ARQ AR-96 Sequencing the Korg Volca Sample

YouTuber VolcaNiced did another excellent tutorial for the Zoom ARQ. Here he is using it as a sequencer for the Volca Sample. If you missed it you should also check out his tutorial on sampling from Korg Gadget into this UFOesq instrument.

Video Description:

MIDI with the ARQ is possible with the RK005 from

THX a lot Retrokits

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Sampling Nature - An Exercise into Beatmaking

YouTuber mpc head produced a beat on his MPC Live using samples from field recordings in a forest. I really like the contact mic on the mushroom!

Video Description:

Exercise into sampling. enjoy your weekends.
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Touchscreen Scratch Machine

Simon Kilshaw built his own Touchscreen Scratch Machine for Ableton Live using a series of six connected Arduinos. This looks like a lot of fun, and reminds me of Playgrounds. Because Ableton Link is open to all manner of devices, he was able to integrate it into the invention!

Video Description:

Development of the touchscreen scratch machine for Ableton Live.
Ableton Link enabled. Fun to play!

Elinch: modular shades #20 | autumn

YouTuber Elinch did an epic bit of modular noodling with Ribn on an iPad. Credit to MATRIXSYNTH for this find!

Video Description:

finally, my 9u system is complete again. the piece begins with rings controlled by ribn and has 3 "parts". please take a look at the video in peace.

my first album is now available on bandcamp

1. sequence #1 /// mutable instruments rings (sequenced by marbles - amplitude controlled by ribn) / mutable instruments rings
2. voice pad /// make noise morphagene / 4ms topographic delay loop (amplitude controlled by ribn)
3. Voice /// make noise morphagene (gene size / slide / amplitude controlled by ribn) / mutable instruments rings
4. effets /// mutable instruments plaits (pitch controlled by marbles - amplitude controlled by ribn) / mutable instruments rings
5. sequence #2 /// intellijel dixie 2 (sequenced by malekko varigate 4+) / manhattan analog svvcf / zvex lofi junky / 4ms dld
6. sequence #2 parallel /// intellijel dixie 2 (sequenced by malekko varigate 4+) / don buchla thonas white dual lpg / zvex lofi junky / 4ms dld
7. noise /// pico rnd / xaoc devices kamieniec / 4ms dld
8. sequence #3 /// rings (sequenced by patterning) / strymon magneto
9. vintage synth sound /// dreadbox omikron (sequenced by patterning) / don buchla thonas white dual lpg

recorded live with tascam dr 100. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.
the beautiful female voice is a 3 second sample from my daughter vinyl (

Xynthesizr Sequencing Korg Volca Keys & Bass

YouTuber Maxim Kotnov uses Xynthesizr to sequence his Volca Keys and Volca Bass for this jam.

Video Description:

korg volca keys with neunaber reverb,volca bass. midi sequence from xynthesizr

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