Dj Puzzle: Lumi Keys meets Sonicware Liven Jam

Reader Dj Puzzle is having a lot of fun with his new gear! I love the playful melody he has on the LIVEN warps!

Video Description:

Having a bit of fun integrating Lumi Keys bluetooth midi with the old school DIN midi from my Sonicware Liven. In this video you’ll see several midi interfaces connected to my iPad sending midi clock and sending and receiving both MIDI DIN and Bluetooth MIDI. Planning to do a walkthrough video of this setup next. iPad used 2020 iPad Air.

Sonicware Liven 8bit Warps - Audio Looper Tutorial

ChrisLody did a tutorial on the looper found in Sonicware's impressively inexpensive $200 LIVEN 8bit warps.

Video Description:

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Apologies to those that asked for this to be made that I haven't got round to it sooner, but here's my first 8bit Warps tutorial showing how to use the audio looper.

This will be the first of at least three tutorials covering a few aspects of the machine. I'm also planning on making a drum synthesis tutorial with another video how to pitch sweep function works alongside that.

I think I managed to cover everything but if you have any questions then please post them in the comments below

The 8bit Warps in this video was supplied by Sonicware

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Kevin Allen: Teenage Engineering OP-Z | Two Years In 😎

Kevin Allen has had his OP-Z for 2 years and still loves it! Here are his impressions after extended use.

Video Description:

So, a lot of people have been asking me what makes the OP-Z so special and why I love it so much. I have owned this incredible piece of hardware for about 2 years now, so I decided to make a quick video detailing a few of the features of this device that make it so special in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy!

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Happy Monday!


014london70: Deep House Session 7

014london70 did some deep house with his duology of Elektron Models with a MicroFreak and NanoStudio 2!

Video Description:

Deep percussive House

Payton Carter - Hyper

YouTuber Payton Carter brings us "a high energy pop jam" produced on his Novation Circuit. This one is a slow build, but it is very rewarding. I love seeing single-instrument jams that don't feel like "minimal" single-instrument jams. This one has a surprisingly large sound! Payton even shares his Circuit pack!

Video Description:

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This tracked started out with the big, rhythmic pad that starts in the second session. I knew I wanted to do something with quick, snappy synth chords, so I built the rest of the track around that patch. All synth patches and samples are from my own Circuit pack (see link above to download it!)

Sorry for the cuts in between sessions. There were some glitches when switching between them live, so I just stopped each session at the end, let the FX tail off, and cut the sessions together manually in post.

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