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Arpeggionome for iPhone

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iTunes Description:

Arpeggionome (pronounced ahr-pej-ee-oh-nohm) is a new musical instrument designed to play arpeggios*.

• "Arpeggionome makes amazing patterns in arrays of pulsing circles" (Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music)
• "A masterpiece in design and functionality" (
• Rated as the "Most Creative MIDI App" by
• "Arpeggionome Pro is a very very powerful arpeggiator that can really take your music to the next level" (Chip Boaz,
• "If you like great Arpeggiators, this is it!" (Jordan Rudess)

Design an arpeggio pattern with various knobs and buttons, then move up-and-down the matrix to set its speed, or left-and-right to set its pitch. Tilt the device to control volume and pitchbend, or shake for vibrato. Also, with the Pro Upgrade In-App Purchase, Arpeggionome for iPhone can be used to control other iOS music apps, external gear, and computer software like never before.

*An arpeggio is a musical technique where notes in a chord are played in sequence, rather than ringing out simultaneously.

Supports MIDI.

Fugue Machine

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iTunes Description:

The world's first multi-playhead music sequencer.

"How Bach would have made a sequencer." (Create Digital Music)
"A musical feat." (Creator's Project)
"A new approach to sequencing." (XLR8R)
"Next generation music sequencer." (Ask Audio)
"A brilliant concept that has been beautifully realized." (Music App Blog)
"It’s good. So good." (iOS Mars)

FUGUE MACHINE is a tool inspired by composition techniques used in Baroque music and Serialism — e.g. Bach’s canons and fugues, and Schoenberg’s twelve-tone technique. The idea was to design a tool to manipulate a melody’s speed, direction, and pitch, as well as play multiple variations of the melody simultaneously.

As it turned out, the best implementation for this was to reimagine one of the most fundamental building blocks of all music sequencers: the piano roll.

FUGUE MACHINE is the world’s first multi-playhead piano roll. Create a musical sequence and play it back with up to four playheads at once — each at various speeds, directions, and pitches. You see the playheads dance over the music sequence, and hear the complex patterns that emerge.

It’s mesmerizing.

Fugue Machine supports iPhone, iPad, MIDI, AUv3 MIDI, Ableton Link, Audiobus, Audiobus 3 MIDI, and Inter-App Audio.

[Existing iPad Users] You will not be charged again for the iPhone version! There is a processing issue due to the iPad app becoming Universal. To download the app for free, simply tap the "buy" button, follow all the steps, and it will correct itself after you confirm payment.


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iTunes Description:

Turn any recording into a synthesizer! Now with support for Audiobus and MIDI.

MegaCurtisBig uses an unusual hybrid of wavetable and granular synthesis to create tones and timbres quite apart from the standard FM or subtractive synthesis fare. Add this app to your arsenal to create sounds you simply cannot squeeze out of any other synth, no matter how much you’ve twiddled its knobs.

Create a synthesizer from any recording, with endless tweaking possibilities. Play the sound forward, backward, or even at a single point! Unlike scratching a record, pitch doesn’t depend on how quickly you move through the recording.

You can load sounds through iTunes, record directly with your iPad, or paste audio from other applications. Try it with speech, singing, synths, jackhammers, or birds. Mangle your recordings or create soft, gentle textures.

What does MegaCurtis have that the old Curtis doesn't?

Smoother Grains • Makes the glitch a little less glitchy and makes the synth a little more tonal
Overlap Control • Successive grains can overlap for still more smoothness
More LFOs • Modulate position, pitch, volume, and overlap
Keyboard Scales • Set the keyboard to a musical scale for easier playability
Four Voices • Play chords

What does MegaCurtisBig add to MegaCurtis?

Audiobus Support • Our number one request
Interapp Audio • Courtesy of Audiobus
Still Smoother Grains • Yes, a bit more massage for a smoother sound
Filter Per Voice • Each voice now has its own lowpass filter
Filter Envelopes • Why independent filters? Because envelopes
User Presets • Save your work
Reverb • Makes everything sound better
Expressive Keyboard • Velocity on the y-axis, i.e. touch keys higher or lower for volume control
Cleaner Interface • Specifically tailored for the iPad
Folded Faders™ • More on this below

What's up with these weird square knobs?

The Folded Faders™ let you dial in 4096 steps of fine control in the space of 128 retina pixels. Instead of emulating a physical fader, which would only give you a maximum of 128 steps of control in the space provided, we've folded up the fader to lend you much more finesse. Move it slowly, and you can fine tune things in tiny increments, or move it quickly to easily make larger adjustments. It takes some getting used to, but ultimately you get far more control.

Coarse Control • Drag quickly
Fine Control • Drag slowly
Dual Axis • Drag left/right or up/down, whichever is more convenient


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iTunes Description:

S-Modular is a semi modular synthesizer for your iPad.

S-Modular has been designed to have everything on one screen to make patching quick and easy. Drag from one jack port to another to make a connection, tap a plugged port to change the wires color instantly.

S-Modular has a unique and vintage sound quality, reminiscent of synthesizers from the 70s, warm and rich in character.

– Audiobus 3
– IAA (Inter-App Audio)
– 2x oscillators
– 24db/oct ladder filter
– Resonant hi-pass and low-pass filter
– 2x LFO
– 4 step cv sequencer
– 4 track Mixer
– Audio and cv spliter
– 2x AHR envelope generators
– Delay


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iTunes Description:

This is a synthesiser designed specifically for making Dubstep, DNB and EDM lead bass/synth.

WubSynth key features are its tempo synced modulation panel with easy controllable speed and its bit crusher that has a very vocal sounding digital crunch.

Key Features
— Powerful sound, simple interface
— Audiobus and Inter-App Audio
— Saw, PW/square,
— FM oscillator
— Highpass filter and resonent lowpass filter (LP modulatable)
— Haas stereo spreader, chourus, clip, bit-crusher
— Tempo sync LFO with right hand thumb control
— 5 octave keyboard
— Autosave to 99 save slots
— New file manager see all patches in grid view (press hold to rename)

"It sounds absolutely great!"– Jakob Haq
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