Taetro: Making Dark Hip-hop Instrumentals with ROLI Blocks

YouTuber Taetro was inspired after binge watching the latest season of Stranger Things. My husband and I never binge watch TV, but we were hooked too and went through all 8 episodes in 3 days. If you like horror and 80's nostalgia you may also find yourself stuck in The Upside Down. The show is also a treat for music fans, with some very original scoring throughout the series. The Title Sequence became an instant classic.

Here is Taetro's take on a dark beat using ROLI Lightpad Blocks and the Noise app.

Video Description:

Creating dark beats on my ROLI Blocks fresh off watching stranger things
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FunkTree - Reverb at Cayman

There have been a lot of beach-side jams posted to YouTube this week, but Funk Tree did my favorite of the bunch on his OP-Z with Roli Blocks.

Video Description:

Far away from crowded "7 Mile beach". The "Rum Point" is the right location for jams like this.. Glitches from OPZ and great sounds from Roli Blocks combined with Specular Tempus. All sounds from ROLI are from Noise App

Cuckoo: OP-Z Sampling Tutorial

True Cuckoo, the YouTuber formerly known simply as Cuckoo, shows off the sampling capabilities added to Teenage Engineering's OP-Z. This includes how to sample iOS apps into the device.

Video Description:

You can now sample on the OP-Z. It's great! Here's a tutorial :-D

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Dave Lakes & The World Of Tomorrow - Family Farms

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this surreal video from modularman. It starts off with some cheesy banjo, before becoming synthy and ominous. This is a really fun find! Note that the thumbnail is not Eric Idle in drag.

Video Description:

Don't let the banjo intro fool you, this turns into a full blown synth-fest pretty quickly! Features the Roland System 8, Dave Smith Instruments Tetra, Bebot, Yamaha MX 49, Roger Linn Adrenalinn III, and others.

Johannes Eckert - DDJ-200 Practice

YouTuber Johannes Eckert did an excellent little DJ practice set on a new DDJ-200. He's cramming a lot of modern DJing into just 6 minutes. If you pay close attention you can pick up some of the techniques he's using here with looping to build new song structures.

Video Description:

Short practice session with the DDJ 200 — connected to an iPad Pro playing through WeDJ

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