Kickstarter: Tornado MIDI Gloves

YouTuber HalutioN was playing with some MIDI gloves in his latest video, and I thought he must have sold a kidney to rent Imogen Heap's gloves. Instead I find that Tornado Gloves are a comparatively affordable alternative.

While Imogen Heap's failed Kickstarter sought to sell the gloves for $2,000 with a campaign goal of $200,000, these guys are much more modest. You can back them for $350 to reserve a single glove, or $500 for a pair. They're only after $5,000 in total funding and they managed to meet that goal!

The demo video for this shows the Tornado Gloves being used for a lot more than just music making. They also intend for the gloves to be useful in gaming and 3D modeling. I would love to try these out in VR!

KXXHz - NU TH!SKO (Electronic Live Performance)

Kxx Hz has made a vegan music studio... which actually sounds way better than you'd expect. She's obviously influenced by the more intense side of noisecore, but when she gets going this is a great performance!

I'm not sure which gyroscope app she has on the iPhone, but she's using it with some custom JavaScript.

Video Description:

I created this music and made this fruits- vegetable 's midi controller by using makeymakey and arduino.
I used iphone as a gyroscope sensor which was programmed by 'Node.js'.
I connected those things to ableton live.
The song title 'Nu Thisko' means new disco.

pink sky music: KORG Volca Keys & Monotribe Sequence

YouTuber Pink Sky Music dusted off his old Korg Monotribe for this jam! I haven't seen one of these in ages. Here the Monotribe is next to its much younger, hotter, sister Volca Keys. He's also using Hexaglyphics, but that app is no longer available on the AppStore.

Correction: I thought it looked like Hexaglyphics, but PinkSky commented here that it is Quantum VJ!

Video Description:

A six-minute sonic exploration with the KORG Volca Keys and Monotribe. The Monotribe is running through a Zoom B1on, which is a very cheap multi-effect pedal, for chorus & reverb.

White Noises: How I use an iPhone/iPad with Modular Synth

White Noises shows us how he uses PARAT+ with an Instruō Aithēr module to control his modular synth!
You can hear more of how that sounds in his Ethers music video.

Video Description:

See more of Aithēr and Parat+ in action in my Ethers video:

Learn more about the Aithēr module and Parat+ app:

∿ M o d u l e s u s e d ∿

∿ Instruō Aithēr and Parat+ app by Incalcando
∿ Qu-Bit Chord
∿ Qu-Bit Chance
∿ 2hp Tune
∿ ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout
∿ ALM Busy Circuits Tangle Quartet
∿ Make Noise STO
∿ Make Noise LxD
∿ Mutable Instruments Rings
∿ Mutable Instruments Clouds
∿ Intellijel uJack
∿ Konstant Lab StrongPWR
∿ Travel case prototype by me

∿ INSTAGRAM: @gregwht
∿ TWITTER: @gregwht

Editing the Sequential Circuits Max via iOS

YouTuber Rubicon Recordings shows us how you can edit a Sequential Circuits MAX from Model610, even though the MAX was never intended to be an editable synth!

The MAX was just a preset player version of the Six Trak. So now if you want to buy a Six Trak they're going for around $900 on eBay, but the MAX is only around $300 for the same functionality!

Video Description:

I made this video to show what you can do with a preset synth when you have the editing capabilities with an iPad. The music was recorded with a touch of snapback reverb from the strymon big sky, and the drums are from the akai rhythm wolf. The app is called Model610 by Mitsakos Audio (

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