Electronisounds: Elektron Model:Samples - 9 New Soundbanks!

Dean from Electronisounds released 9 new soundbanks for the Elektron Model:Samples.

Video Description:

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Dark Cinematic Pad - Sonicware Liven 8Bit Warps Demo

YouTuber ChrisLody shows off a dark cinematic pad patch on Sonicware's LIVEN 8bit warps. This surprisingly affordable boutique synth is just $200, and sounds amazing in Chris' hands.

Video Description:

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I feel very lucky that the lovely people over at Sonicware have sent me a Liven 8Bit Warp to write some promotional material with. I'm still exploring what it can do but I've been very impressed so far. It's available here:

So here I'm exploring the FM engine to make pad sounds, and man can it do the dirtiest pad sounds! It has only a few controls for the FM engine, 6 in total if you don't count the common controls for envelope etc, but that still packs in the unusual ability (for a 2op FM synth) to control the modulators oscillator frequency with an LFO, that's what you're hearing as the tone shifts around slowly as I play. Pair that with the 8bit Warps super edgy sounding implementation of FM and it can produce some amazing tones.

The only reverb used here is the built in 'INF' reverb which is quite bright so that helps the top end shine. To my ear this almost ends up sounding organic in nature, which is pretty special considering it's one of the least analog piece of equipment I could have built this pad sound on.

This demo was made using one pass of the Liven 8Bit warps without any other external equipment used, except to capture the performance.

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Is the Volca Keys Still Relevant in 2021?

YouTuber Gabe Miller Music questions the value of KORG's volca keys in 2021, 8 years after its 2013 release.

Video Description:

I discuss and show sound demos of the Korg Volca Keys, including in synthwave and progressive house jams. This synth has been around for a while, but it's still a great budget analog option, especially for beginners or people with more minimalist hardware setups.
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I Sent My Most Precious Guitar To SweetWater... Then This?!?

David Wallimann's favorite guitar had some serious technical issues that rendered it completely unplayable. He availed himself of the guitar repair service at Sweet Water and had some very surprising results. This video kind of blew my mind. I've been trying to learn more about guitar stuff just to cover guitar stuff here. This video gets into the technical details of the electrics in electric guitars, and I found it quite fascinating!

Video Description:

This is the story of the guitar the closest to my heart. I decided to send it to SweetWater to get it in better shape. I can't believe what they did with it...

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DEIDREAM Live (Gameboy/PocketOperator/VolcaKeys)

YouTuber Audioshit has some of the best Chip sounds I've heard from LSDJ in this jam on two Game Boys.

Video Description:

Messing around with Volca keys, pocket operators & LSDJ on the Gameboys.

Find more free music on Deidream Soundcloud I Bandcamp I Facebook.com/DeidreamBe.

Video made for a stream for ThePipeline.be Gaming Community charity.
( They made +10.000€ for CAW, Gent) on 20.12.2020.

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