Synth Hardware Jam using NDLR Sequencer with iPad

When we saw Chris Landon last week he was feeling Ominous, but today he sounds hopeful for the New Year!

Video Description:

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great 2019.

This is yet another NDLR Jam to kick off Jamuary with. I really love this thing, but plan on using some of my other pieces of gear here soon. I really need to learn the Digitakt more, and I really want to do some sequencing with my OP-Z and OPLAB module. So hopefully I will have a little more variety of things in the upcoming future. But for now, enjoy some more NDLR goodness!

Todd Smith Music - Night Terrors

YouTuber Todd Smith Music brings us an epic horror show with his gear and Gadget!

Video Description:

You can download this song for 100% free along with my latest album on Bandcamp.

Night Terrors is a "final mix" of my recent jam. A 80/90's industrial sounding track is dark and menacing. Korg Gadget supplies all drums, many backing synthesizer sounds & midi sequencing to the Behringer Model D.

Behringer Model D supports the bass with a sub bass patch. The Korg Microkorg and Waldorf Blofeld are played live. All sounds are multi tracked into a second iPad which runs Auria Pro to record all audio and supply final mix.

I need to thank EVERYONE for the ENDLESS support that I've received via You Tube views, Bandcamp sales and Patreon support. All these things help support my projects & music.

Till next time,stay creative

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Brandon Dorris - Christmas 2019 Jam

YouTuber Brandon Dorris did a synthy Christmas jam to test out his shiny new Zoom H6 from Santa. His Behringer Neutron is being sequenced by a KORG SQ-1, that is also keeping Patterning 2 in sync.

Video Description:

I got a Zoom H6 for Christmas, and this is a quick first attempt at getting good audio synced up with video. It was pretty easy! SQ-1 is clocking Patterning 2 and sequencing the Neutron oscillators via CV.

Yazzkimo - OP-Z JAM with New Analog Synth Engine & Reverb

The OP-Z just got a new Analog Synth engine and YouTuber Yazzkimo Music did an excellent job of demonstrating it. I really like his captions throughout this demo jam! Thanks to reader Carol for the heads-up!

Video Description:

Teenage engineering just released 2 new synth engines and fx for the OPZ. So I decided to do a jam and use the analog synth engine and new reverb fx. I also wanted to try using daylight to shoot the video. Hope you like the Jam and happy holidays to you all.

Chris Landon - Ominous Ambient Piece

YouTuber Chris Landon produced some epic moody ambient with an NDLR sequencing his gear and iPad!

Video Description:

Ok so I definitely went weird with this one... I wanted to do something different, so I guess this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy!

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