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Nave Red Sky Lullaby Presets

Bank of presets I made in Nave. This pack was originally given away on The SoundTestRoom website but now available here. Enjoy.
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August 23, 2017  | person RedSkyLullaby
How to import to nave? I tried with itunes, ifunkbox... nothing works. zero kB?
August 23, 2017  | person Kostrz
@Kostrz: There was a problem with the upload. I'm going to work with Red Sky Lullaby to figure out what happened.
This is a tricky one! I'm going to have to spend some serious time on it this afternoon. Some uploads are treated fine, others are getting squashed to 0KB.
Ahh, ok. Thanks!
August 23, 2017  | person Kostrz
On August 23, 2017 - @Kostrz said:
Ahh, ok. Thanks!

Alright, I think I fixed the bug. The download is working now!
Tried to download just saw the lines of code
August 24, 2017  | person_outline Speeder
On August 24, 2017 - @Speeder said:
Tried to download just saw the lines of code

What browser are you using?
The best way to fix this is to simply zip the file. Many browsers just don't know what *.navebank is and just try to display the file. Once in iOS you can unzip it in Audioshare, or most browsers and file managers (then import to nave)
August 24, 2017  | person_outline ChrisG
Yeah, I spent most of the day doing a lot of researching on possible ways to force mobile browsers to download weird file-types... which they are, understandably, hesitant to do. Since the underlying tech of the site is built on Flask I do have some pretty good tools at my disposal to forge equally weird headers.

You may have noticed that the download link no longer points directly to a file, but instead goes through a /grab/ endpoint. This is me doing clever stuff. I mean super clever stuff. I am explicitly telling the browser as hard as a I can, "Trust me. Don't display it, this is a file you want to Download!"

But Safari and Chrome mobile browsers simply will not do anything with it other than display it like a page. There is a work around using Puffin, which has a "download to cloud" feature which basically lets you tell it to download the file to Dropbox. There you can just open it up in the Dropbox app.

The alternative is that I force everyone to zip their files, but then everyone on the downloading end needs to pay for AudioShare to unzip them.

This is a tricky situation.
Problems like this is why i use iCab Mobile as my main browser.
I touch and hold the link to get a 'download' option. From iCab' download manager I can easily open in Nave.

I've always felt Safari was way too limited. iCab is very customizable. Highly recommend it:
August 25, 2017  | person_outline R2
I second that! iCab has always pushed the boundaries of what is allowed on iOS.

I remember way back in 2011 being really disappointed with not being able to upload images from Safari. But then I discovered you could with iCab! I stopped using it as my primary browser when Chrome for iOS came out, but it stays on all of my devices for these sorts of edge cases!

So an excellent way to spend $2, but once again it is something users need to pay for.

I had an idea last night that might be violating some terms of services, but would be a free way for everyone on mobile to download easily. I'm going to explore that today!
So today's experiments kind of worked, and I didn't need to violate any TOS to do it.

It's way too rough around the edges for prime time, so I'll work on it again next week before releasing it.... But I think I have a good (free) solution to this problem!
I’m too! Tried to download, but just saw the lines of code (Used Safari Browser on iPad Air 2, with iOS 11.2.1).
June 01, 2018  | person Morphzeus
On June 01, 2018 - @Morphzeus said:
I’m too! Tried to download, but just saw the lines of code (Used Safari Browser on iPad Air 2, with iOS 11.2.1).

Did it download from Dropbox to the Dropbox app?

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