Teenage Engineering OP-Z - Why I Still Love It

YouTuber Matt Greer did a "Late Impressions" video sharing his continued passion for the Teenage Engineering OP-Z. I like the idea of these impressions videos after you've had the gear for a while. Everyone loves their new shiny thing, but how do you really feel about it in 6 months?

Matt concludes the video with a jam using the iPad app.

Video Description:

I'm still infatuated with the OP-Z. It remains the best writer's block smasher in my studio and a constant source or inspiration.

In this video I share my impressions after having it for over a year as well as a new track composed on it.

KORG Patch of the Week 67: Sine Vibes Drift & Albedo for NTS-1

KORG show off a couple of the "apps" Sine Vibes has released for their NTS-1. Sine Vibes were the developers of the now defunct Sequential for iPad. These NTS-1 apps are priced between iOS apps and desktop apps. Most are $20, but some range as high as $60.

In this video we get to hear a volca FM through Drift panner, and Albedo granular cloud reverb.

Video Description:

Adding and exploring Sinevibe’s granular cloud Reverb and physically-modeled Stereo Panner effects.

Get Albedo here: https://www.sinevibes.com/korgalbedo/

Get Drift here: https://www.sinevibes.com/drift/

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Modal Argon8 with MPE from iPhone app KB-1

Barry Neilsen played his Argon 8 from the built-in keyboard, as well as with MPE via Numerical Audio's KB-1!

Video Description:

Just messing around with a new feature.

Perplex On: Latenight Glitching With Volca Drum & Poly 2

YouTuber Perplex On got some insane sounds out of his Volca Drum with Poly 2. He's also got a hardware QuantumVJ, from SunVox developer Alexander Zolotov.

Video Description:

Volca Drum being sequenced by Poly2 app in the late evening.

KlaatuNinja: MC-101 - Chilled Electronica

YouTuber KlaatuNinja did a fun track, with just a hint of 80's, on his Roland MC-101!

Video Description:

Little chilled piece on the Roland MC-101

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