Alice In Chains - Nutshell (Cover by Uri Nieto)

Uri Nieto, developer and scientist at Pandora, did an impressive cover of Nutshell on a violin and guitar, while wearing a badass t-shirt.

Video Description:

In a nutshell, life is a piece of shit, but it's also pretty awesome.

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Navi Retlav Studio - Volca Sample: Analogy Sample Pack

Navi Retlav Studio has released a collection of Roland TR-808/909/606 samples for Volca Sample. The Analogy Pack is $24, but you can get a $5 discount with coupon code VOLCANRS for the next week.

crabbabuzz - Synth Jamming for You

YouTuber crabbabuzz is doing some "simple synth stuff" that sounds pretty phenomenal. He's jamming on a KORG Minilogue, Novation Bass Station 2, Volca Bass, Volca Sample, and sequencing it all from modstep with Midiflow Splitter in Audiobus 3.

Video Description:

Just simple synth stuff. 4 devices : Korg Minilogue, Novation Bass Station 2, Korg Volca Bass, Korg Volca Sample. I've used IPad ModStep app to sequence this stuff throught Midi splitter and irig midi - yeah - there was some midi lags - this ipad is very old motherfucker. So Enjoy - Take Care, if you have any questions - please ask)

Todd Smith - Live Ambient Jam 7/19/17

Todd Smith Music did some excellent ambient jamming on a MicroKorg, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Akai XR-20, and Sunrizer. All of that is mixed in Auria Pro, with sequencing by modstep.

Video Description:


It's been a little bit since doing a ambient style track so I chilled out and laid out something more mellow/laid back today. I like the way it came out , hope you enjoy the results.

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: Hardware :

Akai XR-20
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Novation Impulse
Apple iPad Pro

: iOS :

Auria Pro
Mod Step
Fab Filter Pro Q
Audio Bus

Critter & Guitari ETC with LFO Control

Ziad Sarrouh did a fun demonstration on controlling a Critter & Guitari ETC video synth with midiLFOs!

Video Description:

The Critter & Guitari ETC is an amazing video synth with many parameters that enable to control how visuals react to music. A great feature it has is the way it reacts to incoming midi, be it midi clock, program change, and even better, full midi cc support over the main parameters.
Here is a demo of how I automate 4 of the 5 main knobs position using a nice ios app called MIDILFOS. This app features 4 independent midi LFOs that send CC to any parameters that accept incoming midi signal. In this case, the 4 LFOs are routed via iRig Midi to 4 of the 5 knobs controlling the ETC's parameters. Great for hands free visuals that react to midi during a live performance.

This is how it's set up:
iPhone with MIDILFOS receiving midi clock from the Aira MX-1 and sending midi to the ETC, via iRig midi.
Korg Electribe 2 sending midi notes to the ETC as well (both iRig and Electribe's midi outputs are merged using the Midi Solutions quadra merge and summed into the ETC.)

Shot at Studio A, Beirut.

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