store Description:

Play drums and compose beats using high-quality, professionally sampled drum kits with Rhythm Pad. Create drum recordings by tapping on the pads or using the sequencer and export them as audio files. Play drums along with the songs from your Media Library and Apple Music. Rhythm Pad is the smartest way to play drums on your mobile device.

Introducing the Sequencer

Quickly put together drum patterns of up to 8 bars using the sequencer. You can also record your live performance directly on to the sequencer and edit your sequence to your liking. Save your sequences and export them as audio files.

Top features of Rhythm Pad

• High-quality stereo sampled sounds with maximum polyphony.
• Realistic Open and Closed Hi-Hats function.
• Recording feature - Record by playing on the pads or create new patterns using the sequencer.
• Quantization - Fix imprecisions during recording by enabling the quantization feature.
• Export your recordings as audio files (AAC or WAVE) and use it in other audio applications.
• Apply built-in reverb and compression effects to process the drum sounds.
• Custom drum kits - Create new drum kits with sounds from other factory drum kits.
• Smart Levels - Pads sound louder at the center and softer at the edges.
• Optimized layout for maximum playability on iOS devices.
• Precise metronome powered by the Metronome M1 engine.
• Configure the volume level of individual pads.
• Rearrange pad positions to your preference.

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@JSplashApps (

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JAF Model One

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App Store Description:

The MODEL ONE is a selected, fine-tuned general purpose (transistor ladder model) filter with the ability of strong self oscillation. The cutoff slope is approximately 24dB. It can be switched to low pass or high pass processing mode.

This audio unit is released for free, as a showcase for the quality and features of our unique filter collection of over 30 different filter models. The main app for the JAF Collection allows to switch between different classic filter models, including a fairly complete set of well known legendary synthesizer filters of the golden synthesizer age.

The Model One, like all our filter models, is a true stereo processing effect, which includes a special audio-rate (high frequency) modulation oscillator, that can modulate the main parameters of the filter to its extremes. The modulation oscillator is not related to the inbuilt unison oscillators, which is a complete separate, different unit.

All our models have also an inbuilt additional saturation unit for the extra bit of analog drive. This saturation unit and the oscillator section can be used without the filter module, because the filter unit can be switched to pass the incoming audio signals thru.

The available vintage warmer tube/tape saturation type for instance is an excellent choice for breathing life into any obvious digital audio material. It can be applied to entire mixes as to individual tracks and voices.

The IAA hosting app for the Model One has special MIDI connectivity, thus parameters can be automated with realtime MIDI Controllers (See MIDI implementation chart). 

The MIDI features on the audio unit depends on the fact, whether the host application will send MIDI messages to the plugin in any way with the audio processing block or not.

The audio unit can be loaded into all supporting audio unit hosts, but there are many different ones. At current state we cannot guarantee the seamless operation with all of these host applications. Please try the free MODEL ONE, before you eventually decide to purchase the commercial version "JAF Collection".

If successfully loaded into a host, all parameter automation and preset handling will be handled by these host applications.
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