nthirteen - Left

Reader André Neumann did a beautiful ambient live set with his synths and bowed guitar.

Video Description:

Just a little Saturday night jam. 🌑 Sounds better with 🎧
Just the audio: https://soundcloud.com/n13-media/left

enthusiasticElectrons - Frankenstein

YouTuber enthusiasticElectrons made use of his iPad on this Frankenstein inspired jam with the Behringer Model D. His music app of choice is the Kindle eBook app! Here he has an electromagnetic (EM) pickup listening to the EM of the iPad as he flips through pages of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's classic.

Video Description:

This is a musical book report on Frankenstein, written for the Bushwick Book Club, LA chapter.

It uses an electromagnetic pickup (like on a guitar) to listen to the electronic heart of an iPad flipping through the e-book of Frankenstein. The signal is run through a classic analog synthesizer for filtering, and the synth’s 3 oscillators add more electricity to the mix.

A shorter version was performed live at Molly Mallone’s on October 27, 2019. This is the extended, full version.

Instrumentation notes: iPad Kindle App, Electromagnetic pickup, through MXR 10-band EQ, into Behringer Model D Aux-in. Korg SQ-1 sequencer controls pitch and filter cutoff. Model D out through MXR Carbon Copy analog delay, recorded in Ableton with just a touch of Valhalla Vintage Verb reverb.

OP-Z + Trigger Loopback Ambient

Michael Hellqvist crossed the streams by looping his OP-Z's trigger out back to the trigger in! He got some fantastic sounding semi-generative ambient as a result!

Video Description:

Oplab is set to trigger out and trigger in. I then use an six cable to route trigger out to trigger in.

Track 1-4 have step component jump + 0 set on specific steps, each step also has step component spark set to random.

Track 5-8 have all different track length so they play polyrhythmicaly
Tape track, master track and punch in effects track are set to affect track 5-8 and has a play speed of 0 (which is trigger mode)

The result is a semi generative song based on the trig pulses of track 1-4.

Kymatica push peQ and space were used to further enhance the mix a bit. Recorded into audioshare and filmed with a canon eos 60d with a sigma 30mm 1,4/f

Hope you enjoy

Gary P Hayes - The Promises of Flight (Halloween 2019 Live)

YouTuber Gary P Hayes may or may not be a fairy-tale princess, but he is definitely sounding like a Disney villain in this Halloween inspired jam. I continue to be amazed at how huge his tiny Volcas sound.

Video Description:

Continuous live dawless jam / improvisation - SciFi Halloween
Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria Australia using
Korg Volca Bass, Volca Modular, Volca Drum, Volca Keys
SFX & Solos on KO2 Reverb/Delay on Strymon Blue Sky
directly recorded on Zoom H6 plus ambient sound no other processing

"Rough story breakdown - opens, green misty planet, small shuttle appears, crash lands on misty alien planet, drowsy pilot explores around the base of infinitely tall cliffs, in the twilight creatures eyes peer out in the deep forest, breathing, hissing, overhead the occasional space ship blares past, days seem to pass, being followed, distant bells call, see light on hill, panics, runs, enters dark alien 'castle', signs of humanity, but memories, corridors of gruesome happenings, dreamtime, escape from this world, finds unused shuttle on rooftop, flys, escapes over the endless forest, a moment of triumph, but a creature lurks in the shuttle, slo motion struggle, crash, melancholy, it all begins again"

Normally: All the Volcas and the KO2 are routed through MickXer 5 into 1. That then goes into the Zoom MS70 delay/reverb in stereo, then into the Zoom H6 recorder which powers my Beyer DT770 headphones for great mix balancing in real time. The volcas are sync'd as usual in a cv chain with each others in/out and v Drum as master. Also the Zoom H6 will eventually record 3 stereo tracks simultaneously (the vKeys and vModular through the effects) the vDrum and vBass (direct) and the two mics recording the ambient outdoor sounds live. For outdoor jams, power comes from normal phone style powerbanks 10000 & 20000mAh and I use the myvolts ripcord 5V to 9V USB adapter

Bandcamp Album Releases - https://garyphayes.bandcamp.com/
Blog (music posts) - https://www.garyphayes.com/
Facebook (Photography - 19k following) - https://www.facebook.com/garyphayesph...
Twitter (26k following) - https://twitter.com/GaryPHayes
Instagram (Photography 28k following) - https://www.instagram.com/garyphayes....

Marcus Padrini - Synth Jam 73

YouTuber Marcus Padrini got a fantastic sound out of GeoShred with his Circuit and synths!

Video Description:

No time available to do something more elaborate here. But not to leave the channel without videos for a long time, a quick synth jam with GeoShred for iPad and some synths!

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