Todd Smith: My Ultimate iOS/Hardware Hybrid Setup

YouTuber Todd Smith shared his current setup, which spans across a variety of gear and now two iPads.

Video Description:

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2 Apple iPad Pro, Korg Gadget, Auria Pro, Korg OpSix, MicroKorg, Behringer Crave, Behringer TD-3, Behringer Model D, Behringer Pro-1,Waldorf Blofeld & Ensoniq SD-1 make my ultimate iOS/Hardware setup.

I feel this is the perfect iOS hybrid setup for me, it's now 100% wired and ready to do with all midi and audio I want in place for the entire setup. I need to organize the wires, they are madness right now but I'm just happy they are in place and it's ready to rock. I had to drop another 50$ on midi/audio cables just to get everything the way I wanted but I'm happy with the final setup.

I'll be starting a new album very soon and keep a eye out for many new live jams.

Marcus Padrini: Korg DS-10 Jam on Nintendo DS Lite

Marcus Padrini recalled how much fun he had with the classic Korg music app for Nintendo DS!

Novation Circuit Tracks: Advanced Tips & Features

Gabe Miller Music has a brand new Novation Circuit Tracks, along with advanced tips on how to use it.

Video Description:

A tutorial showing tips, tricks, and hacks for getting more out of the Novation Circuit Tracks.
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00:00 Intro
00:27 Chromatic sample flipping
02:31 Packs
03:19 Changing pad colors
03:34 Projects as mega-patterns
04:26 Scenes
06:47 Limited polyphony
09:27 Chord strums
10:50 Note tie
13:32 Step sequencing and automation
14:45 Multiple velocities on one step
15:23 Outro

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Tankobot V2: First Sounds through VCV Rack

Synthikat has invented the Tankobot V2, a tongue drum wired for performance! This thing is brilliant. As you can see from the thumbnail he's set it up to be sequenced with mallets. He's also wired 10 piezo pickups to route the audio from the instrument, as if it were a drum module! From there he's got the audio going into some interesting VCV patch for effects.

Video Description:

This is the current state of my Tankobot build. Today i could finally hear the first souds of it and of course i had to route it thru VCV for some Effects :)
Next step is to work on the amp circuitry for the 10 Piezo Pickups and on the dampening. Thats why i had to put a piece of cloth on top of the tongues to shorten the notes a bit. Cant wait to use that Instrument in my performances.

Dj Puzzle: Presonus Atom Controller & iPad Ambient Groove

Dj Puzzle had a nice birthday haul last month, with a collection of great toys! Really dig the tune too!

Video Description:

Having fun using my Presonus Atom controller and AUM. I have Elastic Drums, Fly Tape effects, and the AUM transport on it. Mapping midi CC to the Atom is super quick and easy in AUM. Also in the mix Fugue Machine and Phosphor. My daughter made me that hand stamp birthday card last month. She’s 3.

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