Pioneer DJM S7 and PHASE Dj with DJ Player Professional

While I was amused yesterday with the tiny DJ controller hooked up to an iPhone, I love the sight of an iPad at the heart of a professional DJ setup. YouTuber Fernando Midi hooked up his Pioneer Mixer and PHASE timecode control to DJ Player Professional. Because DJ Player Professional lives up to its name, all of this works! There's an additional video documenting all of the connections.

Video Description:

Since Pioneer released Mixers S7 and S11 to be "Class compliant", it was easy for iOS to recognize the part of audio and Midi from these mixers, enabling Midi mapping and audio configuration.

haQ attaQ: Making Music with UNO Synth Pro

Jakob Haq is surprisingly hyped on IK Multimedia's latest gadget, the UNO Synth Pro. While they still haven't made it to Amazon's warehouses yet, Sweetwater still has some in stock right now!

Video Description:

The UNO Synth Pro (USP for short) is IK Multimedias new Flagship Synthesizer and it sounds really good! So good that I produced and entire track with 100% USP sounds. So what is it like actually like making music with the USP? Easy? Fun? Well, press play and find out why I highly recommend this beast!


EDM Mixing on the Numark Party Mix Live

As anyone who has DJ'd for long enough will tell you, DJing is mostly bullshit. There are definitely worse things you could do with your time, but at best DJing is mostly just making a decent mixtape for a set.

That's why I am always amazed when I see a DJ performance that actually includes any performing beyond playing with the Mid EQ. Crossfader featured this performance by Jamie Hartley that made my jaw drop. The upcoming Numark Party Mix Live DJ looks goofy as hell, but it works with both iPad and iPhone. I'm totally blown away by his grace with the controller. Jamie elevates this from a dorky toy to a dorky toy I kind of dig.

The controller should be available immediately, but for about $180. That's just nonsense, Numark.

Video Description:

In this mix, founder and tutor Jamie Hartley takes to the brand new Numark Party Mix Live DJ controller to perform an EDM mix! Using Algoriddim DJay on iPhone with Beatport Link, watch as Jamie showcases this beginners controller's full potential!

VolcaNiced: Fully Improvised Techno with Volcas

YouTuber VolcaNiced is making these Volcas do things KORG never even imagined.

Video Description:

That's why I will NEVER sell my VOLCAS.

at the moment i really enjoy recording long jams.
It's not that I plan to do that. Today's jam should only consist of the first song. And done.

Fortunately, I made a different decision and continued jamming.

Otherwise we would unfortunately not have some very awesome passages on video that you can enjoy now. This time I really made sure to leave the individual parts longer so that you can get used to them sooner. I hope that is ok.

0:00 Cascade of Gold
12:15 Jumping Bassline
18:00 Acid of an Alien Race
30:00 Resurrection of Melody
38:00 In-dust-real Revolution
44:00 Nothing left But
50:00 Arppeggios for Life
53:00 Storm
57:30 The Amount of Sound
1:04:00 Slowless


As always, I look forward to your feedback.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

Music forever

Interpol - Evil (Cover by Joe Edelmann)

I found this cover by Joe Edelmann to be incredibly inspiring. He's playing all of the instruments, and his singing is fantastic, but the most impressive part of this performance is his engineering. Joe's recording and mastering on this are just amazing to me as a fellow amateur.

Video Description:

It's been a while since I've done some Interpol, so I figured I'd take a crack at this awesome song from the equally awesome Antics album!

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