TuonoTuek Pad - Sunrizer Roland Jam

TuonoTuek Pad jammed out in Sunrizer with a bunch of gear including a Roland JD-XI and Boss RC-505.

Modified Dog - Metallic Time Impro at Pellizco

Modified Dog are up to all manner of interesting things in this live improvisational show. Chrysanthos Christodoulou does unnatural things to a guitar, while sampling it into Samplr! Towards the end they lost power to most of their gear, but the show went on!

Video Description:

An improvisation at Pellizco, Thessaloniki, 12/28/2017.
Original Track: Metallic Time
Drums: Dimitris Tasoudis
Electronics, Guiatr: Chrysanthos Christodoulou

All electronic equipment went off except an ipad and a Electro Harmonix Memory Man.
So we carried on...


Live Jamming w/ Xynthesizr + Minilogue + Volca Sample

YouTuber Hyper Objeckt brings us an uplifting Deep Tech House jam. This was how I started off my morning and it put me in a great mood!

Video Description:

This is an extended version of my #jamuary Instagram post from a couple days ago. First time using Xynthesizr and I'm a fan already!

This is also one of the first things I've played on the Minilogue. Haven't ventured much beyond the presets, but so far it's great.

In this video the iPad and Volca Sample are synced via MIDI, and the Minilogue is running independently.

Bass/Lead: iPad mini running Xynthesizr
Chords/Arps: Korg Minilogue
Drums: Korg Volca Sample
Mixer: Mackie Mix8
Interface: Steinberg UR22
Cameras: Logitech C920, iPhone 6+
Audio mastered in LANDR
Video edited in Premiere Pro CC


BBoyTechReport: Roland TR-08 Review

BBoy Tech Report reviewed the relatively affordable Roland TR-08 boutique drum machine. Corry does a solid job of exploring all of the sound design options available on the device.

For even more details check out his written review.

Video Description:

So, we were finally able to take a good look at the Roland reincarnated classic drum machine of all drum machines and latest addition to the Boutique Series, TR-08.

Read the full review: http://www.bboytechreport.com/2018/01...

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BeatPPL Podcast

014london70 - KORG Electribe EMX2 Ambient Session 3

YouTuber 014london70 got some beautiful ambient soundscapes out of his Electribe in this jam!

Video Description:

Recorded in AudioShare via a Behringer uca222 and mastered in Final Touch.

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