Electronisounds: Using Audio Interfaces with iPads and iPhones

Dean from Electronisounds asks and answers the question, "audio interfaces: what's up with that?" For this video he's using a variety of devices; including the Focusrite Scarlett, which is my personal choice of interface.

Video Description:

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MIDI Designer Pro Interface for MakeNoise 0-Coast

Reader The Drümünkey put together a MIDI Designer Pro layout for the popular 0-Coast synth, which can now be found for a bit cheaper on eBay. The layout is a free download from the MIDI Designer community page.

Video Description:

This is a video offering some basic explanation of a little MIDI Designer Pro layout I created to help access some of the Make Noise 0-Coast functionality that's in the "programming pages"

You can DL the MDP Layout here:


Two important things to note:

1) You are required to do a shot every time I say "Um"
2) You must slam a beer when I say "Basically"

* Thanks Dan @ MDP for making such a great program
* Thanks to Make Noise for making such a powerful little black box!

MikeZawSynth - Weekend Jam 2

YouTuber MikeZawSynth took out his mobile music making setup for some Deep Tech jamming.

Video Description:

Rearranged my setup a little bit: Circuit sending clock to volca bass. Bass sync out to Sample and through time maker delay. All mixed into volca mix and from there to Zoom Audio Interface and to iphone.

dtlj: 0-Coast + Chordion + Volca FM + Ableton

YouTuber dtlj jams out with Chordion and a collection of gear including Volca FM and a 0-Coast.

Video Description:

A simple generative lead patch being played on the Volca Fm via Ableton along side live 0-Coast being played by Chordion(App) and then ran through Flashback2/Hall of Fame 2

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Bastian Maure - Home Live Set

YouTuber Bastian Maure takes us on a trance journey with his Korg Monologue, Volca Sample, and Samplr!

Video Description:

Home live set 06.06.2018

© 2018 Bastian Maure

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