Gaz Williams - Elektron's New Baby! Model:Samples

Gaz Williams was joined by Elektron's Cenk at TSR to look at the new Elektron Model:Samples.

Video Description:

Get a Model:Samples here:

Taking a look at the Elektron Model:Samples which has recently been released by the Swedish synth/drum box champions.

Getting to hang out with Elektron's grand master Cenk aka Dataline is always a pleasure but this was great fun as the new Elektron box had a lot of unexpected talents that he kindly demonstrated to me. This is my final video from Thomann's surprisingly excellent Synth Reactor event.

MGFM - Freaky Funky

YouTuber MGFM gets some amazing sounds out of his hardware with the aid of RatshackReverb3! This jam is also a lot of fun. I love the way he uses the Ratshack sliders as performance controls throughout.

Video Description:

Happened upon this funky groove and decided to film it. Having a lot of fun with the Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb on iOS, it sounds amazing and has quite good controls.

Plaits here is doing some strange particle rhythmic stuff while the Boog and E352 are on bass.

Volcaniced - Break the Rules ACID

YouTuber VolcaNiced breaks the rules on this acidish track using just a Volca Bass and ARQ AR-96.

Video Description:

Korg Volca bass 85 bpm
ZOOM ARQ AR-96 170 bpm

ACID but my rules.

Andy Carter - Semi Curious

YouTuber Andy Carter is semi-curious about his semi-modulars, the Nyx and 0-Coast. He's got Gadget in here too on this mad modular mix.

Video Description:

Playing around with my semi modulars - SQ-1 triggering the Nyx and 0 Coast ... VCF on the Nyx being modulated from the slope on the 0 Coast, which is being triggered by a voltage from the stepped random, which is in turn being clocked from the SQ-1 sync out ... or something

Drums are Elastic beats on the iPad
Badly played melody thing is from Korg Gadget on my really old iPad

Edited down from 16 minutes to 7, which is enough noodling about for sure : )

Roxton Fone - Two Volcas and a Looper Go a Long Way

YouTuber Roxton Fone is going the distance with his Volca Bass, Volca Beats, and Boss RC-202 looper.

Video Description:

Live Jam with:
Korg Volca BASS and Volca Beat synthesizers
BOSS / Roland RC-202 Looper

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