Ronny Vergara - Home DJ Set

YouTuber Ronny Vergara says a lot of things in French about his home DJ setup, but at the 3 minute mark he launches into a 20 minutes Deep House set! Then he says some other French stuff.

Video Description:

Live streaming pour vous montrer l'optimization de mon setup et vous présenter quelques idées.
1. Macbook pro 15' - intel core i7 - 16 Gb Ram DDR3 - 1 Tb SSD
2. iPad Pro 13' - 512 Gb
2. Ableton Live Suite 9.7.7
3. Maschine 2.7.10
4. Maschine MK3
5. Maschine Jam
6. Traktor 3
7.Traktor Kontrol S8
8. touchAble Pro

Andrew Mawson - Elektron Model:Samples & Turnado

Andrew Mawson is getting some epic sounds out of his new Elektron Model:Samples running into Turnado.

Video Description:

Lovin' the atmosphere you can create with the Elektron M:S.

Some new patterns I created and jammed with.
Extra FX from Turnado and compressor/signal boost from FAC Maxima on the iPad.

014london70 - Electronica Session 4

YouTuber 014london70 started off my morning right with this gentle groove on his Korg Electribe 2 and Volcas.

Video Description:

More Deep Beats!

Infected Flamingo - Novation Circuit Live Performance

YouTuber RazR did a Novation Circuit performance inspired by one of my favorite Infected Mushroom songs.

Video Description:

Preprepared, preprogrammed and live played performance inspired by Infected Mushroom - Flamingo track (link below). Added a bit of EQ and multiband compression in postproduction. Audio has a bit of noise that became a bit louder after compression - have to buy new better audio wires...
Hope you enjoy!

Infected Mushroom track:
Visualisation used in video:

Soundcloud link:

Matus - A Day in a Week (Live Eurorack Performance)

YouTuber Isaac Matus bleeps and bloops on his modular gear with an iPad running TouchAble! This starts off very texture heavy, but stick with it and a pleasant melody will come in.

Video Description:

Live performance using:

-Euro Rack
-Mother 32
-Arturia Beat Step Pro
-Touchable for iPad to mix levels and FX in Ableton Live

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