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MSL MBARI WhaleTimbres+

Hello. I am making some Animoog timbres and presets I have created available to any
interested Animoog users. The vast majority of sound sources for these timbres come
from's live stream and Moog's "Basic" timbres. There are 4 folders contained is this
7zip archive. 3 folders of Animoog timbres & 1 folder containing the presets only.
If you are unsure of how to install timbres and presets into Animoog, please note that I do
have a couple of videos on my YouTube channel that do include demonstrations on how to
install Animoog timbres with iFunBox:;=1s

These presets are really mostly pads. I'll upload some EWI/lead versions of some of these
presets another time. I encourage you to use the ModWheel when investigating these presets
since I have utilized Animoog's ModMatrix throughout this collection.

Please note that 4 of these presets utilize timbres from the “Monster Moog” collection of
Animoog timbres. “Monster Moog” timbres are only available as an in-App purchase from Moog.
I'm assuming that most Animoog users will have already purchased this collection of timbres.
If not, I apologize for mis-judging that. If it turns out that many people have not
purchased the “Monster Moog” timbres, then I can always reprogram those presets and repost
them. However, I do recommend purchasing the "Monster Moog" collection of timbres.
(In saying this, please note that I am not affiliated with Moog in anyway. Obviously it
would be great to be affiliated with Moog, but unfortunately for me, Moog has no reason to
seek any kind of affiliation with me.)

Please install these timbres into Animoog maintained within their independent folders.
This will make it much easier for you to use the provided presets.
(otherwise you'll have to search through a large number of timbres in Animoog to reinstall
them into their respective presets) And hopefully this does at least in some way credit the
developer of these timbres as an independent sound designer - in this case me. Thanks.
Monterey = 135 timbres
This folder contains timbres I have created from audio recordings captured from MBARI's
live stream, or sounds available from their online recordings. Many of these timbres are
pitch shifted versions of another timbre in this collection. There are also some timbres
that were created by crossfading a whale timbre with a synth timbre or another whale
Basic MSLadditions = 90 timbres 
This folder contains what I'm thinking of as remixed Animoog factory timbres. I have
created many of these by pitch shifting a timbre from Moog's collection of “Basic” timbres.
There are also some that were created by crossfading one timbre with another. Note that
the Animoog "Basic" timbres are provided with Animoog upon your intial purchase of Animoog.
(not an in-App purchase)

MSL Timbral Elements2 = 3 timbres 
Part of a larger group of my own timbres, but I only used 3 timbres from this group to
create the presets I am making available at this point in time.

I hope you find these timbres and presets of interest. Peace.
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