UncertainMusicCorps - Inauguration (Non measurement)

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this impressive piece by UncertainMusicCorps. Here he's jamming on his mini-modular synth, which is being sequenced by Wotja.

Video Description:

First in what is planned to be a series of works using a very compact and self-contained modular system (known here as Tiny Dynamite v2) primarily under generative control via Wotja (by Intermorphic) on iOS.

In the spirit of the project, it seemed only right that a cut-up John Cage should act as MC.

As ever the recording is direct to camera and unedited. Headphones are recommended.

The layout of Tiny Dynamite can be seen in detail here https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/v...

Information about Wotja is here http://intermorphic.com

Kittens & SebtiSynth

Matthew Tyas has been an excellent source for videos relating to DIY synths, but now he's providing YouTube with what it needs most: MOAR CATS! Here is a mad tune from an Axoloti, while curious kittens explore it.

Video Description:

Homemade synth and kittens
A synth isn't a real synth without a kitten & synth clip, so here we go.
The music was made by overdubbing the synth in question (an Axoloti)

Kickstarter: Banggos - Electric Sexy Drum Pants

kaoringMachine brings us one of the worst Kickstarter inventions I've ever seen! For a mere $80 you can add a MIDI button to your pants with Banggos! Seriously this is so dumb, but it has a companion iPhone app and a promo video that's super weird... even for Japan.

Please enjoy this Engrish presentation while round-eye actors make fools of themselves on the streets of Japan. Remember Step 4: "Touch your crotch!"

Yamaha CL/QL Series: StageMix Tips & Tricks

Yamaha posted a tutorial for their drool-worthy CL/QL mixer, which feature integrated iPad support and start at a mere $7,500.

Video Description:

This video will show you some tips and tricks for StageMix app that you might have missed along the way, focussing on StageMix for CL and QL consoles.

Discophone_ - Perfect Timing

Reader Discophone_ is up to all manner of awesome in this outdoor jam on his bowed Cigarbox guitar, Elektron Octatrack, Novation Circuit, and a bunch of iOS apps!

Video Description:

Sun is shining and this is the best way to spend qualitytime at cabin. This track features 4 of my favorite instruments, Elektron Octatarack, Novation Circuit, Cigarbox guitar with violinbow and Iphone6plus with lots of apps.
I sampled my previous CBG ambient track to Octatrack and those were played free on track 1.
I made some fieldrecording with iphone6plus and garageband and import those to tracks 2-4.
I sampled to tracks 5-8 some percussions and dubby chords and stabs and basssounds from older version of alchemysynth.
Novation Circuit does the drumduties and some acidbasslines and synth chords. Drumssamples at Circuit are from my custom samples.
And yeah, the dog was hunting some bugs :-D
Gear used:
Novation Circuit (Master clock)
Elektron Octatrack
Hobo63 Cigarbox guitar with violin bow and Tc-electronics Hall of Fame and Zoom ms70CDR
Zoom H4nSP
Iphone6plus with Garageband and Alchemysynth

Mastering at IOS Positive Grids: Final Touch.

Video editing with Imovie 11

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