Sonic Lab: Artiphon Orba Handheld Music Device - Review

Nick Batt from Sonic State did a nicely balanced review of the odd Artiphon Orba. This includes a detailed look at the companion app for iOS and Android.

The Artiphon Orba is a very weird instrument. This weirdness extends out into Artiphon's distribution. The device is available now for just $100, but it is back ordered and can only be pre-ordered from odd retailers like Guitar Center. A company called Woodwind & Brasswind also claim to be getting a shipment of Orbas in March, but Google believe they are selling it for $200, with the additional $100 tacked on as a shipping charge.

Video Description:

Orba by Artiphon is what they describe as “a musical instrument designed for your hands” and I would say that's a pretty accurate description. It certainly struck a chord (sorry!) on Kickstarter as it raised almost $1.5 mill at launch.

Orba is a small, dense plastic semi-sphere with 9 touch pads (8 segments and a central button), it has a built in speaker, on board sound engine with a 9 sound drum part and three melodic (bass, chords, lead)

There’s an on board looper and a number of gesture controls - pressure, radiate, spin move, tilt, shake slide, vibrato and bump.

00:00 Intro
3:44 App sounds
07:10 Recording
12:13 MIDI
16:43 MPE

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A Crunchy, Glitchy Jam Thing - PO-32 with digdugDIY Purple Rain

YouTuber Matt Greer got ahold of the Purple Rain, an "8-Bit Dust Computer" by digdugDIY. There is one more Purple Rain available on Etsy for $130. It makes a fine companion to the PO-32 in this jam!

Video Description:

PocketOperator DigDugDIY Glitch

Just having fun with a few small bits of gear.

PO-32 Tonic Pocket Operator by Teenage Engineering
Purple Rain 8-Bit Dust Computer by Dig Dug DIY
Hall of Fame Reverb by TC Electronics
GO:Mixer by Roland

Sweetwater: How to Make Custom Pedal Patch Cables

Sweetwater did an inspiring video on how neat you can make a pedal board with custom patch cables.

Video Description:

More videos like How to Make Custom Pedal Patch Cables 👉

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Join Mason Marangella from Vertex Effects for insightful tips on making your own custom pedal patch cables for your effects pedals.

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Novation Circuit Tracks: New Feature Walkthrough

Novation have announced new revisions to their popular Circuit groovebox. The same sound engine and control layout of the original recipe can be found on the Circuit Tracks. The key differences here are the addition of an SD card slot for expanded memory, and a couple of MIDI tracks you can sequence and output through the new MIDI ports. At $400 the Circuit Tracks is only slightly more expensive than the current model. Novation also leaked the name of a Circuit Rhythm, but there are few solid details on this one. The Rhythm is rumored to include sample recording, which is absent in the Tracks.

Red Means Recording got an early version of the Tracks, which does not yet have an official release date.

Video Description:

Novation just released an update to the classic Novation Circuit. Here's a walkthrough of the workflow and new features.
Check out my factory patterns here:
Grab my Circuit packs here:
Thank you for watching. My name is Jeremy, and this is Red Means Recording. I've been making music for a few decades now, and this channel is a place to make music and to talk about the tools and techniques to make music with. We'll use synths, drum machines, modular gear, and software.

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YMNK: DIY MIDI Looper / Sequencer

Reader YMNK created a MIDI looper with an Arduino. Here he talks about it and shares the details on his site.

Video Description:

Today I talk about my DIY MIDI Looper / Sequencer, a super useful tool for building music from scratch, especially for live purpose.
You can find schematics and arduino code here :

Listen to my first album here :

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