Patch of the Week 61: Benny Benassi Bass on Korg volca keys

Korg's Patch of the Week is a fairly convincing Benny Benassi Bass on their Volca Keys.

Video Description:

Using the massive low end of the Korg volca keys to recreate a classic bassline.

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Digitakt OS 1.20 - USB Audio Interface with an iOS Device

YouTuber Matt Greer shows off a new update to Elektron's Digitakt and Digitone, which makes them usable as class-compliant USB audio interfaces. To demonstrate this added functionality, Matt hooked up his iPad to run Digitakt sounds directly into Koala Sampler.

Video Description:

Elektron released new OS updates for both their Digitakt and Digitone products. Among lots of other cool things, these devices are now able to be class-compliant, USB Audio Interfaces.

In this video I show you how they can be the audio interface for mobile devices, in this case my iPad. And for fun, I'm using Digitakt sounds on the Koala Sampler app. Why did I sample a sampler into another sampler? I don't know but it's fun. It also works fine as the example I was trying to share.

If you own a Digitakt or Digitone, you've got to grab these updates. This is one reason I personally choose to invest in companies like Elektron. They continue to provide new value to their products for years after release as this was a big one.

Get the Digitakt OS 1.20 update here:

The Human League - Being Boiled (Volca & Sponge Bob Cover)

YouTuber O.S.cillator has a lot going on in this video. He's using a Sponge Bob branded walkie-talkie for vocals, which are running into a Vox Valvetronix guitar amp for added distortion!

Video Description:

The Sponge Bob Walkie Talkies of my nephew inspired me...
Gear: Korg Volca FM, Korg Volca Keys, Patchblocks tek.drum, Sponge Bob Walkie Talkies (mic running thru Vox Valvetronix Guitar amp, not visible), Korg Kaosspad mini S2 (not visible, as Aux Send/Return for the mixer), KVGear Vixen Mixer.
Audio recorded with Tascam DR-05.
Video recorded with Casio Exilim and Ricoh WG-M1, edited with Perfect Video and Videoleap (iPad).
Thanks a lot for watching!

MC-101 Hack: How to get 24 Scenes on the Roland MC-101

Friend of the site Acid Alex has a hack to get an MC-101 to launch the same number of scenes as an MC-707.

Video Description:

One the MC-707 you have access to 8 scenes, plus you can easily launch each row of 8 clips together, effectively giving you 24 sets of clips to build your live set or Song.

But on the MC-101 you only have access to 8 scenes. You cannot usually launch entire groups of clips. However, I have found a simple hack to let you do this, giving you access to a total of 24 sets of clips to use in your performance.


Medard Fischer: Improv with 2x Mother 32 + DFAM

YouTuber Medard Fischer ran his collection of Moog Mother's and Drummers from Another Mother into iPad effects for this jam in a cabin!

Video Description:

A little vacation improv session (warts and all) at a mountain cabin with two Moog Mother 32s and a DFAM.

Synths are running into Kymatica AUM on my iPad via a Behringer MX400 and Zoom U-24. Audio Damage Dubstation added to both tracks, with Eventide Blackhole reverb on the melody line and Audio Damage Grind on the DFAM + bass line.

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