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SynthMaster One

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App Store Description:

SynthMaster One iOS is KV331 Audio's first full blown universal synth app on iOS platform. It's a powerful wavetable synth with an intuitive workflow. With its simple layout, rich wavetable/waveform content and inspiring factory presets library, designing new sounds with SynthMaster One iOS is a joy.

SynthMaster One iOS is feature wise identical to the desktop version except the following:

* 16 voice polyphony (32 for the desktop version)
* Comes with 650 presets (1250 for the desktop version)


* Universal App: SynthMaster One is now a universal standalone/AUv3 synth app running on iPhone 7 and above.

* 650 Factory Presets: SynthMaster One iOS comes with inspiring factory presets from a world class team of sound designers: Arksun, Aiyn Zahev, BigTone Studios, Brian Transeau, Bluffmunkey, Bulent Biyikoglu, Gercek Dorman, Dejavu Sound, Fragment Audio, Kurt Ader, Mirko Ruta, Nori Ubukata, Rob Lee, Ufuk Kevser, Selcuk Ergen, The Machine, Vandalism Sound, Venus Theory, Vorpalsound and Xenos Soundworks

* AUv3: SynthMaster One iOS supports AudioUnits V3, allowing multiple instances to run under supporting DAW apps like GarageBand, Cubasis or Beat Maker.

* Files App Integration: Easily import/export presets, waveforms or scales using the common file browser UI (requires iOS 11+).

* Real-time Modulation Feedback: See in real-time how modulation sources and targets change. This is a very helpful feature when designing sounds!

* Cross Platform Cloud Synchronization: Easily synchronize your SynthMaster One related data across multiple platforms (Windows, MacOS, iPad, iPhone)

* Semi-Modular Architecture: For each SynthMaster One instance, there are 2 oscillators with 2 sub oscillators, 2 Filters, 4 ADSR Envelopes, 3 LFOs, a powerful 16 step arpeggiator/sequencer and also 11 different effects that can be inserted on to 6 FX insert slots. The sub oscillators can be connected to the oscillators in 5 different modes which let you use it as a regular sub oscillator or do complex modulations such as ring modulation, amplitude modulation, phase modulation or frequency modulation.

* 32 Step Arpeggiator/Sequencer: The arpeggiator in SynthMaster One features classic arpeggiator modes such as Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, UpDown2, DownUp2, AsPlayed as well as Sequence, Chord and Arpeggiate modes.

* Wavetable Synthesis: SynthMaster One implements true wavetable synthesis which opens up new possibilities for sound design. It comes with a rich content library with hundreds of waveforms and wavetables.

* Stereo Oscillators with up to 16 voices Unison: Each of the 2 oscillators in SynthMaster One have stereo output, and can have up to 16 voices "unison". Using the "voices", "voices mix", "detune curve", "detune spread", "pan stread", "tone spread" and "phase spread" parameters, each oscillator can generate a rich "supersaw" type sound.

* Zero Delay Feedback Filters: All of the 4 filter categories in SynthMaster One are developed using the zero delay feedback filter technology. With advanced filter parameters like input gain, drive, acid, filter nonlinearities and up to 4 times oversampling you can get that "analog" sound from the filters!

* Rich Set of Effects: SynthMaster One features 11 different effect types: Distortion, LoFi, Ensemble, Phaser, 6 Band EQ, Compressor, Vocoder, Delay, Chorus, Tremolo, Reverb.

* Microtuning: SynthMaster One supports Scala tuning, so tuning can be set either for each preset or globally by loading from a Scala tuning file. SynthMaster One comes with 300+ scales ranging from 5 note equal tempered scales to 12 note alternate tuning scales.

* Preset Browser: SynthMaster One features a comprehensive preset browser with separate search criterias for instrument type, preset attributes, music style or preset author.


* All 64-bit iPad devices
* AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions
* Note-per-channel MIDI controllers (MPE)
* Ableton Link
* Interapp Audio and AudioBus
* Bluetooth LE MIDI Controllers
* AirDrop

Sidechain Compressor Plugin

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App Store Description:

This is an AUv3 compatible stereo compressor plugin which is intended for use inside your favourite DAW/HOST such as AUM, Cubasis, Auria, Meteor, AUM or GarageBand etc.

So lets start by answering the question what is side chaining? 

Side chaining is a technique used in a lot of modern dance music which involves using the volume level of one sound source to control another. You can hear plenty of examples of this in modern Trance/Dubstep music where sound engineers use the impact of a bass drum to duck a sustained string sound, creating space in the mix. This can be heard as a rythmic pumping sound which gives your music drive and energy.

This compressor is quite unique since it was designed to get around the limitations of AUv3 plugins on iOS and the lack of multi-audio routing inside DAW apps. Until recently it wasn't possible to do true side chaining using AUv3, but now AUM has recently integrated support for multiple inputs and outputs per AUv3 plugin, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

This is great for AUM users, but this still leaves users of other DAW's in the dark. This is where this app has you covered as it provides a method of sudo side-chaining by allowing you to attach two instances of this plugin to multiple sources and route audio between them to achieve a sudo sidechain. This works by ensuring two instances of the plugin are loaded as insert effects, one being the MASTER and the other a SLAVE. The slave sends audio to the master by means of one of 3 available busses.

True side chaining can be achieved in AUM. Simple set the SideChain Mode to 'Normal' and install an instance of the plugin on the channel you want to control. Then using the new 'Multiple Audio Unit Instances' option in AUM you can add a redirection of the controlling source to send to the same bus the plugin is listening to. It's that simple. In this case you need to set both instances to either Bus 2 or 3, since Bus 1 is the original audio.


○ Standard Compressor features.
○ Real calibrated VU and reduction meters
○ Real-time visual graphing of parameters.
○ Real sidechain in AUM.
○ Sudo side chain using MASTER and SLAVE for others.
○ 3 available busses.
○ Mono / Stereo modes.
○ Integrated help.


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App Store Description:

VADrumSM is a standalone mobile drum machine featuring a virtual analog drum synthesizer and a step sequencer. The virtual analog drum synthesizer supports AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions, which allows users to use the drum synthesizer inside of AUv3 hosts, such as Apple’s GarageBand®. The sequencer supports Ableton Link. You can synchronize the sequencer to Link-enabled apps and devices.

Drum Synthesizer
The drum synthesizer is inspired by the iconic analog drum machines of the 1980’s and features 21 drum voices. Sounds of the each drum voices are synthesized in real time by using component level modeling.

Pads function as XY controllers, XY controllers with trigger, or drum pads. When using pads as XY controllers, destination can be selected from tone/decay, level or pitch.

Step Sequencer
The step sequencer is designed to be intuitive and easy to program drum sequences. It is a 16 step sequencer and it has 3 accent level for the each step. Double hit mode allows to program two 32nd notes instead of the one 16th note. There are 4 patterns and can be chained to create 4 bar loop. There are 6 variations of swing, which can be applied in real time.

Parameter Automation
All XY parameters (tone, level and pitch) and voice switches can be automated, that gives a whole new sonic possibility.


Drum Synthesizer

- 21 analog modeling drum synthesizers, including 2 bass drums, 2 snare drums, 2 sets of low, mid and high toms, low, mid and high congas, rim shot, claves, hand clap, maracas, closed and open hi-hats, cymbal and cowbell.
- 3 Layers of 16 XY pad controls (Tone, Level, Pitch)
- Drum Pads Mode (Pad)
- Trigger Mode (On / Off)
- MIDI input (mid note events only)
- Support Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3)
- Support AUv3 Multi-Out

Step Sequencer

- 16 step sequencer
- Parameter Automation
- Swing: 6 variations
- Accent: 3 level
- Double hit: on / off
- Pattern: 4 patterns
- Pattern Length: 1 bar
- Loop length: 1 bar or 4 bar
- Note length: 16th or 32nd
- Record quantization: 16th
- Chain mode: on / off
- Tempo: 20 BPM - 999 BPM
- Support Ableton Link
* Ableton Link requires Wi-Fi connections.

-Support Audiobus

User Guide is included in App and it is also available to download at developer's web site.

Melody Composer Squared

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App Store Description:

Melody Composer Squared is a unique editor for creating, analyzing and editing melodies using their conversions to images. The app uses the Diagram, which graphically discovers messages and puzzles, hidden in music.

Melody Composer Squared will be interested for children as an educational tool and for adults who would like to understand principles of a melody creation.

- the app contents no ads;
- has all functionality for the creation of gorgeous melodies;
- a library with examples of simple forms and famous melodies;
- an intuitive interface;
- a small size of the app.

- Pencil tool: build a melody note by note;
- Eraser tool: double tap clears all frame;
- One-touch tool: create a melody just with one move.

Compatible with iPhone 5/5s, SE, 6s/6s plus, 7/7 plus, 8/8 plus, iPhone X and iPad 3 and higher.

Elegantune Pro Chromatic Tuner

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App Store Description:

Elegantune is a professional chromatic tuner app that used to tune your instrument quickly and accurately with your iPhone and iPad. It supports guitar, ukulele, bass, violin, and piano, etc.

What people say:

Accurate tuner that allows for change in concert tuning. Very effective for solfeggio tuning. -- Monkeydust0042

Very good and very accurate and versatile because you can tune even with the harsh environment of the best applications truth -- acordeonmazizo

I bought the Elegantune after trying the lite version for a year. This is by far the best tuner in the App Store! -- SC Tennis

Follow us on Twitter: @elegantune

Elegantune is designed specially for stringed instrument like guitar, bass, ukulele and violin.

Elegantune also can be used to check your piano whether is it under a good condition, we specially designed a kind of curve that can easily and vividly reflect your device. You will fell so easy as the help of the highly accurate tuning.

The humanization design and three grades setting with high sensitivity, so that you can set your device better according to the disturbance of environment.

1. Cover a wide range of pointer indicating and rapidly tuning;
2. Easy to view pitch, frequency, cent and the transposition state;
3. Observe the device statue in combination of signal and cent volatility curve, and directly see the stability change of chord;
4. Three levels of anti-noise settings: The lowest anti-noise ability can realize the short tone detection of 0.1s. The highest anti-noise ability can accurately detect the standard pitch even in the 4 times baseband amplitude murmurs. Default level is II that is the highest level;
5. Three accuracy options: 0.1 cent, 1 cent and 3 cents. Default option is O that is the best accuracy;
6. Three input modes: Microphone, Pickup and Bluetooth;
7. Adjustable A4 calibration in 1 Hz increment;
8. Tuning frequency range: 23HZ--6400HZ;
9. Support for transposing instruments.

About signal curve and cents curve:
Combination of signal with curve: in our piano tuner, signal attenuation resulting in the frequency offset is an important reference value. The price of our professional software in the market can be 100 to 599USD, which may not be suitable for general people; through simplification, we make the fully functional tuner for ordinary instrument.

Benifits of signal curve and cents curve:
1. The sound stability is an important factor when you decide to buy some instruments;
2. Does the instrument is old, dirty or need to change chord;
3. Among three anti-noise levels, when adjust to the lowest level you will detect the sound frequency that is hard to catch, if it’s a very short high-pitch. Now we even can detect the 88-tone of piano which is definitely unique for current ordinary tuners.
4. Strong Bass picking technique make you gain the needed date in curve. Can adjust even for wind and pipe instruments.

Elegantune Corporation has a history of 15 years in designing Chromatic Tuner. Our company has designed many Chromatic Tuners for famous and independent brands for different purpose, such as for pointer and for piano. With the most advanced sound tuning technology in the world, this is the first time that our company designs our own brand—tuner app. After testing on hundreds of instruments, we now specially recommend Elegantune, which works perfectly for majority of instruments.

Elegantune has been updating and improving for a long time, at first we used and referenced peterson tuner’s strobo mode and other products’ advantages, but we do not have a big success. Under one year’s reforming and improving, the UI and practicality of our products both have a very big promotion. Our target is that make every customer who choose us feel satisfaction and comfortable.
We trust we will be the best and looking forward to get your feedback on our products. We will give you a satisfactory answer.
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