Johannes Eckert - DDJ-200 Practice

YouTuber Johannes Eckert did an excellent little DJ practice set on a new DDJ-200. He's cramming a lot of modern DJing into just 6 minutes. If you pay close attention you can pick up some of the techniques he's using here with looping to build new song structures.

Video Description:

Short practice session with the DDJ 200 — connected to an iPad Pro playing through WeDJ

Common Ground Anglerfish & Effect Pedals

YouTuber Fahmi M. shows off the Anglerfish, a light-sensitive DIY synth you can pick up for $60 (€65 with VAT). This sounds crazy, but looks like a lot of fun!

Video Description:

Anglerfish, a 6-voice standalone square wave synth, with playable touch keys, light-sensitive cross-modulation with UV LED indicators, master tilt EQ, and built-in dimmable light control. The Anglerfish can be used to create deep drones, squeaky microsounds and haunting rhythmic explorations with the twist of a knob. Anglerfish is the first self-released DIY Kit by Common Ground, designed by Bridget Ferrill.

In this video, I try to experiment with Anglerfish and effect pedals (eq, filter, reverb).


More my music compositions / sound experiments :

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Jay Hosking - Ambient jam with Hardware & Fugue Machine

YouTuber Jay Hosking uses Fugue Machine to sequence a whole table full of hardware synths! This starts off slow as he brings in the individual instruments, but it sounds great once he gets it all going.

Video Description:

A live, semi-improvised jam, all on hardware, and inspired by the creative limitations of Fugue Machine. This is my first foray into iPad-sequencing territory, and I'm impressed with how unlike Fugue Machine is to anything else I have. I'm looking forward to composing more with it.

Alexandernaut Fugue Machine (on an iPad) — sequencer
Novation Peak — slow, high thing
Arturia MicroFreak + Empress Zoia — faster arp thing
Dreadbox Hades + Meris Mercury 7 — melodic thing
Behringer Model D + OTO Bam — bass thing

Written and recorded within a 24-hour period, and uploaded as is, with only a little compression/limiting on the master.

Wesley Doucet - He's a Rebel (NS7 Freestyle Scratch)

YouTuber Wesley Doucet is a Rebel with his fun freestyle scratching on a Numark NS7.

Video Description:

For sale in Calgary AB. $1200 CAD for NS7 controller with flight case, HP Pavilion DV7 laptop with i5 @ 2.67 ghz processor with 8GB RAM and discreet AMD HD 5000 GPU running Windows 10 / Serato DJ, and iPad 2 with mounting bracket for FX and Samples via Serato Remote application.

Planet From Another Man - Soundscape Interstellar Ambient #1

YouTuber Planet From Another Man explores interstellar space from his cockpit consisting of a Volca Modular, OP-1, and AudioKit Synth One. I love his lighting arrangement on this.

Video Description:

Korg Volca Modular ( Tera Echo + Digital Delay Boss )
Op1 ( Disaster Transport )
Audiokit App ( Ipad + Echo and Reverb on Ableton Live )
EQ Ableton Live

The Planet met the Another Man, he came in a starship after travelling for thousands of galaxies looking for a place to call home. The Planet it's been there for millenniums developing the environment, creating itself. The Another Man lands his ship and starts the exploration and he can feel the sound waves that's vibrating the Planet.

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