Andrew Mawson - Digitakt 🎛 0️⃣4️⃣

YouTuber Andrew Mawson ran his Digitakt through a ton of iOS effects for this jam!

Video Description:

112bpm Telekno (#WTF🤪)
7 Digitakt Patterns using iPad for FX and looping.

"Kapshen" - The App on the iPad displaying message is not yet released, i'm just BETA testing for now. Would like to integrate Ableton Link for tighter sync. Currently it just uses a set bpm for sync'ing changes.

Hyperobjeckt - Relaxing Ambient Engine Noise

You might not think of Engine Noise as being particularly relaxing, but Hyperobjeckt Synths is here to inform you otherwise. This is an impressive sound generated with just Volcas through a plate reverb!

Video Description:

A short EP of short songs:

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More on this 383rd weekly Disquiet Junto project — Interstellar Ambience / The Assignment: Record the sound of an apartment in a large interstellar ship — at:

More on the Disquiet Junto at:

This piece was created using hardware synths & a sampler intentionally out of sync, to create the feeling of being surrounded by ambient noise.

The “engine rumble” is a Volca Keys holding a dissonant chord in poly ring mode. The chord is made less musical by detuning the oscillators, setting a high peak on the filter, and modulating pitch slowly with the LFO. Delay is set to maximum time and feedback to introduce more noise and smear the modulations together into a more steady sound.

Two sets of samples are playing using a Volca Sample: three noise sweeps and three clips of crackling/clicking sounds. Each sample is a different length and repeats independently to avoid sounding like a prerecorded loop (the sequencer is not used at all, only the “infinite looping glitch”).

The last sound comes from a Volca Modular running a generative patch. Random signal from the Woggle module is used to control the length & intensity of these sounds. The LPG is set low enough that most sounds are inaudible, so you only hear occasional chirps. The Space Out module is used to make these sounds seem more distant.

Plate reverb (soundcraft mtk12) is used to make all parts sound like they are coming from different locations within the same large space.

Background video is a fly-through of the International Space Station posted by NASA:

Chill DAWless jam:
Talking about the infinite looping glitch used in this video:

My name is Grant, and I like to play with synthesizers.
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KORG Nu:Tekt Digital Synthesizer First Look

Tom from SYNTH ANATOMY got a peak at the new DIY digital synth from KORG. This is a fully DIY synth. Not only do you assemble it, but you can reprogram it! Nu:Tekt is a brand, like Volca; which so far includes a DIY headphone amp, and a DIY overdrive pedal.

The NTS Digital is the first synth in the Nu:Tekt line, and it looks like a a lot of fun in a tiny package! Korg haven't given us a date or price for this yet. Skip ahead to 10:49 if you just want to hear it.

Video Description:

At Superbooth 2019, KORG has announced the Nu:Tekt, a new DIY digital Synthesizer that features the multi-engine of the Prologue and minilogue xd Synthesizer. Here is a first look and an interview with Etienne, Mr. Multi-Engine

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KORG volca nubass - New Volca with Real Vacuum Tube

Korg have unveiled their latest edition to the Volca line, Nubass. This is so cool! They made a tiny modern vacuum tube, and it looks great on the diminutive Volca! Unfortunately the Nubass seems to retain my biggest gripe with the Oldbass. From the official demo I can believe there's still woefully limited articulation in the filter envelope's decay. I don't understand how they made that mistake the first time, yet it is repeated here.

Remember that video where I said "expressivity" a lot? That's got over 150,000 views, but it seems none of those views were from Korg.

Nick Batt got all of the details at Superbooth. Embedded here is the flashy official promo that is one of the worst sounding official promos I've ever posted. I'm going to be generous and assume it was just because they were trying to show off its range, instead of making it sound good. We'll hear more demos soon because the Volca Nubass will be arriving this Summer for around $200.

Video Description:

The KORG volca nubass is a groundbreaking bass synth implemented with KORG’s new-generation vacuum tube: NuTube. This modernized technology is implemented into the oscillator, sub oscillator and drive circuits; creating incredibly warm tones and rich distortions that only a tube can provide. This unique form of sound generation, along with nubass’ low-pass ladder filter, delivers countless timbral possibilities.

Compact, battery powered with built-in speakers included, the new volca nubass has everything the modern musician needs to take their music to the next level.

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Midiverse - TV: Korg Volca Modular Review

Midiverse - TV did a detailed review of the new Volca Modular! He shares some interesting patches too!

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Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we're checking out the Volca Modular from Korg.

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