haQ attaQ: Are Cheap Mobile Lenses Useless?

Jakob Haq takes a look at some cheap iPhone attachment lenses. He has a specific focus on how suitable they are in his production, and for use in recording music videos.

Video Description:

I don't know about you, but Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is constantly reminding me that these cheap 3 in 1 mobile camera lenses exists and that I can buy them just about anywhere. Apart from mobile music making I am also doing a lot of mobile video production with my iDevices. The past year I've had my eye on Olloclip and Moment lenses, but haven't gotten around to getting one for myself. And then there are these cheap universal ( Android and iPhone ) 3 in 1 kits that usually includes macro, wide and fish eye lenses. So are they any good or are they useless?

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New Order - Blue Monday (Commodore 64 Cover)

While some people struggle to hook up their iPads to modern computers for music making, Marco Digges hooked up his to a Commodore 64 to bring us this cover of Blue Monday.

Video Description:

The MIDI Clock/tempo is provided by the keyboard. The iPad is using Korg Gadget to play the drum beat, and the Commodore 64 is playing all the musical sequences using MSSIAH. It’s all synchronized via MIDI using the iRig MIDI 2 adapter.

Ace Waters - Home Alone // Somewhere In my Memories

Ace Waters brings us an 80's synthpop cover of Somewhere In my Memories from the original Home Alone.

Video Description:

G A T E D R E V E R B.

But yeah, Its Home Alone! I have been talking about covering music from this movie since the beginning of my channel. I finally got around to doing it! I hope you enjoy. Tried some new production techniques on this one. If you wanna hear more about them, think about supporting on Patreon where I do writeups about every cover I do!

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DIY MIDI Foot Switch with Arduino and Game Pad

YouTuber BEATNVISION is inventing more mad DIY MIDI gadgets. Here he's wired up an old PlayStation kids controller as a stomp pedal for BIAS FX!

Video Description:

Arduino MIDI Controller:
Arduino Leonardo / Pro Micro Compatible board
"Kids Station" controller for PlayStation

Positive Grid BIAS FX

Ilya Orange - Weekend Bedroom Jam

YouTuber Ilya Orange did an awesome 20-minute House jam. Lots of interesting gear on this including the Roland TB-03, and Korg Volca Bass. He's even got an old Roland MC-505 in the mix.

Video Description:

Weekend Bedroom Dub Dub Techno Jam
Jack Daniel's powered

Gear: Ableton Live, Roland MC-505, Roland TB-03, Roland JP-8000, Korg Volca Bass, Akai APC Mini, NI Maschine Mikro MK2, Korg Nanokontrol

Camera: Eken H9

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