Slate Raven Core Station Post-Review

YouTuber John Mike has had the touchscreen behemoth Slate Raven Core Station for a while now. I'm sure every fan of iPad music making has wanted to touch one of these at some point. Here is a balanced review after John has had some time with the desk.

Video Description:

I've had the Slate Raven Core Station for over 8-Months now! In this video I will give you my thoughts on whether or not I made a good purchase!

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Video Timeline:
0:00 - Introduction
2:35 - Pros
5:21 - Cons
15:53 - Final Thoughts

014london70 - Deep House Session 6

YouTuber 014london70 did a Deep House jam on his duo of Elektron Models with TD-3 and Novation Circuit!

Video Description:

Deep Acid Grooves

Maria Calfa-DePaul: 7 Tongue Drums - 6 Scales

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul compares 7 of her tongue drums, along with details of their make and price.

Video Description:

0:09 Hlruh drum A Akebono
0:40 Rakumi drum C Major
1:16 Hruh Drum D Major
1:49 Idiopan Dominus tuned A Akebono
2:20 Zenko G Equinox
2:45 Guda Drum A Equinox
3:06 Rav Vast A Integral

This is PART 2 of my three part video series on 7 different tongue drums from 10 inches to 22 inches. From inexpensive to pretty expensive. ALL beautiful in their own right.

I'm playing them with a 2.99 cent pair of mallets I also bought on Amazon.
The first 5 drums were purchased on Amazon. The last two directly from the maker of the drum

ALL 7 EXAMPLEs were recorded with my ZOOM H5 Handy recorder and the sound is really great and fantastic with headphones~

NO FX was added i simply uploaded the music to Luma fusion to sync with the video.

I hope you enjoy the video If you like my music and videos please like subscribe, share and comment. It is very much appreciated Also I have started to add music to my Spotify account so if you can please head over there and put me on some of your playlists. My 3 albums of NA flute music can be very relaxing!! but I have some new ambient tracks I'm uploading which include tongue drum , synths guitars and the like! Here is the link:

Thank you and be safe,

Jamie Mallender: AKAI LPD8 Controller MIDI Mapping in AUM

YouTuber Jamie Mallender did an AUM tutorial on how to use the popular, and portable, AKAI LPD8 Controller.

Video Description:

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Double Feature: Novation Circuit Tracks & Roland MC-101

In an excellent demonstration of simultaneous invention in action, YouTubers Loopingstar Music and Gabe Miller Music both compared the new Circuit Tracks to the Roland MC-101 yesterday.

Loopingstar thinks they make a great duo together, while Gabe pitted them critically against one another.

Video Description:

Just showing how easy it is to feed all the great MC101 sounds into the new Circuit Tracks

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