ecce cello - Serial Lover

David Fernandez, aka ecce cello, did an astounding live looping performance on his cello. The iPads here are merely expensive decorations, but sometimes you just need to stop and admiring some amazing cello playing.

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Indiegogo: Folktek Mescaline - Affordable Modular

Inventive instrument manufacturer Folktek launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Mescaline. This Eurorack compatible modular takes the 0-Coast idea of standalone modular, and expands on that to include a full sequencer and synthesis platform. And you can get all of that for $450, which is $50 less than the cost of a 0-Coast! Mescaline quickly exceeded their funding goal and is now at 660%!

The channel module may be of particular interest to readers here used to touch interfaces. This is a 10-note digital polyphonic touch synth. And it does indeed look fun to touch!

Oberheim Matrix 1000 v1.20 with MIDI Designer

YouTuber MIDERA posted this performance on an Oberheim Matrix 1000, using an OS update that you have to manually install with a chip swap! The update seems to be worth the effort though, because it allows you to change parameters while you play. MIDERA does exactly that with the aid of MIDI Designer!

Video Description:

Just messing around with the latest Matrix 1000 OS update version 1.20. This version is really great. You're able to modify parameters in real-time with minimal artifacts in the sound (I didn't really hear any). Plus, it lets you see what the current parameter value is (it moves up and down as you make adjustments). Seriously - it's worth buying from the developer on this one!

MIDI Designer Pro 2 on my iPad was used to tweak settings.

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After Noon posted this amazing performance on a variety of gear, including a Roland MX1, with touchAble!

Video Description:

Track name is "START".
Ableton Live, Roland MX-1, iPad TouchAble app, Casio SA-35, Waldorf Pulse 2, Novation LaunchPad Pro.
By After Noon Electronic.

Soulsby miniATMEGATRON 8-Bit DIY Synthesizer Review

Tom from SYNTH ANATOMY reviewed the miniATMEGATRON, an 8-bit synth you can buy as a kit for £68/$84! This is pretty damn tempting, but my last soldering foray ended in a mess. Soulsby have a handy build tutorial on YouTube for those of you more inclined.

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►The miniAtmegatron is a little good sounding 8 bit DIY Synthesizer based on Arduino. This devices comes with a lot of features (16 oscillators waveforms, different filter types...) and must be soldered. Check out my review about this 8-Bit Synthesizer from UK.

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