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Zeeon Presets by Red Sky Lullaby

A selection of basses, leads, pads and sonic buffoonery.
There are a few here that are duplicates of factory presets that I made that are included in the app. Enjoy.

[Tim Note: iOS 11 is doing something really stupid. For reasons I cannot even begin to fathom, iOS 11's webkit/Safari is adding ".xml" to the end of the file after it is downloaded. This is a profoundly stupid thing for iOS 11 to be doing, for many reasons. The most important of those reasons is that this is not an XML file! You'll have to rename the file to remove the .xml at the end. You can do this in apps like AudioShare. An alternative is to download the file on your desktop and email it to yourself, because the mail app will not rename it. You can just open it straight into Zeeon from the mail app!]
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