Reloop TAPE 2 - Digital Mixtape for DJs

Reloop has announced the new Reloop TAPE 2 Portable Mixtape Recorder. This $130 device, available now on Musician's Friend, offers a tight little package for portable recording. By a bizarre coincidence YouTuber Steven Speciale just posted a tutorial on how hard it is to make an actual cassette tape loop.

Video Description:

This video gives you an overview about hidden features of your Reloop TAPE 2 portable mixtape recorder ...

Features shown in the video:
0:00 Set recording levels
1:05 Enable Lock Mode
1:28 How to sample
2:18 6 hours of recording



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- TAPE 2:


AVAILABLE in local stores now:

Watch our NEW Reloop TAPE 2 - The digital Mixtape for DJs (Introduction)

Marc S. Langelier - The 2nd Meeting

Marc S. Langelier has been pairing up a new Behringer Model D clone to his iPad. This second jam has some epic sounds, but a very chilled out pace.

Video Description:

Model D & iPads, the 2nd meeting. With Parat+, Aum, iDensity & SpaceCraft. Featuring Parat+' as a flexible & playable LFO for Eurorack compatible gear & as an equally flexible, playable & programmable MIDI controller

Earmonkey - Grandma Roland

YouTuber Earmonkey Music had an amazing ambient session on a new Moog Grandmother running into a Roland RE-301 tape echo. He then produced a psychedelic music video for the jam with LumaFusion.

Video Description:

A psychedelic live ambient session with my Moog Grandmother, Roland tape delay, and some added ambiance from Yamaha Montage and NI Kinetic Metal. The visuals are created with video I took of the Grandmother and Space Chorus, with a kaleidoscope and color FX in LumaFusion on my iPad.

Capturing Korg Gadget into ARQ AR-96

YouTuber VolcaNiced did an excellent video on sampling Gadget into an ARQ AR-96. He's got a webcam directly over the ARQ's display, so you can clearly watch the whole process!

Video Description:

We are capturing samples from the korg gadget for switch

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thesoundtestroom: Multi-Tracking Yamaha MX49 Into Loopy HD

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom is getting a lot of use out of his new Yamaha MX49. When plugged into the iPad it acts as a full-fledged Audio Interface, allowing for direct recording into Loopy!

Video Description:

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