haQ attaQ: UNO Drum Top 5 Features

Jakob Haq is enamored with the UNO Drum synth. Here he shows off his five favorite features.

Video Description:

The IK Multimedia UNO Drum is a very power little drum machine. It mixes Analog drum synthesis together with PCM sounds and It is packed to the brim with loads of useful features. In this video I am highlighting my top five features in the UNO Drum.

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Gary P Hayes - Redemption at Pulpit Rock

YouTuber Gary P Hayes took his quaternity of Volcas out into the mountains of Australia for this impressive live improv set. I like butterflies. One of my fondest childhood memories was seeing the monarch migration in Santa Cruz. I'd be worried about making too many hand movements in their midst. I'd feel super bad if I hurt a butterfly because I reached for a resonance knob too fast.

Video Description:

Also a custom DIY stand .. still in dev!
Continuous live dawless jam / improvisation
Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes
in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia
on Korg VolcaDrum Volca Modular Volca Bass Volca Keys
Solo on KO2 Reverb & Delay on Zoom MS70CDR
directly recorded on Zoom H6 plus ambient sound
no other processing

Todd Smith - Simple 4/4 Fun Town

Todd Smith gets a lot of life out of his Behringer Model D and Neutron, from a simple sequence in Gadget.

Video Description:

Having fun with a simple 4/4 sequence using Korg Gadget as a sequencer & drum machine to control my Behringer hardware synthesizers.

I hope you enjoy the music/video and thanks a ton for taking the time to support my channel. All the You Tube views,Bandcamp sales and Patreon supports helps me push my dreams and music forward.

Till next time,stay creative

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SonicLAB: Novation's New Launchpad X and Mini MK3

Sonic State got a look at the newest additions to Novation's Launchpad lineup. The devices seem like nice upgrades from previous Launchpad generations, but these prices are gouging Americans. The Launchpad X is £180, yet they want $250 for it? If you just look at the direct currency conversion, that is about $25 too high. When you further factor in that fact that the UK price includes VAT, North America is getting double-fucked on this one. The price before VAT is somewhere around £160, so the North American price should be $200.

Update: Reader Shevlok is actually consulting detective Sherlock in an ingenious disguise! I'm glad he was on the case, because he points out that the official Novation site does list the Launchpad X for $200.

Video Description:

We visited their popup shop in London for a first peek at their new Launchpads - the Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini MK3 both have new pads with higher sensitivity and new custom modes as well as more accisbile Ableton Live functionality.
Launchpad X 179UK/$249 Mini MK3 99UK/$139

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nthirteen: Liveset Coburg 2019 Ambient LoFi Electro

Reader André Neumann performed an hour-long Ambient LoFi set at Sonderbar in Coburg, Germany. He performs on a variety of hardware; including synths and guitar. An iPad is used for Audiobus routing and Tonestack, as well as showing him important notes to keep all of his hardware settings straight!

Video Description:

The smart guys from phaebel invited me to open their show @Sonderbar Coburg. It was awesome.

Just the audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/nthirteen/li...

Here is the setlist:
00:00 We don´t know when we die
08:40 Earth
17:37 The Forest
26:20 The Lake
34:53 Empty
41:50 You are not Alone
52:05 Planet B

Thanks so much for having me.

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