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BLEASS Chorus AUv3 Plugin

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App Store Description:

BLEASS Chorus is a two-stage chorus effect that offers a full control of the stereo image as well as a large range of effects, from subtle stereo wideners to crazy texture generators which you can visualize thanks to a dedicated oscilloscope with a very low CPU usage.

Have full control of the stereo image as well as all effect parameters in a one-screen, clean and responsive interface that goes beyond traditional chorusing, giving more creative freedom to sound designers and music producers.
Inspired by classic chorus pedals and rack effect units, ideal for thickening synth and guitar lines, BLEASS Chorus comes packed with a wide range of presets and is available as an audio unit as well as standalone.

INPUT stage:
- Low-shelf/High-pass input filter
- Input Gain

CHORUS stage:
- DELAY LINES: sets the stereo delay lines count
- TIME: sets the average delay time
- RATE: sets the speed of the LFO
- LEFT DEPTH: sets the LFO’s amplitude for delay lines’ left channel
- RIGHT DEPTH: sets the LFO’s amplitude for delay lines’ right channel
- EQUAL DEPTHS: when toggled on, left and right channels share the same depth
- OFFSET: sets the offset between the delay lines’ LFOs
- WIDTH: sets the offset between left and right channels for each delay line
- FEEDBACK: sets the amount of feedback for each delay
- OSCILLOSCOPE: displays a representation of delay lines’ LFOs (tapping the oscilloscope pauses it)

OUTPUT stage:
- Dry/Wet mix

More information and tutorials are available on

***NOTE : this is an Audio Unit Effect Plugin (AUv3) which ideally requires a compatible host (such as AUM or Audiobus) or DAW (such as GarageBand or Cubasis) ***


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App Store Description:

BLEASS Phaser is an all-encompassing phasing effect which offers a vast array of sonic possibilities, from resonant swirls to stunning atmospheric stereo sounds.
A colorful and magnetizing Spectrum View coincides with the notch frequencies, and brings an instantly pleasing sonic and optic effect into the sound design process.

Popularised by everyone from Queen to Chromeo, Jean-Michel Jarre to Tame Impala, the phaser effect is great for many instruments such as synthesizer, guitar, bass, and vocals.
No modulation collection would be complete without a phaser. This is why BLEASS Phaser delivers at the same time all of the classic phasing effects through 40 refined presets as well as a large pull of stereo functionalities and interweaving modulations thanks to its frequency & spread LFOs, as well as a precise control over the stereo.


The phaser effect processes the signal through successive all-pass filters and adds the resulting signal to the original to create phase cancellation around certain frequencies (notches). A feedback loop reinjects a certain amount of the processed signal back into the filters chain.

PHASER stage:

- Notches: sets the number of all-pass filters, adding a filter creates a new notch in the signal’s spectrum. Notches count can go from 1 to 24.
- Frequency: sets the center frequency of the phaser (the frequency of the all-pass filters).
- Spread: sets the spacing between the notches by changing the Q factor of the filters.
- Feedback: sets the amount of processed signal reinjected into the filters chain. Feedback can be negative.
- Feedback Color: sets the frequency of a low-pass filter applied to the feedback signal.
- Spectrum: a spectrum view representing the estimated frequency position of the notches. Touching this view will adjust the center frequency.


Sine LFOs that modulate the center frequency and the spread parameter of the phaser.

- Sync: sets the sync state between BEAT (synchronised with the host transport and tempo) and FREE.
- Shape: sets the shape of the LFO between Sine and Triangle.
- Rate: sets the LFO rate in Hertz if Sync is set to Free or in fraction of a bar if Sync is set to Beat.
- Phase: sets the phase difference between left and right channels.
- Amount: sets the amplitude of the LFO.

MIX stage:
- Depth: sets the mix between the dry input signal and the signal processed through the filters. When Depth is set at 100%, both signals are at the same level.


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App Store Description:

BLEASS Motion FX contains 11 different effects which you can modulate precisely thanks to an intuitive and comprehensive sequencer.
Choose an effect and dynamically modulate it thanks to an intuitive and versatile motion sequencer. Thanks to its very low CPU usage, load as many instances of Motion FX as you want and unveil new sonic territories!

Effects included are:
- Low Pass Filter
- High Pass Filter
- Band Pass Filter
- Volume
- Pan
- Pitch Shifter
- Frequency Shifter
- Ring Modulator
- Warmth
- Bit Crusher
- Delay

Each effect has a parameter automated by the sequencer and can have one or more secondary parameters. Pick an effect and then modulate it dynamically thanks to the motion sequencer. When switching effects, the motion sequencer keeps its state to invite you to new sound design ideas!


The sequencer offers 4 to 16 steps, each step has a value and a curve. You can set the value by touching and/or dragging the step and set the curve by tapping the curve icon at the bottom of each step. Curves choices are: Step, Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Ramp and Smooth Ramp.
- Length controls the number of steps (4 to 16).
- Resolution controls the duration (in bars) of each step. (from 1/32 bar up to 4 bars)
- Grid snap: when set to ON, steps values snap to the displayed grid when you change their values.
- Reset: resets all steps to their default values (default value depends on the current selected effect).
- Amount sets the sequencer’s amplitude.
- Randomness sets the range in which step values are randomly chosen.
- Smooth sets the interpolation time between steps.


- Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter and Band Pass Filter:
The sequencer modulates the frequency value of the filter.
A slider controls the resonance of the filter.

- Volume:
The sequencer modulates the gain.

- Pan:
The sequencer modulates the pan.

- Pitch shifter:
The sequencer modulates the pitch. The pitch range is +/- 12 semitones.
Grain Size sets the density of the granular pitch shifter.
Grid sets the sequencer grid to Chromatic, Major or Minor. Set Grid Snap to ON to quantize the pitch to the selected scale.

- Frequency shifter:
The sequencer modulates the frequency. The frequency range is +/- 1kHz.
Fine adds an offset to the frequency set by the sequencer.
If Stereo is On, Fine value for the right channel is the opposite to the left channel.

- Ring modulator:
The sequencer modulates the frequency. The frequency range is 1Hz to 10kHz
Fine adds an offset to the frequency set by the sequencer.
If Stereo is On, Fine value for the right channel is the opposite to the left channel.

- Warmth:
Warmth is a waveshaper. The sequencer modulates the strength of the waveshaper.
Drive adds a gain before the waveshaper.

- Bit crusher:
The sequencer modulates the rate of the bit crusher.
Depth controls the depth of the bit crusher.

- Delay
The signal is delayed by a time set by the sequencer. The time range is 0 to 50ms.
Feedback sets the amount of delay feedback.
When Ping Pong is On, the delayed signal bounces back and forth between the left and right channels.
Stereo sets the difference between left and right delays.

- A Dry/Wet control lets you set the balance between the dry and wet signals.
- The random preset generator (dice button next to the presets manager) only affects the parameters of the current selected FX.

Check out for video tutorials and more info!

* PLEASE NOTE: this is an Audio Unit Effect plugin (AUv3) which requires a compatible host such as AUM, GarageBand, Cubasis, BM3 or Auria. Standalone mode also available for demo purposes.

BLEASS Flanger AUv3 Plugin

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App Store Description:

BLEASS Flanger is a rich sounding flanging effect offering a wide range of synchronised modulations which colours sound in a novel and unique way thanks to its complex algorithmic combinations.

There are three stages of modulation as well as two LFOs, combined offering great sonic versatility - from classic sine flanger sounds to crazy rhythmic modulations courtesy of its 6 different LFO shapes.

The ability to easily synchronize the flanging effect with the beat makes it ideal to bring subtle flanging variations while evolving harmoniously with a song’s dynamics.

Our customary interface design makes for a smooth and efficient UI with clear visual feedback, increasing the enjoyment and playability of sound designing.

As with other BLEASS plugins, BLEASS Flanger is very low on CPU usage and works in all compatible hosts.


INPUT stage:
- Low-shelf/High-pass input filter
- Input gain

LFO A stage: (This LFO modulates DELAY TIME)
- SYNC: sets LFO’s synchronization between BEAT SYNC and FREE SYNC
- RATE: sets LFO’s rate
- OFFSET: when BEAT SYNC mode is activated, sets LFO’s offset relatively to the beat
- SHAPE: select LFO’s shape between sine, triangle, sawtooth, inverted sawtooth, square and random
- PHASE: sets offset between the LFO’s two stereo channels
- DEPTH: sets LFO’s amount as a percentage of DELAY TIME’s value
- STEREO METER: represents LFO’s state

LFO B stage: (This LFO can modulate either DELAY TIME, DELAY FEEDBACK or DELAY WIDTH)
- SYNC: sets the LFO’s synchronization between BEAT and FREE
- RATE: sets the LFO’s rate
- OFFSET: if SYNC is set to BEAT, sets LFO’s offset relatively to the beat
- SHAPE: select LFO’s shape between sine, triangle, sawtooth, inverted sawtooth, square and random
- PHASE: sets offset between LFO’s two channels
- DESTINATION: sets the LFO’s destination between DELAY TIME, FEEDBACK and WIDTH
- DEPTH: sets LFO’s amount as a percentage of DESTINATION’s value
- METER: represents LFO’s state (depending on the selected modulation destination)

ENVELOPE FOLLOWER stage: (modulates DELAY TIME depending on the input signal’s level)
- AMOUNT: sets the amount of modulation as a percentage of DELAY TIME’s value
- ATTACK: sets the attack of the follower
- RELEASE: sets the release of the follower

DELAY stage:
- TIME: sets average delay time
- FEEDBACK: sets average delay feedback
- WIDTH: sets delay time’s difference between both channels (and average delay time when width is modulated by LFO B)

MIX stage:
- POLARITY: if set to “+“, wet signal is added to the dry signal, if set to “-“, wet signal is subtracted to the dry signal
- DRY/WET: sets the amount of wet signal added (or subtracted) to the dry signal

Check out for video tutorials and demos!

* PLEASE NOTE: this is an Audio Unit Effect plugin (AUv3) which requires a compatible host such as AUM, Audiobus, GarageBand, Cubasis, BM3 and Auria. You can also use the BLEASS Flanger as a standalone app using headphones, a mic or an external sound card. *

ShockWave - Synth Module

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App Store Description:

ShockWave is a monophonic Synthesizer designed to bring modular style workflow to the world of iOS & AUv3 plugins.

Built around the concept of Phase Distortion (PD) Synthesis, Shockwave includes a pair of PD Oscillators each capable of creating everything from pure Sine Waves over smooth Sawtooth and Square Waves to Resonance & Sync sweeps, filtered Noise and more.

In addition to the Synth Voice, ShockWave includes a dedicated control section housing a pair of 8 step sequencers, a sample & hold module as well modules for trigger divisions, logic comparisons and controlled randomness.

A pair of Low Frequency Oscillators and 2 Attack/Sustain/Release (ASR) Envelopes serve as main modulation sources and can be used in a number of ways. Envelopes can be triggered from a number of internal sources including other modules such as trigger divider, logic or chance module but can also be connected to each other allowing for a wide range of patches usually only possible in large modular systems. LFOs are individually tempo sync-able and capable of producing total of 5 different waveforms each.

The two sequencers can run independently or combine to one 16 step sequence where rate and length can be controlled independently for each of the two.

In true modular nature almost any control within ShockWave can be modulated with up to 11 sources - simultaneously. Modulations are setup simply by holding a control and dialling in the desired amount in a list of all available sources. A special X-Ray mode adds a realtime display of all currently active modulations right at their corresponding control making it easy to understand what's happening inside the synthesizer at any given time.

Synth Voice and Control Section are accompanied by built-in Delay and Reverb sections placed on send busses with all of their controls including the send levels being available as mod destinations.

Last but not least, ShockWave features a solid MIDI implementation including support for, aftertouch, velocity, wheels, custom CC mappings and up to 4 dimensions of expression when using MPE compatible controllers, such as the Roli Seaboard, Linnstrument, Geoshred, KB-1 and others.

MIDI Output is supported as well and includes Note and Control Change output generated from various internal sources including Sequencers, Envelopes and LFOs making it possible to control external MIDI gear or chain multiple plugin instances for advanced, self driving patches.

- Semi Modular Monophonic Synth Voice
- Phase Distortion Synthesis (PD)
- Dual PD Oscillators with 5 Waveforms + Noise
- Dual ASR Envelopes with variable trigger source
- Dual LFO with Tempo Sync
- Cross Modulation with Linear/Exp. FM, PM, AM & RM
- Mixer section with individual pan and level controls per oscillator
- Output VCA with variable control source
- Pattern Generator for generating sequences from various internal sources
- Quantizer to force note input into a specific scale (19 Scales + User Scales)
- Step Sequencer with 2x8 or 1x16 steps, individual rate and number of steps per row
- Trigger Divider for dividing internal trigger sources
- Probability Gate for adding controlled randomness
- Sample & Hold for additional randomness
- Logic Module to create triggers from various internal sources
- Built-in Delay & Reverb Effects
- MIDI Note and CC output for controlling external gear or chaining multiple instances
- Semi Modular Architecture
- 11 Modulation Sources
- 40 Modulation Destinations
- 2 Color Themes

MIDI Input:
- 4D Expression (Glide, Slide, Pressure & Velocity)
- Mod & Pitch-Wheel
- Tempo Sync
- Custom CC Control

MIDI Output:
- Note
- Control Change

- Standalone
- AUv3
- AudioBus
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