Elinch: modular shades #20 | autumn

YouTuber Elinch did an epic bit of modular noodling with Ribn on an iPad. Credit to MATRIXSYNTH for this find!

Video Description:

finally, my 9u system is complete again. the piece begins with rings controlled by ribn and has 3 "parts". please take a look at the video in peace.

my first album is now available on bandcamp

1. sequence #1 /// mutable instruments rings (sequenced by marbles - amplitude controlled by ribn) / mutable instruments rings
2. voice pad /// make noise morphagene / 4ms topographic delay loop (amplitude controlled by ribn)
3. Voice /// make noise morphagene (gene size / slide / amplitude controlled by ribn) / mutable instruments rings
4. effets /// mutable instruments plaits (pitch controlled by marbles - amplitude controlled by ribn) / mutable instruments rings
5. sequence #2 /// intellijel dixie 2 (sequenced by malekko varigate 4+) / manhattan analog svvcf / zvex lofi junky / 4ms dld
6. sequence #2 parallel /// intellijel dixie 2 (sequenced by malekko varigate 4+) / don buchla thonas white dual lpg / zvex lofi junky / 4ms dld
7. noise /// pico rnd / xaoc devices kamieniec / 4ms dld
8. sequence #3 /// rings (sequenced by patterning) / strymon magneto
9. vintage synth sound /// dreadbox omikron (sequenced by patterning) / don buchla thonas white dual lpg

recorded live with tascam dr 100. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.
the beautiful female voice is a 3 second sample from my daughter vinyl (https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/if-...).

Xynthesizr Sequencing Korg Volca Keys & Bass

YouTuber Maxim Kotnov uses Xynthesizr to sequence his Volca Keys and Volca Bass for this jam.

Video Description:

korg volca keys with neunaber reverb,volca bass. midi sequence from xynthesizr

Chris Randall - ambient_05 oxide

Developer Chris Randall is not content with making effects apps, so he made his own one-off multi-effect unit, "minor_fall cassette deck effector." You can watch the construction in a build video. Embedded here is a jam with the new device on three cassette decks.

Video Description:

Another ambient exploration: this time with three cassette decks, Field Kit, Count To Five pedal, and my own minor_fall cassette deck effector. (Build video and explanation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCScm...)

Discussion and audio file in my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/chrisrandall

thesoundtestroom: Casio VL-1 (VL-Tone) & MS-70CDR = Epic

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom shares some of his own history while exploring the classic Casio VL-1. He notes that the original price for the VL-Tone was around £30. According to the Bank of England inflation calculator that is £110 today, or about $140. While many synths of that era have proven to be a solid investment, you can actually pick up one of these today for less than $50 on eBay.

Video Description:

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tffshtt - Nothing to Undo

YouTuber tffshtt uses his Roland GR-1 guitar synthesizer as a sound module with a Deluge sequencer and a Linnstrument. He's changing internal GR-1 settings with TB MIDI Stuff.

Video Description:

A little jam using the Roland GR-1 as a multitimbral sound module sequenced by the deluge. The deep bass drum is a sample (mfb 522) being played from the deluge. The rest comes from the GR-1. The ipad is controlling the internal effects and volume levels of the GR-1.

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