Hyper Objeckt - Chill DAWless Synth Jam

Hyper Objeckt did a nicely chilled synth jam with Xynthesizr, Korg Volcas, Minilogue, and Roland TR-8.

Video Description:

Laid-back evening vibes. Lately I've come to appreciate how well the Volca FM works as a rhythm instrument, especially with motion sequencing and programs that bring out its noisier side.

DRUMS: Roland TR-8
STRINGS: Xynthesizr running on iPad Mini
BASS: Korg Minilogue
SUB-BASS: Volca Kick
LEAD: Volca Keys
MIXING: Volca Mix and Mackie Mix8
RECORDING: Steinberg UR22 and Reaper

Btw, I've started using a CC BY license on videos. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions about sharing or collaboration :)


Roland TR-8s / Korg Monologue / Korg Minilogue Demo

YouTuber IPAsNmore has an interesting hardware arrangement. He's got an iPad surrounded by a new Roland TR-8s, Korg Monologue, and Korg Minilogue. The iPad is running Behringer's X AIR app that lets him remotely control the AIR XR18 Mixer.

This is a lengthy set of different jams. I particularly liked the creepy bass thing happening at 2:50!

Video Description:

A jam showing off some ideas I've been working on with the Roland TR-8s, Korg Monologue, Korg Minilogue, and Teenage Engineering PO-35 Speak.

iPad is used to control my mixer (Behringer XR18)

Recorded from Headphone out of XR18 into Apogee Jam

chisel316 - Eurorack Modular Trance Live Performance

Reader chisel316 blew my mind with this Trance performance on his Eurorack. Let's be honest, most modular synth jams are just compounded layers of weird. This is some truly excellent trance coming out of his wires!

Video Description:

My first try at a full Trance song using the Eurorack modules plus the Korg Volca Sample for drums. The drums are actually triggered from the Eurorack using Ddrum ddti CV trigger to MIDI box that is just off the camera on the left (you can see all 10 patch cables wrapped together).

Patch design:

Pamela's New Workout is the master clock and is triggering drum samples in the Volca, the sub/acid bass sequence in the Kraftzwerg, the mid bass sequence in the o_C which is sequencing the Disting mk2 saw wave through one side of the Korgasmatron low pass filter into the uVCA and the Disting mk4 which is sequencing the uBraids supersaw through the other side of the Korgasmatron low pass filter into the uVCA. o_C sequence has its own envelopes, while the Disting VCF/VCA are modulated using the Make Noise Function. All audio outputs are mixed in the Doepfer 138c where they are sent into the Behringer UMC 1820 audio interface connected to my iPad mini 4.

iOS effects:
Audio Damage Dubstation 2 (Delay)
DDMf Envelope (Reverb)
FAC Chorus
FAC Maxima (Maximizer)

Trance arp sequence:
Max Braiman Trance Essentials

Kalkartronic - Another Mini Live Jam

Kalkartronic brings us some amusing video remixing with this performance on hardware with Patterning!

Video Description:

Spontaneous Live Jam:
Arturia Beatstep controls the Waldorf Rocket, the Volca Keys and the Patterning Drum Machine App. Streichfett as standalone played with the Swissonic Keyboard. Kaosspad Mini as Aux Send/Return Effect.
Recorded with Edirol R-1
Cam: Ricoh WG-M1
Mastered with T-RackS 3
Video edited with Perfect Video and GreenScreen DoInk.
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Alessandro Omiciuolo - Live Looping Acoustic & Digital

YouTuber Alessandro Omiciuolo has a wild looking setup for live looping across many instruments and even an iPad. As with all looping performances this one is a slow burn, but I like the final results! That distorted synth bass sounds great with the acoustic piano!

Video Description:

My personal experiment between acoustic and digital! Enjoy the video

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