TTNM: Behind the Bastl 60Knobs Setup

The Tuesday Night Machines takes us behind the scenes of his elaborate hardware setup, to show us how he integrates an iPad at the heart of it all with a Bastl 60Knobs controller.

Video Description:

Here's how I've got my Bastl Instruments 60 Knobs controller set up in my music studio :) MORE INFO BELOW!!!



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60Knobs website:

Connections in this video:
KeyStep MIDI OUT --- 60Knobs MIDI IN
60Knobs MIDI OUT --- MIDI/Audio to USB Interface
Interface --- Apple USB Camera Connection Kit
CCK --- iPad

The 60Knobs merges the MIDI data form the KeyStep with its own and sends everything to the iPad's AUM app via the MIDI-to-USB interface.

If your interface also does audio-to-USB, like my Zoom U-24, then you can also feed audio in and out of the iPad, mixing it with effects and virtual instruments.

Apps used in this video:
- Kymatica AUM
- BeepStreet Sunrizer
- Holderness Madia Crystalline
- Bram Bos Kosmonaut


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watspooky - Volca Beats & Meeblip Anode

YouTuber watspooky combined the Meeblip Anode's blippy fun with beats from a Volca Beats.

Video Description:

Volca Beats and Meeblip Anode recorded on iPad with AudioShare and AUM. Meeblip Anode controlled by Beatstep and processed by Moebius Lab and Pumphouse.


iFixit: iPad 6 Teardown!

iFixit tore apart a the new "New iPad" to figure out what's inside. It appears to only include 2GB of memory. By comparison the 9.7" iPad Pro from 2016 also only had 2GB of RAM. All of the other models have been packing twice that with 4GB. Memory can be an important factor when running many instances of music apps.

Video Description:

It's the iPad 6...err....the iPad 6th Generation....ummm...the new 9.7 inch iPad for 2018! Whatever you want to call it, it's a new iPad and we're going to tear it down! iPads have consistently failed our repairability tests—but now that Apple’s grooming their iPad 6 for school, they’ll need more than a lucky #2 Apple Pencil to get admitted. Apple claims the iPad 6 was built for durability, but can it survive accident-prone schoolkids? We’re taking a field trip to our teardown room to find out.

You'll need some special tools to repair your iPad Get them here!


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Adhesive Remover Kit

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You Won't Believe What They Do To This Monkey

This band created my new favorite version of the Peter Gabriel classic, Shock the Monkey!

Video Description:

A short, but intense cover to pay a tribute to the great "Peter Gabriel".


Valentina Schiavo: Vocal
Alessandro Galdieri: Vocal, Guitar and Synth/Keyboard

Video and Audio Editing by Alessandro Galdieri/Valentina Schiavo

MSquared Project - Give It Up (Knife Party Cover)

The MSquared Project did a fun cover of Give It Up using an Electribe 2, Volca Keys, and Mininova.

Video Description:

"Give It Up" written by Knife Party. This is an Electribe cover using Novation Mininova and Korg Volca Keys/Arturia Keystep.

Everything performed in this video was triggered and mixed live in a single take with no multi-tracking and overdubs.

Equipment Used:
Korg Electribe 2
Novation Mininova
Korg Volca Keys
Arturia KeyStep
Korg KP3+

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