New Order - Blue Monday (OP-Z Cover)

YouTuber Matt Craven used his new OP-Z to convincingly cover the classic Blue Monday by New Order!

Video Description:

OP-Z's take on an absolute classic by New Order

Studio Live Today: Best USB Audio Interfaces under $100

Studio Live Today Pete Johns shows off a couple of great audio interfaces you can use on iOS, and pick up for under $100. In fact I was surprised to learn that the UR12 is just $50!

Video Description:

NOTE: These prices were current as of November 25th, 2018 for customers in the US.

Check out these Steinberg USB Audio Interfaces on Amazon:
Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface -
Steinberg UR22mkII Audio Interface -

Best USB Audio Interfaces under $100.

In this video, I take you through my favourite USB Audio Interfaces, the Steinberg UR12 and UR22mkII.

If you are getting serious about your home or mobile recording, then a USB audio interface is a great investment to get the best quality sound from you microphones, guitars and other audio source.

An audio interface enables you to connect to your PC, Mac or iPhone/iPad (using the lightning to USB adapter) via USB to record your microphones and other audio sources in much better quality than the standard microphone or line in jacks on your computer or mobile device.

The Steinberg UR12 and Steinberg UR22mkII are a great option, an deliver:
• Quality D-Pre preamps - low noise floor and great clarity
• Excellent built quality - they are built like tanks
• Multiple power options - ability to power via USB bus or a 5v DC connection (like a mobile powerbank)
• Great reliability - class compliant for "plug and play" compatibility across all devices

Head on over to for more audio goodness.

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Electronic Massacre - Electro Style Groove

YouTuber Electronic Massacre uses Troublemaker with his gear for this fun Electro jam!

Video Description:

Digitakt volca keys troublemaker iPad

Going to attempt an electro style record. This has some 303 sounds and a little volca keys for atmosphere.

See what you think.

AudioLabs - Arturia MiniBrute 2S + Keylab MkII with Cubasis

AudioLabs jams out on his new Arturia Keylab MkII, with Cubasis sequencing an Arturia MiniBrute 2S.

Video Description:

Recording some takes of a new track to showcase Arturia's new MIDI keyboard: Keylab MK2.

- Keylab mk2 midi out to ipad MIDI in (via UR22 soundcard):
(Pads control the drums, keys control the main synth and mod wheel controls the cutoff + vibrato ammount on the main synth)
- Steinberg UR22 MIDI out to Minibrute 2S MIDI in
(midi pattern for the Minibrute is written in Cubasis)
- Audio outputs from Cubasis and Minibrute 2S recorded and mixed

Created and performed by João Apell at AudioLabs Studios Lisbon.


Thanks for watching ;)

Synthikat - Train ride

Synthikat sequenced his Eurorack modular using a Beatstep Pro with GliderVerb on an iPad.

Video Description:

The melody is programed with the Beatstep Pro. The plucked stringsound is coming from Plaits. Tides is playing the bass.
FX: Amazing Noises Gliderverb, Kaoss Pad & Digidelay

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