Jay Hosking - Fugue Machine Synth Jam

YouTuber Jay Hosking did a luscious synth jam powered by Fugue Machine on an iPad.

Video Description:

A live, semi-improvised performance, all on hardware, and inspired by the maudlin moods of the holidays. This is something of a sequel to the last video, in that I'm using exactly the same hardware synths and have only swapped out the sequencer. My point: by simply changing how you sequence your music, you can radically change the kind of music you make. Fugue Machine's limitations (a single line of note data played in different ways by four different "tape heads") are really inspiring, and the constraints end up a major benefit to creativity.

Alexandernaut's Fugue Machine (via iOS) — Sequencing
Sequential/Oberheim OB-6 — Bass string thing
Novation Peak — Arp thing
Black Corporation Deckard's Dream + Meris Polymoon — High melody pad thing
Dreadbox Abyss + Strymon Big Sky — Fast arp

Written and performed within a 24-hour period, and uploaded as is, with only a little compression/limiting on the master.


Korg Microkorg, Waldorf Blofeld & Korg Gadget iOS

YouTuber Todd Smith Music takes us on a Dark Epic journey in this Behringer synth jam with Gadget!

Video Description:

This little audio/video clip might evolve into something larger that you see again in the future. I could see myself adding Behringer synthesizers and working on various beats and sequencers to expand the concept.

Currently Korg Gadget supplies all backing synthesizers and drums. I play the Korg Microkorg and Waldorf Blofeld live while switching up the sequencer on Korg Gadget,next time I'll wipe down my iPad. =)

I need to thank EVERYONE for the ENDLESS support that I've recieved via You Tube views, Bandcamp sales and Patreon support. All these things help support my projects & music.

Till next time,stay creative

Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/toddsmith_blo...
Bandcamp : https://toddsmithmusic.bandcamp.com/

Stefano Mattia - Sequence #5

YouTuber Stefano Mattia got a wild bleepy-blorpy jam going on his 0-Coast with an iPad. K7D tape delay adds nicely to the madness. I couldn't find the Specular Tempus effect he's using. Amazon thought I wanted medical equipment, but it did not disappoint! You know the blood oxygen sensors they put on your finger at hospitals? You can buy that shit for $13!

Video Description:

Here’s my 0-Coast again, sequenced from my iPad. I came up with this sequence in Fugue Machine and I polished it in Atom, a nifty little app. Other apps used: K7D for the crazy tape delay performance, Ruismaker and Replicant 2 for the drums, and Rozeta Rhythm to sequence the drums. The Specular Tempus wraps everything with its majestic Shimmer algorithm. I recorded the single channels in AUM and exported them to Logic Pro for the final mix and master.

I’m also using my Novation Launch Control XL. I bought it used some time ago, but never tried to hook it up to AUM. I should have done it before: it greatly improves the whole jamming experience in AUM. I mapped the K7D and the filter controls to the knobs, and the drum channel volume to the fader and it makes things so immediate and fun to play with!

The 0-Coast patch is very simple. I’m just patching the MIDI B LFO to Multiply, and MIDI B gate (set to note) to the Slope trigger. The Slope is in turn patched to the Balance input. In this way, the slope acts as an additional controllable contour over the overtone contents. Neat!

Hyperobjeckt - Korg Volca Jam Session

YouTuber Hyperobjeckt did a laid back techno set on his collection of Korg Volcas.

Video Description:

Playing some cool patterns on the Volca FM, Sample, and Drum. This is a laid back performance, taking it easy to close out 2019 before I start making a bunch of short tracks for #jamuary next month!

Effects are from the Monotron Delay and Zoom MS-70CDR: I'm a huge fan of running the FM through the monotron delay for a lofi drive effect. The Zoom pedal is in the send FX loop for reverb and extra stereo width.

The gear list is minimal compared to what I normally use, trying to demo this setup to see if I could do a live set without any additional synths.

Sounds used on the Volca FM and Volca Drum include patches from http://oscillatorsink.com/ . The Sampler is loaded with vocal one-shots, pads, and percussion from Painkid - Tourism and STRIDER - 100 Samples packs.

This session is of course very dance focused, but I tried to keep it varied with 3/4 time at the end. 13:00 is my favorite part, with the FM arpeggiator set to random and a nice techno rhythm going on the Drum.

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Another minimal Volca Mix setup: https://youtu.be/_WjesTP03lg
More on pitch quantization from the Volca Drum 1.14 firmware update: https://youtu.be/IDdYvyt51u4

My name is Grant, and I like to play with synthesizers.
Download my music on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hyperobjeckt
Synth jams & pictures of my dogs on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hyperobjeckt/

Behringer Eurorack Go

Manufacturer BEHRINGER has had a very busy year, and they're closing it out with the announcement that they'll be releasing affordable Eurorack cases. This news might not seem relevant here, but I believe this might be a major turning point in the Eurorack industry. The recent Behringer clones have been Eurorack compatible, and extremely cheap. Now they're offering a complete solution.

It is going to be very tough for boutique Eurorack manufacturers to justify the high price tag on small modules when Behringer is throwing around their weight. How likely are you to spend $600 on a Make Noise DPO, when you can get both a Model D and Neutron for that price? They also tease new mini modules are forthcoming.

Video Description:

Check out our new eurorack case Eurorack Go for modular synths. Two times 140 hb of space, beefy power supply, stand and carrying handle. Götz is unboxing the case, builds a modular synth with two Model Ds, a Behringer Neutron and a couple of modules.

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