Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: Uno Synth Pro Guided Tour

YouTuber Nu-Trix The Synth Guy explores the menus and the secrets within IK Multimedia's new Uno entry.

Video Description:

Uno Synth Pro synthesis guided tour - hidden secrets & menu diving

@ikmultimedia created a great paraphonic synth with a different panel than most analog synth. The 4 knobs matrix works for the most part. Still, there are some really interesting features hidden in the menus. Follow me in my guided tour of the synthesis of the UnoSynth Pro.

If you want more info about the SSI filters check this IK Multimedia video :

00:00 introduction
02:36 internal schematics
08:03 General tour
09:03 OSC section
15:28 Filter section
19:27 ADSR ENV (looping)
20:29 Modulation Matrix
23:44 Effects section
28:29 Setup Menu
29:29 Conclusion

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Review: Novation Circuit Rhythm Vs. Tracks

YouTuber loopop compares the brand new Circuit Rhythm to the old and busted Circuit Tracks.

Video Description:

Get my template for playing melodies with sample on Circuit Tracks, along with all my tips and insights from this video and others in my ever-expanding book of electronic music ideas, tips and tricks here:

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Other gear in the video:
► I bought the TRS cable from Sweetwater - here's one:
► Half a Bluebox by 1010Music
► Decksaver covers saving the day

Can it be used as a live looper?
► Sort of. You can sample while Rhythm is playing back, and if you pre-populated a pattern with the sample in the slot you're sampling in to, it will start repeating. levels are a bit of a challenge to balance, and the first loop might not work well, there's no overdub (though you might try resampling....) but it's better than nothing I guess.

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0:00 Intro
1:30 vs Tracks
5:55 Similarities
6:20 Connectivity
7:40 Sampling
10:55 Trimming
12:30 Sound design
14:15 Live slice
16:55 Grid FX
20:55 Sequencing
22:25 Sample flips
24:05 Drum pad seq
24:30 Note repeats
25:45 Seq params
26:50 Mutate
27:40 Pattern settings
28:50 Automation
30:05 Mixer
30:50 Effects
31:50 Sidechain
32:50 Patterns
33:50 Scenes
35:25 Misc
36:20 Pros & cons
40:10 16 Songs

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Collision of Speeds - Korg Volca Only Jam (35 BPM to 140 BPM)

YouTuber VolcaNiced has created the most perfect wake up jam. This starts off slow, but in an interesting way, and builds at exactly the right sort of pace that you'd want to wake up at. Not too slow and lingering, but not too alarmingly fast either. And he did it all on Volcas!

Video Description:

I'm still VolcaNiced!

Of course I will always try new things, new synthesizers and groove boxes, or other musical toys, I just love that.

But my name is no coincidence. Volcas were my favorites from the start and they always will be, I've mentioned the reasons quite often. I want to make music quickly and easily, jam, implement ideas without much effort and the Volcas are best suited for this.

Nevertheless, I also like all my other gear and the big things like the OPSIX and another synthesizer that I can't tell you about yet. :)

About today's jam:

The idea to play with the speeds came to me yesterday when I was browsing through my presets with the Volca FM in Dexed. I will always find what I am looking for there and the database still has potential for several years. "Wet Piano" invites you to play around and that's how the sequence was created on the FM. The rest just happened. The performance is not the best, I know that. But I know that I always do a take and then that's it. No matter if it was a mistake or not.

Set up:
Volca Bass
Volca FM
Volca Keys
Volca Drum
Specular Reverb V3

Stay healthy and take care of yourself. May a Harmonic Melody be allways with you.

Moog Mother-32, Subharmonicon, DFAM // Trance

YouTuber Thomas Büchel has got a whole lot of good stuff running into AUM for this Trance session!

Video Description:

Something I usually don't do - some more uptempo trance / techno style.
Or how would you call it?

Donner Livejack Lite Audio Interface with iPad Guide

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul got a new audio interface and puppy. She shows off both in her latest video!

Video Description:

00:00 Introduction
01:27 Opening up and Discussion of the Livejack Lite Audio Interface
05:07 Up CLOSE and discussion of inputs and knobs on the front and back of the unit
09:05 HOOKING UP TO YOUR IPAD: Electric Guitar and Microphone and all Adapters needed
15:49 ACTUAL Live Recording into this interface and into iPad
18:05 looking and listening to the recorded wave through the Amp but showing a little editing , (*panning volume and muting of tracks)
20:10 ****FINISHED TRACK the sound you get when you use this interface YOU will definitely hear the difference ~~
20:55 GRACIE~~~ My new beautiful little girl~

This interface was sent to me by Donner. They manufacture many different musical instruments and Pedals and now Interfaces.

I was very impressed by how easily it connected to my iPad and it's even easier when using a pc or mac.

I show you all about the parts and how to connect it to the iPad and record a part of a song. The difference in the audio recorded by the iphone camera for the video and the audio recorded with this interface is like night and day!

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