elshuffles - sketch #19

YouTuber elshuffles gets some great sounds out of his modest gear collection, with the help of SpaceCraft.

SIZL - Downside Up

YouTuber SIZL performs this moody Tech track live, with his collection of gear and Animoog.

Video Description:

New live jam with the Akai Force, Akai MPC Live, Roland TB-3, Arturia MicroBrute, Moog AniMoog (iOS), and a Roland MX-1 bringing it all together. Enjoy, and as always feel free to ask questions in the comments! :)

The Drümünkey - MunkeyDrum Looping

Reader The Drümünkey did a series of jams with his Nord Drum, Zoom Pedals, and iOS apps. They're a lot of fun and a bit hypnotic, thanks to some very trippy visuals from Staella.

Video Description:

Complete Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... These videos are my initial attempt to go from an improv session with my MunkeyDrum looping setup through final publish of visualized videos only using my iPad.

Gear used (you can see it in the bottom corner of the title card):
Nord drum 3P (x2) ...into... 4 customized Zoom MS pedals (customized to allow external footswitch control) ...into... The more "melodic" stuff is going from a Zoom pedal that's mostly used as a long delay/looper into a Strymon Volante ...into... Allen & Heath DB4 mixer/looper/fx ...into... iPad by way of audio interface

There's a little bit of TR8S in there as well, but it's mostly live playing on the Nord Drum's

I then used Audio Evolution to edit the long jam session, then passed the edited chunks into Final Touch by Positive Grid
I used Staella for the visualizations...

I really have no idea why I can't get a quality video to upload to Youtube... :( The visuals look so totally kick ass on the iPad but look like ass here... Someday I'll figure it out...

Devilman Crybaby Theme on Volca Keys & Apps

YouTuber Aramis Marquez recreates the theme to Netflix's Devilam Crybaby on her Volca Keys with iOS apps!

Video Description:

Gear used:
Korg Volca Keys
Alesis VMini
Empress Reverb
Strymon El Capistan
Behringer XenyxQ802 USB
M-Audio MidiSport Uno

iOS Apps used:
Loopy HD used for looping the bass line.
Poison-202 for the Bass synth.
Elastic Drums for the Drum sequencer.
AudioBus 3 for mix and midi routing.

MPC Live | Circuit | Mono Station | Digitakt | iPad Jam

YouTuber starts.with.noise has got a whole bunch of gear on this jam, with Kauldron on an iPad.

Video Description:

I was playing around with my MPC Live, getting to know the different mute functions, and decided to finally record something that I had made with it.

The MPC Live is controlling all the other gear. It is sending midi clock and notes on Midi Channel A to the Circuit, Mono Station, and Digitakt. It is also sending Midi on Channel B to the iPad using a Bluetooth adapter.

iPad is running Kauldron, which is a pretty great synth app.

Everything was going through a sound craft mixer, and the headphone out was going to a TASCAM digital recorded. No post processing, just some editing in FinalCut to get rid of some extra parts that made the track way too long.

Happy to answer any questions.

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