Tutorial: Aphelian MIDI Sequencing Volca Bass/FM/Keys

YouTuber VolcaNiced brings us a tutorial on using the new Aphelian app to sequence a trio of Volcas!

Video Description:

0:00 Introduction
2:00 Overview
5:25 Sequencing Volca Bass
7:45 Sequencing Volca Keys
11:00 Sequencing Volca FM
13:30 Generator
14:10 Note Channel Loop
15:10 Sending CC to MIDI Gear (incl. Automation)
19:00 Closing words

Not possible without #Retrokits unbelivable #RK005

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Want to support me: https://www.paypal.me/KaturoLP

Tanks to Doug from "The Sound Test Room"

Chris Lody - Gastric Acid

Jamuary is going on right now and there are a lot of people sharing new music on a daily basis. It is making my job a lot harder because I try to listen to them all! I've been about an hour behind schedule all month.

Occasionally I'll find a gem like Chris Lody's performance with this small device setup!

Video Description:

Day 7 of Jamuary

I didn't have a lot of time today so what better way to get something done quickly than to drink some strong coffee and knock out a bit of acid on the Pocket Operator Rhythm PO-12, Korg Volca Bass and Korg Monotron Delay. Whoop.

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Gaz Williams: iPad Pro 2018 USB Hub Warning!

Gaz Williams posted an nice rant on new problems faced by iPad Pro owners with the removal of the headphone jack in the 2018 model. Due to the way iOS automatically swaps to newly connected audio devices, it can suddenly swap to a connected USB C Hub if that hub offers a headphone output. This is even the case when you do not have headphones plugged into the hub's headphone jack.

This can be avoided if you intentionally buy a hub without a headphone connection. This is yet one more aggravation in the clusterfuck of Apple's bone-headed move to try to sell more high-latency Bluetooth AirPods.

Video Description:

The fairly new iPad Pro 3rd generation has replaced the lightning port with a much more useful USB C port but the removal of the headphone socket spells trouble for musicians who require super low latency. This USB hub by EUASOO has a headphone socket but that causes a certain issue...

Matt Keil - RED1

Reader Matt Keil got a red Roland JD-Xi, a relatively affordable synth powerhouse.

Video Description:

Here's a brand new track created using the Roland JD-Xi. If you like your chords extended, then you'll like this. I also shot the close-up angles using my new Olympus 60mm Macro lens. What do you think?


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Surkid - Januaries

YouTuber Surkid combines the worlds of VSTs, hardware, and iOS apps in this beautiful jam!

Video Description:

Playing a sampled Harmochord from the Keyscape library by Spectrasonics along with the Sequential Prophet-6 and Borderlands Granular.

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