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Apogee have announced a hardware refresh for their popular Jam interface. The new Apogee Jam+ features an optional Overdrive mode that they claim, "makes virtual amplifiers and effects pedals sound more realistic." They support 24-bit/96kHz, like the more recent Apogee Jam 96k. The new Jam+ is $160 and comes with Lightning, USB, and USB-C cables so it should work on any Apple hardware. Like previous Apogee gear, it will not work at all on Android or Windows. Thanks to reader Corey for pointing this one out to me!

Video Description:

Hear guitar and keyboard recordings created with Apogee Jam+. Experience Clean and Drive input mode using a variety of virtual amps in Logic Pro X and Positive Grid's BIAS FX Jam software.

Track by Grammy-winning music producer Andre "Dre Bombay" Harris, mixed by Sergio Ruelas Jr.


Apogee Jam+ is an instrument input and stereo output that connects your electric guitar, bass, acoustic instrument with pickup, keyboard or synth directly to your iOS device or Mac. The simplicity and portability of Jam+ make it perfect for capturing your best take anywhere you go and the ease of use and sound quality make it a must-have for beginners and pros.

Learn More: bit.ly/apogeejamplus

Shangri-la S - Halloween Witch Flies on a Lonely Night

YouTuber Shangri-la S is reminding me that I need to get my Halloween decorations up! He's also jamming on the new Electribe Wave with a Sax into an RC-505 for live looping, with the Kaossilator Pro and KP3!

Video Description:

Hello, my friends! Have you already tried the new Korg Electribe Wave groove box for iPad/iPhone? I have made my 5th tune “Halloween Witch flies on a lonely night” by arranging its sample beats “Hybrid Trap”. Boss RC 505, Korg Kaossilator Pro+, KP3+, microkorg XL+, S Sax were also used in my performance. Electribe Wave has many sample beats which can be easily arranged. Let’s give it a try! This video and audio tracks were recorded in one take, as usual.

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In this video I used:
Korg Electribe Wave (iOS)
Boss RC-505 Loop Station
TC-electron M-ONE
Korg microKorg XL+
Korg Kaossilator Pro+
Korg KP3+
Mackie 1202 12-Channel Mixer
Selmer Mark VI Soprano Sax, Mouthpiece: Yanagisawa Metal #6

iPad Fretless Fader & Aerodrum

YouTuber Recspin was inspired by the Fretless Fader. This DJ controller is long promised and still unrealized, so Recspin made his own! Here he's using a MixFader with BeatMaker 3 below it. It can be hard to find a reliable drummer, so he simply cloned himself and played on Aerodrums.

Video Description:

I had a lot of fun making this and it took many, many, many hours to do so. Just creating the fretless was a lot of work.

It’s me and my clone. I’m on the turntable and my clone is on the drums. Big thanks to my bro Collin for the camera work and support. I hope you enjoy it!

The fretless fader consists of a MixFader Fader with ProLink. The iPad is running BeatMaker 3 by Intua .The amazing air drums are from Aerodrums. I used the Aerodrums to connect to Ableton Live for the drums. The 7” vinyl is Kings & Queens by @djmikec and @djdonpaco.

For anyone wanting to use a fretless while they wait for the official one from @johnbeeztheone to come out, it’s possible to use your iPad, Portable fader, Rails and a midi device. It’s not perfect and not meant to be a replacement for a real fretless. When an official one comes out, I’ll be the first to support it and I hope everyone else that’s interested will too.

Reloop TAPE 2 - Digital Mixtape for DJs

Reloop has announced the new Reloop TAPE 2 Portable Mixtape Recorder. This $130 device, available now on Musician's Friend, offers a tight little package for portable recording. By a bizarre coincidence YouTuber Steven Speciale just posted a tutorial on how hard it is to make an actual cassette tape loop.

Video Description:

This video gives you an overview about hidden features of your Reloop TAPE 2 portable mixtape recorder ...

Features shown in the video:
0:00 Set recording levels
1:05 Enable Lock Mode
1:28 How to sample
2:18 6 hours of recording



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Marc S. Langelier - The 2nd Meeting

Marc S. Langelier has been pairing up a new Behringer Model D clone to his iPad. This second jam has some epic sounds, but a very chilled out pace.

Video Description:

Model D & iPads, the 2nd meeting. With Parat+, Aum, iDensity & SpaceCraft. Featuring Parat+' as a flexible & playable LFO for Eurorack compatible gear & as an equally flexible, playable & programmable MIDI controller

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