FROZEN LONESOME: Hardware Collides (Live Jam)

Reader Steve Raizen made use of the new Collider in Rozeta, as a sequencer for his Novation Bass Station 2 and Peak, with a Korg SP250 piano. The result is some interesting industrial ambient!

Video Description:

Hardware Collides is an all hardware live jam with Novation Bass Station 2 and Peak with Korg SP250 piano. Rhythms are powered by Bram Bros Rozeta Collider.

Electro Traveller - Deluge + Animoog

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this excellent jam by Metunar on a Synthstrom Deluge with Animoog. This has such a fun 80's vibe to it, while Animoog gives it a modern edge.

Video Description:

Live performance with the Synthstrom Deluge and the Moog Animoog App on the iPad.
The Animoog is only holding a note and has modulation of the waveform thru the touchscreen.
With the Deluge i sequence and transpose live the Animoog sound.
Recorded at the Central Park of Songdo, Incheon, South Korea.

Alex Wray - KRFT App & Maschine

YouTuber Alex Wray found an effective combination with KRFT and a Native Instruments Maschine.

Video Description:

Been making a custom template with KRFT to act like Maschine Jam's touch strips. Its a very cool app and has tons more potential. I plan to make a tutorial on how I did this. Still getting the hang of this new performance tool! Apologies for the crackles at the end, I started to tax my CPU a bit.

discophone_: Fahrenheit

Reader Discophone_ is off to a great start with his Jamuary Jams. Here he has a bunch of gear routed into effects apps for exploring some truly unique textures and spaces.

Video Description:

Another Jamuary2018 jam with various type of gear and ios apps. This time some lush ambientdub. Enjoy.

TAETRO - Dark Beat With ROLI Block M & Noise

YouTuber Taetro is getting edgy in the Noise app, paired with a ROLI Lightpad Block M.

Video Description:

Creating a dark beat with the ROLI Lightpad Block M and Noise App.
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