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Helium AUv3 MIDI Sequencer

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App Store Description:

Helium is a lightweight AUv3 MIDI sequencer plugin designed specifically for AUM. It supports up to 16 tracks of unlimited length with the ability to direct output to 16 channels on up to 16 MIDI output ports.

One of the great features is the ability to import and maintain libraries of MIDI clips using Helium's 'Media Bay'. These clips are freely available all over the internet and may contain individual chord sets, chord progressions or drum tracks. You can quickly build a song by dragging and dropping your MIDI clips from the media bay onto your timeline. You can also save your own clips directly to the media bay to create your own personal MIDI clips libraries. Long press on a clip to preview its contents using the currently selected MIDI device.

Helium now ships with a library of over 7000 MIDI clips, consisting of every chord and chord progression you could ever need.

Helium allows many different ways to import additional MIDI clip libraries. Simply drag and drop your ZIP collections directly to your PC/MAC web browser and they are automatically unpacked into the clips library folder. You can also drag and drop files between the Media Bay and the iOS Files app.

Helium supports a sync mode called 'Remote Looping'. This was something we recently introduced into our MultiTrack Recorder plugin and is very useful for breaking down the timeline into sections.  You can define up to 12 loops which can be used to specify the locations of say the intro, verse, chorus, and outro within your song, then trigger these loops seemlessly in sync with the host tempo. Once captured, these loops can then be triggered by incoming MIDI notes.

A new addition to Helium is the ability to piece together loops into songs, so you just concentrate on creating a single verse, chorus, bridge etc. and piece everything together without the headache of having to re-arrange your timeline.


○ 16 Tracks per instance.
○ Includes a library of over 7000 MIDI clips.
○ Assignable MIDI channel and Bus per track.
○ Full editing of CC controllers using the controller lane.
○ Independent vertical and horizontal zooming.
○ Import & Export MIDI tracks.
○ Media Bay, organize your MIDI flips libraries.
○ Clip Preview from Media Bay
○ Drag and Drop from the Media Bay directly to the timeline.
○ Drag and Drop to Files App.
○ Remote Control with Looping advanced functionality.
○ Step Recording.
○ Build in Mixer to adjust relative track levels with Mute/Solo.
○ Sync to Host.
○ Up to 16 outputs (configurable).
○ MIDI Clip Preview
○ Ghost Note Feature
○ Multi level undo and redo.
○ Song Mode
○ Multi-Take Record

Please checkout the help manual for details on where to find my tutorial videos on Helium and where to download some fully featured and free MIDI clip libraries.

This is not recommended to use on small iPhone screen sizes such as the SE models. You can adjust the screen scaling to suite your iPhone model by long pressing the MENU button and changing the scale.


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App Store Description:

BLEASS Phaser is an all-encompassing phasing effect which offers a vast array of sonic possibilities, from resonant swirls to stunning atmospheric stereo sounds.
A colorful and magnetizing Spectrum View coincides with the notch frequencies, and brings an instantly pleasing sonic and optic effect into the sound design process.

Popularised by everyone from Queen to Chromeo, Jean-Michel Jarre to Tame Impala, the phaser effect is great for many instruments such as synthesizer, guitar, bass, and vocals.
No modulation collection would be complete without a phaser. This is why BLEASS Phaser delivers at the same time all of the classic phasing effects through 40 refined presets as well as a large pull of stereo functionalities and interweaving modulations thanks to its frequency & spread LFOs, as well as a precise control over the stereo.


The phaser effect processes the signal through successive all-pass filters and adds the resulting signal to the original to create phase cancellation around certain frequencies (notches). A feedback loop reinjects a certain amount of the processed signal back into the filters chain.

PHASER stage:

- Notches: sets the number of all-pass filters, adding a filter creates a new notch in the signal’s spectrum. Notches count can go from 1 to 24.
- Frequency: sets the center frequency of the phaser (the frequency of the all-pass filters).
- Spread: sets the spacing between the notches by changing the Q factor of the filters.
- Feedback: sets the amount of processed signal reinjected into the filters chain. Feedback can be negative.
- Feedback Color: sets the frequency of a low-pass filter applied to the feedback signal.
- Spectrum: a spectrum view representing the estimated frequency position of the notches. Touching this view will adjust the center frequency.


Sine LFOs that modulate the center frequency and the spread parameter of the phaser.

- Sync: sets the sync state between BEAT (synchronised with the host transport and tempo) and FREE.
- Shape: sets the shape of the LFO between Sine and Triangle.
- Rate: sets the LFO rate in Hertz if Sync is set to Free or in fraction of a bar if Sync is set to Beat.
- Phase: sets the phase difference between left and right channels.
- Amount: sets the amplitude of the LFO.

MIX stage:
- Depth: sets the mix between the dry input signal and the signal processed through the filters. When Depth is set at 100%, both signals are at the same level.

Esoteric Synth

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App Store Description:

Esoteric Synth is a unusual generator of synthetic sound events.
The synthesis is based on 5 oscillators which are intersected through an multiple amplitude modulation and multiple frequency modulation making an high sound variability
The sound events can be controlled in two ways:
EventMode (High Duration and Low Density)
GrainMode (Low Duration and High Density)
This App is suitable to generate complex sound textures, glitches,noises, sound clouds, sound drones, point sounds and more.

- AUv3 Audio Units Generator
- Audiobus 3 Generator
- Inter-App Audio Generator
- 5 oscillators
- Multiple Amplitude Modulation
- Multiple Frequency Modulation
- Amplitude Modulation Inverse
- Frequency Modulation Inverse
- Duration and Density control
- Amplitude and Frequency General Control
- Frequency Rescaling
- Geometric and Harmonic Control
- Geometric and Harmonic Control in Frequency Modulation
- Randomic control on Amplitude and Frequency


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App Store Description:

Dystopia is an experimental distortion for sound transfiguration, it is composed of 7 AUv3 plugins Effect:

1 - DyStort is composed of an input low pass filter, distortion type selector, Dist which acts as a quantity of distortion and a
output lowpass filter.

2 -DySine consists of a sine wave oscillator as driver, controlled by a LowPass filter of the input signal to be transfigured, Gain IN which acts as driver activator, Frequency controls the oscillator frequency, Gain OUT controls the level of distortion and a lowpass filter at the output resulting signal.

3 -DyFM is composed of a driver formed by a frequency modulated sinosuidal oscillator controlled by a lowpass filter applied to the input signal to be transfigured, GainIN acting as driver activator, FreqDev / FreqMod / Frequency are the parameters of the frequency modulation, GainOUT which controls the level of distortion and a lowpass filter at the output of the resulting signal.

4 -DySelf is a distortion that uses the same input signal as driver, it is controlled by an input lowpass filter, driver mix between SELF and INVERSE, GainOut that controls the amount of distortion and a output lowpass filter.

5 - DyGauss has as driver a Gaussian noise generator controlled by a lowpass filter at the input of the signal to be transfigured, a lowpass filter applied to the generator, a potentiometer for selecting the operation of the driver (Gauss / Inverse), a GainOut that controls the amount of distortion and a output lowpass filter.

6 - DyNoise is composed of a driver formed by a sine wave oscillator in which the frequency is randomly controlled between a min and a max value, a GainOut that controls the amount of distortion and a output lowpass filter.

All plugins have input and output controls with relative meter in RMS or dBFS mode and a second stage with a BandPass filter.

7 - DyStopia is an AudioUnit plugin that contains all the other plugins with the addition of a waterfall matrix in which we can divert the signals of the different distortions.


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App Store Description:

RealDelayrium is a MultiDelay Audio Units PlugIn in parallel approach. It is based on 6 delay line with controls in Time, Feedback, Reson Filter, Frequency Modulation, LowPass, HighPass and Air Filter.
It can be use as classic delay or sperimental mode for sound design and more. RealDelayrium contains 5 Audio Unit Plugin: Mono, Stereo mode, RealDelayriumUNUS, Distance Module and Resonator Module.

- AUv3 Audio Unit Effect (apeMatrix, AUM, Cubasis, Nano Studio...)
- 6 Delay Line
- Distance control and Delay Time
- Reson Filter
- Frequency Modulation of the Reson Filter
- LowPass and HighPass Filter
- Air Filter
- Preset System
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