Reloop Buddy DJ Controller Review, Guide & Demo

YouTuber Digital DJ Tips shows off the upcoming, and relatively affordable, Reloop Buddy DJ Controller.

Video Description:

The Reloop Buddy DJ controller for Algoriddim's djay Pro AI software is a small, entry-level device designed specially for this software, and especially suited to using it on an iPad, for which it has a handy built-in stand. It also has great control for Algoriddim's Neural Mix real-time stems separation software, built-in.

In this Reloop Buddy review, we'll look at every feature of the controller, demo the effects and Neural Mix Pro, give you some tips for using it, and help you to figure out if it's the right controller choice for you.

The hardware works with Algoriddim's djay Pro on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows, but we've concentrated on what it's best with: djay Pro AI on iPad.

Learn more about the controller and see the DJ Angelo demo video in the full written review:

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Jamie Mallender: iRig Stream - Demo + Review

YouTuber Jamie Mallender reviewed IK's relatively affordable mobile interface, iRig Stream.

Video Description:

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How to Sync Koala Sampler with Korg Volcas

LUGO has a tip on how you can use Koala Sampler's Pocket Operator sync code with any KORG volca.

Video Description:

A quick tutorial on how to sync your Korg Volca using Koala Sampler’s PO sync feature

Yamaha International Highlight Concert Selection 2020: Serafina

Yamaha's International Highlight Concert Selection 2020 features a bunch of Asian children embodying every kind of Asian-child-stereotype you can imagine. If a non-Asian company did this I would suspect some kind of implicit racism. But Yamaha is based in Japan, where stereotypes are just subcultures.

One particularly prodigious participant is 12 year old Eleanor Inn Rei Shue, from Malaysia. As you can assume, she is already a piano virtuoso, but what caught my attention here is her composition! She's not playing a classic piece. This is her own song! The style feels like a cross between classical piano and 80's-90's videogame background music. There's a playful freneticism in the arpeggio. Watching her hands play is both impressive and inventive. You can see how she's written this to accommodate for her smaller hands, which makes her reaching for the black keys seem a little extra dramatic. The video description also includes a comment from Eleanor on the inspiration for the song.

Video Description:

This video clip is the series of Yamaha International Highlight Concert Selection 2020 which is the collection of outstanding performance and/or composition of Yamaha Music School Students worldwide.


[Composer - Piano]
Eleanor Inn Rei Shue - Malaysia

[Comments from the performer]
As an avid reader, I have always been engrossed in my books. When I stumbled across the
series Serafina (set in 1899) written by Robert Beatty, I was captivated by the fictional story of a
thirteen-year-old born in the woods as a peculiar-looking girl who had the ability to shift into a panther. I hope you will be teleported to the many treacherous encounters and terrors she faced throughout the middle-section of my composition. I've always wanted to be Serafina. But I can't jump into a book, and neither can you. But I can immerse myself into my song, and I hope you will too.
Yamaha Music Schools Expanding Globally.

AA Battery - aquatic ambience

AA Battery never stops amazing me with his tiny devices making great sounds! Love that Moog Werkstatt.

Video Description:

Jamuary2021 day 30 aquatic ambience. The GBA version of Donkey Kong Country is definitely not the best choice when it comes to audio quality but I wanted to give this live remix (?) a shot anyways. Moog Werkstatt gives the low end, Nintendo Electroplankton some strings and the KORG duo nts1 and mini kp2 the FX. Mixer is patchblocks pbmix3, myvolts brings the power to the Werkstatt.

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