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Quarter Tone Organ

This patch is a quarter tone 24 note Equal Division of the Octave (EDO) patch with a basic reed organ sound. The odd registers are actual pitch (i.e. C3 is C but C4 is F#). The attenuator setting is what is determining the pitch range. Tailor the sound as you like. Using a 24 pad midi interface from an iPad midi app may be more useful than an actual keyboard. Have fun and let us hear what you create!
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Nave Red Sky Lullaby Presets

Bank of presets I made in Nave. This pack was originally given away on The SoundTestRoom website but now available here. Enjoy.
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Cicada Capure

I made this as response to this thread on AB forum:

I made it then couldn't upload it because the forum is very restrictive on the file formate. Lucky for me there is Discchord preset sharing that just became available. :P

Obviously the best way to capture sounds in nature or anywhere is to get the mic as close as possible to the source, but that is not alway possible. That is where a eq can help. I simply used a Band Pass filter here, to capture a cicada while keeping background noise down.
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Man Against God, God Against Nature

This was the elaborate Audulus 3 patch I created last year for a unique take on FAWM. This is a self-generating patch that will not repeat, so I used it to create the whole album.

You can watch the Let's Play with Audulus 3 videos here:

The demo below is the whole patch playing itself!
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