Blipblox Review - Synth Spotlight

Developer Syntorial shows off the Blipbox, a $190 synth for kids that's also fun for adults!

Video Description:

Blipblox is a synth for kids made by Playtime Engineering. And if you’re into a Glitchy/Chiptune/Lo-Fi kind of sound, it’s great for grown-ups as well.

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hypnopad - convoluted connections

You might see this thumbnail and try to scroll past, thinking you don't want to hear some dumb drum solo.

This is not a random drum solo on a shitty thrift store drum kit. YouTuber hypnopad is a drum wizard and his kit includes two Korg Wavedrums and two iPads. Between the Wavedrums is some kind of pad with a contact mic hooked up to his iPad running BeepStreet's Impaktor. This in combination with the Wavedrums, and Thumbjam doing audio to MIDI, this is one drum solo you want to check out.

Video Description:

hypnopad's demo song 'convoluted connections'. Live improvised electro-ambient drumscapes. No loops or backing tracks are used.

iOS apps:

thumb jam (audio to midi conversion)
impaktor (physical modeling drum synth)
midi designer pro 2 (midi conversion)
music i/o (midi via lightning cable)


Macbook Pro
(2)Korg Wavedrums
Alternate Mode DrumKat midi controller
e expressive touche' controller
Focusrite Scarlett i6i6 audio/midi interface
Roland drum trigger (triggering impaktor)
irig audio interface
mio midi interface
shark pedal

TEC Breath & Bite Controller 2 Performance

Reader Rich Rath is The Digital Guitarist on YouTube, where he's exploring an ultra-expressive MIDI controller you use with your mouth. The TEC Breath & Bite Controller 2 turns actions like biting and nodding your head into MIDI data. You can learn more about its setup and use in this playlist. The €200 mouth piece is allegedly iPad compatible, which will be the focus of Rich's future experiments.

Embedded here is his latest demo of the device controlling a variety of parameters in Ableton Live.

Video Description:

Here is a guitar synth and sequencer piece I did with the Tec Breath and Bite controller 2 on Thursday, May 23, 2019.

To set up the hardware, see :
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Bad Guy - Live Looper Cover

YouTuber Ido Bartal did a fun live looping cover of the popular Bad Guy from anti-pop star Billie Eilish.

Video Description:

my ver. for this epic song
original song by Billie Eilish:


LENS: Canon 17-55mm f2.8
DRONE: DJI Mavic Pro
GoPro Hero 3
iPhone X
OSMO Mobile 1.0

I'm editing on a 21.5 inch iMac (mid 2017)
software: Final Cut

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Andrew Huang: They made a Synthesizer for Babies!

YouTuber Andrew Huang was given access to a small child and an even smaller synth. The Dato Duo is a kid-friendly two-sided synth box for duets. It will be shipping in 4 weeks for €270 (€330 with VAT).

Video Description:

Looking at the Dato Duo, a pretty awesome two-sided synth for all ages. :D
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