Behringer Model D & Neutron - Awesome Korg Gadget Sequence

YouTuber Todd Smith continues to creates some great sounds and patterns with this combination of Behringer synths and Korg Gadget. That Behringer Neutron patch is sounding particularly nice.

Video Description:

I recorded a sample of a sequence I created over a new drum pattern I used for my latest video showcasing the power of Korg Gadget and hardware synthesizers. I added a extra snare to the drums and new sequences.

Enjoy the sounds !

IK Multimedia UNO Drum

IK Multimedia has just announced a new sibling to the UNO Synth. UNO Drum is a hybrid analog/PCM drum machine for just $250! It will be shipping in June.

Video Description:

Watch and learn about UNO Drum analog/PCM drum machine features in this overview video. UNO Drum is the ultimate beat creation station for anyone and everyone to create warm, punchy, high-quality, and inspiring grooves. Made in collaboration with Italian analog specialist Soundmachines, UNO Drum follows the acclaimed UNO Synth, combing massive analog tone with digital flexibility and convenience.

UNO Drum makes it easy to program and perform using the widest sonic palette to add professional drum grooves to your music.

Cykranosh - Warm Leatherette (The Normal Cover)

Cody Gratner covered one of my favorite classic Industrial tracks on his modular with a couple of vocoders.

Video Description:

I totalled my car three years ago today (well, yesterday as I post this) and have been meaning to cover this since then. Finally got around to it. Also, stole one of Suzi Quatro's line changes, since it felt too polite otherwise.

I'm using two Electrix Warp Factory vocoders with the MKS-50 as the carrier. Sequencing almost entirely with the NerdSeq, but, I'm also using the MiniBrute 2S sequencer to get that repeating pattern for the bassline. Recorded live and mixed in Ableton Live.

MIDERA - The Seiche

YouTuber MIDERA did a beautiful track on his Analog Keys with a Drum N Bass groove from an Electribe ESX.

Video Description:

Elektron Analog Keys
Korg ESX

My camera stopped recording - so I had to add different scenes to the end.

Also - had to reupload because the video and audio weren't synced properly

Lucas Bargen - Hard Tech

YouTuber Lucas Bargen produced some fun Hard Tech on his Pocket Operator 400 modular system, with an Analog RYTM Mk2.

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